Chapter 5:

a Friend

Short and Romantic, right?

~ he runs out the building and is now walking off onto the sidewalk, It’s dark outside now ~

Saruko: wh-what’s happening, why’d I run. What’s wrong with me? I'm shaking, but I’m not scared. I’m shaking, I think I’m shaking for her. I-I don’t want to go back. I don’t want to think about it either.

Saruko : Also, where am I? It’s so dark outside, I don’t know where to go.

Saruko : I’m just going to go back to the school. Someone must be there waiting for me, I mean I haven’t contacted no one and the nurse must’ve told my parents something at least.

~ Saruko is now walking in complete silence still shocked by what happened back there and is now a couple blocks down and enters a gas station. ~

Saruko: I have a little bit of cash and I haven’t really eaten anything yet, maybe I’ll get some water or whatever I can afford at least.

Saruko: huh I think that’s that one kid, what’s his name..reji I think she said, apparently he’s my best friend.

~ Renji see’s Saruko and is now approaching him. ~

Renji: Saruko I never thought I’d see you here, sooooo how’d your date go?!

Saruko: My date?

Saruko : Oh he must be talking about erina.

Saruko: Well we weren’t really on a date she was just helping me out.

Renji: helping you out? I thought you went over there to help her out?

Saruko: Oh yeah, he doesn’t know I lost my memories.

~ Flashforward and Saruko then catches renji up with everything that has happened up until him entering the house ~

Renji: Oh dude so you really don’t remember anything?

Saruko: Yeah seems like it.

Renji: Oh man I feel so bad now, I thought you were on date this whole time.

Saruko: It’s okay man, you really didn’t know, I know you had good intentions.

Renji: So what now? And where’s erina?

Saruko: Ohh well..*trying to think of a lie*I told her I remembered where I lived and even though she was hesitant I convinced her to let me go and that's it.

Renji: Yeah? But wait why’d you do that if she was helping you out?

Saruko: Well after seeing her sisters come out I really didn’t want to impose on someone who’s already done so much, plus I thought I could find my way home.

Renji: Well then good thing you got your best friend here, I know where you live, and I’m sure you’re ready to get home.

Saruko: Really? Finally some good news for a change. I honestly wasn’t expecting to get anywhere but the school, thanks god I found you

Renji *chuckles*: dude you know it’s renji not reji right?

Saruko *embarrassed*: Oh yeah, of course I was just messing with you.

Renji: yeah right..

~They proceed to start to walk back home, which convenitaly is really close by! ~

Renji: so are you going to tell your parents about everything that’s happened, they must be worried like crazy.

Saruko: If the nurse didn’t tell them anything then I think I’m going to keep it a secret for a while, I don’t think anything bad came out of it other than the amnesia but I’m sure after seeing everything it’ll come back to me.

Renji: alright, you sure?

Saruko: yeah it’s for the best,I don’t want to have to worry my parents more than I already have.

Renji: And school? how are you going to go about that?

Saruko: I’ll figure something out.

Renji: alright well It looks like we’re here this is it

Saruko: thanks renji.

Renji: anything for my best friend, you want me to come inside and try to help you remember?

Saruko: Really you wouldn’t mind?

Renji: nope, in fact I can catch you up on everything!