Chapter 27:


Balancing the Scales: The Sage Hero's Story

Kaz bends down, catches his breath and walks inside. Roarke was sitting at the other end of the hall polishing his sword. "Would you three look the other way for a moment?" Kaz asks. The three of them turn around, wondering what exactly is happening. Kaz takes the box from his side and gets on his right knee, "Alright you three, turn around." He tells them. Tasi, Lucia, and Saphana all turn around and see Kaz kneeling holding a box out, he opens the box to reveal three rings. Two smaller gold rings, and one much larger one. Tasi and Lucia gasp, however Saphana looked puzzled, "I couldn't possibly pick just one, you all make me the happiest I've ever been. I want to spend my life with you, would you three be mine?" Kaz begs. Saphana then hops up and skips in place, she wasn’t familiar with the human act of proposal, but what Kaz said cleared any confusions.Bookmark here

A clang can be heard from across the hall, Roarke dropped his sword on the floor when he heard what was said. Tasi was the first to shout, "Yes, Kaz! I would!" She excitedly slithers up and Kaz slides the first gold ring on her left ring finger. Lucia was tearing up, between sobs, "Yes, I will Kaz!" She comes up to join Kaz as he slides the second ring on her finger. Lastly, Saphana expels several long spouts of smoke from her nostrils and roars, "You and I forever!" She bows her head down and Kaz slides the larger ring onto her left horn. Kaz kisses each of them and then hands them one of the boxes he had brought back from Vance. They all open their boxes and find the beautiful dresses within. Saphana begins to bawl, "You did this? All for me Kaz? A dress, I've always wanted to wear a dress!" She sobs tears of joy before knocking Kaz down on his behind and kissing him repeatedly on his face. The other two ladies are ensorceled by the beauty of the dresses, they both understood why he didn't want the two of them to see them earlier, it would've given away his plan.Bookmark here

The three brides-to-be celebrated all night, Kaz had fallen asleep on a chair in the main hall. He was awoken by the sound of something pounding on the main door, Kaz got up and grabbed Lucia's largest knife from the kitchen and crept up to the door, "Who is it?" Kaz raises his voice enough to hear, but not so loud as to wake the others. There is no response, Kaz hears groaning followed by a thump. Kaz opens the door to find a male wolfman collapsed on the ground, he didn't seem to be in very good health. Kaz bends down and checks him for weapons and such, he then lifts him up, throws him over his shoulder, and brings him inside. He places the man on top of some blankets by the fireplace and goes to knock on Lucia's door. Bookmark here

"What is it Kaz? Do you know what time it is Kaz?" Lucia grumbled with a yawn. Her ears perk right up as she notices an unfamiliar scent wafting through the hall, and all over her husband-to-be. Kaz shushes Lucia, "Someone came to our door and collapsed, I don't think they're doing so well. I'd handle it myself usually, but this person isn't a human. I want you to look after him throughout the night with me." Kaz suggests. Lucia holds Kaz's hand as they go down to see the wolfman in question. Lucia lays eyes on him and gasps, "Get me a washcloth and a bucket of cold water please!" She tells Kaz as she lets his hand go and rushes to the stranger's side. Kaz immediately does what she asks, he fetches a bucket and a rag. He points his finger at the bucket and chants a short spell, a steady stream of cold water jets from his fingertip into the bucket. Kaz hauls the bucket over and hands the cloth to Lucia, she dips the rag in the water and wrings it out. She then gently folds it and places it on the wolfman's forehead. Bookmark here

Kaz sets up a small cot for them to lay on while they wait for morning. Kaz lies down and pats the spot in front of him, Lucia carefully gets up and sits in front of Kaz. He reaches his arms around and places his hands on her belly, he then sits up behind her and begins to give her a belly rub. Her ears go back and she begins to moan softly, she turns to face Kaz and plants a kiss on his lips followed by a playful lick on his cheek. She then lays down in front of him, Kaz lays with his arm wrapped around Lucia. He can smell her soft chestnut fur, it smelled of fresh linens and he couldn't help burying his face in the scruff of her neck, before long the two were sound asleep. Bookmark here

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