Chapter 2:

Speed Racer is a really good movie, you should watch it.

My shitty isekai got isekai'd?!

It had now been two months since The Shitpost had happened. All the singular harem gangs had started congregating and become bigger theme based tribes. You had the incest clan, Monster girls, vanilla ,noncon and most dangerous of all. The Loli clan. Which coincidentally was the one Xerglas had been captured by, and was currently being dragged in front of their king. He looked like Kirito, they all looked like kirito. It took 6 little sisters alone to drag him there. Bookmark here

“you did well avoiding my rape rays this long”Bookmark here

“it was easy, with honey feed ruining the ASCII formatting it was a completely butchered attack, besides. Having a army of 11 year olds doesn’t scare me very much” Bookmark here

The king said “actually-“ he talkedBookmark here

This was a battle of the minds, a battle of ideological nutrition, one with xerglas life as the bargainBookmark here

“the youngest one is 300 years old, this is fine” he muttered with an evil grin. A solid foundation that have made stronger men fall from lesser heights. Bookmark here

Xerglass decided to hit him directly on the offensive. “there is such a thing as coding, it doesn’t matter what the surface text says when all its characteristics is clearly meant to invoke the idea of a child” Bookmark here

The entire room went quiet, never had there been one that could match the king’s arm-chairing before. People looked at his now weakened composure, fearing that this was the end of their collective onii-san (not related(…maybe? (It’s deliberatly vague about it))). Bookmark here

The king merely chuckled. Bookmark here

“but that’s what it is, merely an idea. A simulacra of a child. A fetishized shadow of the real thing. Exploring unrelated feelings in the safe confounds of fiction” Bookmark here

Xerglas coughed blood, but he was not defeated. He had survived worse flame wars than this, it was time to use it, the secret weapon. It was now or never. Bookmark here

“you are a paedophile!” he yelled with his last breath, falling down with his last energy spent, but a ry smile on his face, certain of victory. Bookmark here

“I am an hebephile” Bookmark here

That was itBookmark here

Xerglas had lost. He closed his eyes. Because he knew it. Bookmark here

“take him to the dungeon! I'll see to it that he gets killed in the morn, because tonight. We will abuse the legal gray area!”Bookmark here

The room erupted into cheers while a couple of uncomfortably petite vampire dominatrixes took him to the dungeon. Bookmark here

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