Chapter 7:


Short and Romantic, right?

~ Questions going in and out of mind nothings coming in and getting accepted and he’s realizing this. ~

~ Saruko decides to try to sleep it off, barely being able to actually fall asleep. ~

Saruko: school doesn’t start for another couple of days I think, I should go see what I actually saw at Erinas house.

Saruko: I don’t really want to go anywhere though…

Saruko: Am I even awake or is this a dream...?

Saruko: No, everything seems to be real, I’ll try pinching myself... it seemed to hurt.

Saruko: Was everything I saw just an illusion then. I don’t know...I’ll eventually find out.

Saruko: For now, I just want to lay in my bed for a while.

~ Saruko then proceeds to take a nap ~

~ He’s now waking up later that same day ~

Saruko: Hmm maybe I should go see what really happened.

Saruko: I’m pretty hungry too so I should go see if there’s anything to eat.

~ Saruko goes downstairs where he sees his mom sitting down washing some clothes ~

Saruko: there anything to eat?

Mom: I haven’t really made anything. Why are you hungry? Are you okay?

Saruko: Yeah, I’m kind of hungry but I think I’ll go buy something for now It’s not that bad and yeah, I think I’m okay for now.

Mom: Are you sure you’re okay to do that?

Saruko: I think I’ll be okay, bye mom.

Mom: okay, be safe.

~ He’s now walking outside his house to the convenience store ~

Saruko: I said I was going to pass by Erinas house, but do I really want to.

~ He then gets flashback to what happened ~

Saruko: maybe not today. I think I’ll come back to it later.

Saruko: I wonder if anything that I was told was true...

Saruko: How would it though? Maybe my subconscious is reminding me of some things... But still

Saruko: When did it even start to happen.

Saruko: I really hope I didn’t do anything to attract too much attention to myself.

Saruko: Anyways I’m here..this is actually the convenience store I found renji in..

~ As he walks in the clerk looks at him funny ~

Saruko: That was weird why’d he look at me like that.

Clerk to co-worker: It’s that weird kid that was talking to himself.

Co-worker: Be quiet and don’t say anything he might try something.

Saruko: Nothing really looks that good here, I’ll just get some snacks for now.

~ As he checks out, he notices that they’re giving him a funny look during the process. ~

Saruko: I wonder what he saw me doing or if I even came here when all of that happened.

~ He’s now walking back to his house. ~

Saruko: Well I don’t really have anything else to do, maybe I’ll pass by the park and swing a little.

Saruko: That makes me think.

Saruko: Do I even have any friends?

Saruko: What’s school going to be like?

Saruko: I’m starting to get scared of the thought of school, what if I have no one there, what If nothings like how I Imagine. I’m not going to remember anything. How am I going to get by?

Saruko: I really hope I have friends.

Saruko: I feel so alone...

Saruko: This doesn’t seem real; I don’t want it to be.

~ As he walks to his house, he sees someone who he thinks is erina. ~

Saruko: huh wait is that erina.

Saruko: ERINA!