Chapter 26:


Balancing the Scales: The Sage Hero's Story

The three of them walked out to the car with Zavi in Tasi's arms and almost immediately an argument broke out over who got to ride in front with Kaz. Kaz put his arms between the two ladies and told them that Lucia would sit up front, and Tasi in the back with Zavi; he felt it was safer for Zavi to be in the back. Upon hearing this the two ladies saw reason and understood, they both got in and buckled up without any further incidents. They were off to Vance, the drive was about forty-five minutes as usual. Kaz parked in the same spot by the shady trees. They got out and the two girls followed Kaz to the gate with little Zavi in tow. The guard greeted the four of them warmly and told Kaz that Zavi was adorable and waved them through the gate. Kaz spotted Ferron walking by, "Ferron! Hey!" He shouted trying to flag the large man down. Bookmark here

Ferron looks up and sees the four of them walking towards him, he waves back, "Hey Kaz, Miss Tasi, and who is this beauty Kaz? Is that your little one?" Ron asked a multitude of questions. Kaz caught up with Ron and told him what all had happened since they last met. Ferron was shocked, "You've been busy, kid." He laughs. Ferron asks how Saphana's special order fits, Kaz told him that it was perfect and that she loved it. Ferron told Kaz to tell Saphana he said hello before he headed back to his shed to continue working. Bookmark here

The four of them continued to the clothing store, the skinny man saw them coming through the window and rushed out to greet them. He was hesitant to say hello to Tasi, perhaps a giant snake she was a bit intimidating to him? However Lucia was well received, they all headed inside, the man commented on how large Lucia had gotten. Kaz laughed and noticed a new section of the store, a sign in the far corner "Other Species" the sign said. "Is that new?" Kaz asks and points to the sign. The man turns around, "Why yes! When you and your darling Lucia came in last time I was astonished by her unique beauty and decided to open a section just for beastmen, such a challenge as a tailor. Making clothes to fit the various body shapes and sizes!." He explains, he then turns his gaze to Tasi and Zavi then back at Kaz. "I don't believe I ever properly introduced myself last time, my name is Malcolm Wicks. It's a pleasure Sir Kaz, Miss Lucia, and?" He pauses and turns to Tasi. "This is Tasi, and my daughter Zavi." Kaz introduces them to Malcolm. His eyes light up, "Oh my, Tasi and Zavi. What beautiful names!" He exclaims as he bows to them. Bookmark here

Kaz pulls Malcolm aside, "Did you get what I asked for made?" Kaz asks under his breath, "I stitched them myself!" Malcolm replies as he runs off and returns with three boxes, one of which was exceptionally large. Kaz calls the girls over, "Now you two, I have something for you to try on, but you can't look. So I'm putting on a blindfold and Mister Malcolm here will tell me how they look after I put them on you." He explains. Tasi and Lucia give Kaz a confused look and both shrug their shoulders. Tasi hands Zavi to Lucia and they both go look at clothes while Kaz and Malcolm get to work. Bookmark here

They blindfold Tasi and carefully put on an elegant white dress with an intricate serpentine design swirling around the waistline. Malcolm cries tears of joy, "It's perfect." He shrieks. Kaz takes the dress off and kisses the unsuspecting Tasi on the lips and whispers, "Thank you. I know you'll love it." Lucia comes back over and hands Zavi back to Tasi, and Kaz readies the blindfold for Lucia. He follows Lucia into the stall, the very same stall they were in last time. Kaz fits a white silk dress over Lucia's figure and leads her out of the stall making sure she doesn’t bump into any shelves. Malcolm lets out another cry of happiness, "It looks divine! I may have to adjust the waist to account for the little one, but it looks wonderful!" He tells Lucia. Kaz walks her back into the stall and Lucia pulls Kaz close and their lips meet while she is still blindfolded. Lucia had become much bolder since their romp in the stall here. Then Kaz removes the dress and puts her regular clothes back on and exits the stall with her. Bookmark here

Malcolm hands Kaz the last box, and in return Kaz hands Malcolm the large sack of coins and other swag he'd promised before. With this Kaz calls Tasi back over, they make a few purchases, heavily discounted thanks to Malcolm’s generosity. Everyone waves and thanks Malcolm as the four head back out. The girls get loaded into the car and Kaz puts the boxes back into the trunk to prevent peeking, and returns to his seat in front. They all arrive back in Rath within the same forty-five minutes, Kaz silently thanks the gods that traffic doesn't exist in this world. He then takes the three boxes up to his room and slides them under his bed. Bookmark here

The two girls go about their daily business while Kaz heads out to the yard and finds Saphana basking in the sun. He sits himself next to her and lies back against her hind leg and begins rubbing his hand in large circles on her belly. Saphana puffs several large clouds of steam out of her nostrils before bringing her head around to lick Kaz's cheek. "You're finally back." She chuckles, "So, what's the secret with those two?" She asks. Kaz looks into her eyes, "I can't say, you're involved too, I need you to do me a favor Saph." He says to the big blue dragon. Kaz motions her closer, Kaz whispers in her ear and Saphana nods. Kaz gets up and runs off up the road to the bath house. Kaz finds Salamat waiting impatiently inside, he holds out an ornate wooden box and wishes Kaz good luck. Kaz runs all the way back down and throws the door open to find the Saphana, Tasi, and Lucia all gathered in the main hall.  Bookmark here

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