Adventures of Zeleon

After a space mission gone wrong, 16 year old Leon Atkins finds himself on another world called Zeleon within the Andromeda Galaxy. A series of events unfolds that would change his life forever, as a new role presents itself that he must work for. In a place where fantasy and myth are simply reality.

Prompt: My new life as a
My themes: #otherworld #medieval #vampire #creatures #battles

This is the finished product of just the first arc. There's more planned but I'd like more feedback as far as likeablility and following. What you want to see out of me in the future. I have 5 more arcs in mind.

Prompt: My new life as a
My themes: #otherworld #medieval #vampire #creatures #battles

This is the finished product of just the first arc. There's more planned but I'd like more feedback as far as likeablility and following. What you want to ...

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Chapter 1: Houston is Long Gone
Jul 20, 2021icon-views 204icon-reaction-16
Chapter 2: Royal Request
Jul 21, 2021icon-views 115icon-reaction-15
Chapter 3: [Insert Title Name]
Jul 21, 2021icon-views 103icon-reaction-16
Chapter 4: Unknown Savior
Jul 22, 2021icon-views 67icon-reaction-14
Chapter 5: Soft Hearted Monsters
Aug 01, 2021icon-views 72icon-reaction-13
Chapter 6: Day 2
Aug 03, 2021icon-views 45icon-reaction-13
Chapter 7: Test of Patience
Aug 05, 2021icon-views 137icon-reaction-12
Chapter 8: Gender Equality
Aug 05, 2021icon-views 52icon-reaction-12
Chapter 9: Lesson in Manners
Aug 12, 2021icon-views 38icon-reaction-11
Chapter 10: Budding Bond
Aug 12, 2021icon-views 32icon-reaction-11
Chapter 11: Leon's First Mission
Aug 13, 2021icon-views 24icon-reaction-11
Chapter 12: Predator and Prey
Aug 20, 2021icon-views 36icon-reaction-11
Chapter 13: From Ice to Gold
Aug 20, 2021icon-views 33icon-reaction-11
Chapter 14: A Brush With the Best
Aug 20, 2021icon-views 30icon-reaction-11
Chapter 15: Adult Inside
Aug 20, 2021icon-views 31icon-reaction-11
Chapter 16: Challenging the Youth
Aug 20, 2021icon-views 23icon-reaction-11
Chapter 17: Bitter Reunion
Aug 21, 2021icon-views 25icon-reaction-11
Chapter 18: So Far, Yet So Close
Aug 21, 2021icon-views 43icon-reaction-12
Chapter 19: Comforting Presence
Aug 21, 2021icon-views 25icon-reaction-11
Chapter 20: Friend or Foe?
Aug 22, 2021icon-views 35icon-reaction-11
Chapter 21: More Than Average
Aug 22, 2021icon-views 35icon-reaction-12
Chapter 22: The Undaunted
Aug 22, 2021icon-views 23icon-reaction-11
Chapter 23: Other Half of the Night
Aug 23, 2021icon-views 25icon-reaction-12
Chapter 24: One Hit Wonder
Aug 23, 2021icon-views 21icon-reaction-12
Chapter 25: Silva the Equalizer
Aug 23, 2021icon-views 22icon-reaction-12
Chapter 26: May the Tournament Begin
Aug 24, 2021icon-views 18icon-reaction-12
Chapter 27: Leon vs The Striker
Aug 24, 2021icon-views 20icon-reaction-12
Chapter 28: Leon vs The Grand Knight
Aug 24, 2021icon-views 21icon-reaction-11
Chapter 29: Maeva vs Ravlynn
Aug 25, 2021icon-views 40icon-reaction-13
Chapter 30: Personal Business
Aug 25, 2021icon-views 17icon-reaction-11
Chapter 31: Round 1: Earn Your Place
Aug 26, 2021icon-views 24icon-reaction-12
Chapter 32: Round 2: My Dream
Aug 26, 2021icon-views 22icon-reaction-12
Chapter 33: Intermission
Aug 26, 2021icon-views 28icon-reaction-13
Chapter 34: Hold thy Judgment
Aug 27, 2021icon-views 34icon-reaction-13
Chapter 35: Robinson is Dead
Aug 27, 2021icon-views 28icon-reaction-12
Chapter 36: First Days Are the Worst
Aug 27, 2021icon-views 31icon-reaction-13
Chapter 37: Guardian's Life
Aug 28, 2021icon-views 26icon-reaction-13
Chapter 38: Leaders Aren't Loud
Aug 28, 2021icon-views 30icon-reaction-13
Chapter 39: Sick Day
Aug 28, 2021icon-views 23icon-reaction-12
Chapter 40: Council Decision
Aug 29, 2021icon-views 32icon-reaction-14
Chapter 41: The Undaunted Part II
Aug 30, 2021icon-views 22icon-reaction-13
Chapter 42: New Moon Madness
Aug 30, 2021icon-views 30icon-reaction-13
Chapter 43: Not So New Faces
Aug 31, 2021icon-views 40icon-reaction-13
Chapter 44: Red Haired Demon
Sep 01, 2021icon-views 18icon-reaction-13
Chapter 45: Unlikely Team
Sep 01, 2021icon-views 21icon-reaction-12
Chapter 46: Sever the Last String
Sep 02, 2021icon-views 15icon-reaction-12
Chapter 47: Peace on Zeleon
Sep 03, 2021icon-views 14icon-reaction-11
Chapter 48: Escaped Gladiator
Sep 03, 2021icon-views 25icon-reaction-11
Chapter 49: Start of A Legend
UpdatedSep 04, 2021
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