Chapter 6:

Fake Living

Short and Romantic, right?

Renji: nope, in fact I can catch you up on everything!

Saruko: That would be so amazing!

Renji: Well, what’re you waiting for?

Saruko: Sorry, I’m just a bit nervous. This is basically going to be the first time meeting my family.

Renji: Don't be nervous, they're all really nice.

Saruko: Alright then, if it’s from you then I know my parents must be.

Renji: Hey saruko, hold up one second, before we go in I just want to say one more thing.

Saruko: yeah of course, go ahead.

Renji Thank you, Thank you for everything today and please save her.

Saruko: Dude what’re you talking about you helped me and save who?

Renji: Yeah I know, but still thank you.

Saruko: whatever dude let’s just go.

~ They proceed to walk into sarukos house and waiting for them were both of his parents.~

Dad: Son, where were you? We were worried sick.

Mom: Why didn’t you pick up our phone calls?

Dad: Is everything alright?

Mom: Are you hurt anywhere, let me see.

Saruko: dad, mom everythings fine see. (shows them)

Saruko: Everything's okay, sorry I wasn’t picking up your phone calls. I was helping out renji with some work and completely forgot to charge my phone this morning before I left for school.

Dad: Well, as long as everything's okay I’m glad I don’t want anything happening to you, I love you son.

Mom: But are you sure everythings fine?

Saruko: Yeah of course you can even tell Renji, all we really did was do some homework and hang out for a little bit.

~ Saruko looks back looking for renji. ~

Saruko: Renji?

~ Both mother and father look at each other with a confused and worried look on their face. ~

Dad: I do-don’t think Renjis is coming anytime soon.

Saruko: He is dad. I was just talking to him. He was right here behind me.

Saruko: Renji?

Dad: Son...

Saruko: it is I swear we were just talking outside not even 5 minutes ago.

Dad: Son...

Saruko: let me just go get him, he's probably outside--

~ he’s then cut off by his father and grabbed on the wrist from leaving. ~

Dad: Son...Renji was….killed remember.

Saruko: what..

Saruko: No, that’s not possible. I was just speaking to him.

Saruko: Just come outside, I just saw him.

Mom: It’s okay son.

Saruko: what do you mean it’s okay, nothing happened he was just here with me.

Dad: Hey so can you really tell us where you really were this whole time, I promise we won’t do anything.

Saruko: what do you mean, I told you we were at school, working on our homework.

Dad: But son...your school hasn’t started yet.

Saruko: Stop playing dad, it isn’t funny anymore..we were just there. How wouldn’t it be open.

Dad: I’m not..

~ Saruko suddenly gets hit by everything happening around him, tears are beginning to form as he’s truly understanding what he went through, was that hit something more? ~

~ Saruko doesn’t know what really happened, what got him there or what’s even real anymore. ~

~ both his mother and father go in to comfort him but before they do he stops them. ~

Saruko:, do you know anyone by the name of Erina…..Fubasaki?

~ As the Father is asked the question he’s hesitant on answering considering everything going on with saruko ~

Dad: I don’t think you’re talking about the one that fell victim to arson?

~ Saruko’s unable to contain himself as tearing up in complete shock not knowing what to do. ~

Dad: Right..?

Saruko: Can I ask how... did she pass away?

Dad: Some of her family did…no one knows the full story yet..

~Sarukos heart completely dropped after hearing these words ~

Saruko: well uh….I think...I think I’m going to go to my room now.

~ Saruko could hardly manage getting that sentence out. As he’s in his room he starts to completely ball his eyes out, both fear and sadness fill his heart as he doesn’t know what to do. ~

Who was he walking with?

What really happened?

What was that bang?

~ Questions going in and out of mind nothings coming in and getting accepted and he’s realizing this. ~