Chapter 10:

The Bitch of Brighton (Prologue)

The Sequence of Kai

Are these clothes too skimpy, or not skimpy enough? Bookmark here

How much skin must you show to entice someone to give you their eyes? Bookmark here

I don't know what I should wear to catch the attention of men this late in the night.Bookmark here

It's raining too, maybe that doesn't help. I've been waiting at this corner for hours now to no avail. Maybe I should've started on a night with a clear moon, but I just couldn't wait any longer. Bookmark here

I need this, I need it now, I've needed it before now. If I don't get it, I'm going to give it. This is urgent.Bookmark here

An engine gently encroaches on the street I'm inhabiting. Finally, someone is desperate enough to come looking for me. This is perfect. Bookmark here

The car comes to a stop parallel to the stone steps I sit on. I've been sitting here so long that when I stand up to greet him the raindrops start filling in the dry silhouette I've left for them.Bookmark here

The man rolls down his window, truly, he rolled it down by hand. I wonder if he has any money? Bookmark here

Not that it matters. Bookmark here

The rain obscured his face through the glass, transparent though it was, but now I can get a good look at him. Bookmark here

He's older than me, even though that was a given to start with, it's the first thing I become aware of. He's unkempt but not in a way that suggests he always is. The tie around his shirt is loose, his hair is a mess and there are bags under his eyes. You can tell that a few hours ago this guy was pretending he loved his job, probably his wife too.Bookmark here

"You've been waiting there for a while."Bookmark here

He speaks with the coldness of what must constitute a seasoned pro in this sort of game. He won't make the mistake of not being veiled.Bookmark here

"Well, it took a while for someone like you to come along."Bookmark here

I rest my crossed arms on the sliver of the window still standing and lean in slightly. This is what trying to be seductive is in my mind, hopefully, it works.Bookmark here

"Get in I'll find us a hotel."Bookmark here

He reaches out to open the door, but I gently grab his wrist to stop him. He narrows his eyes in suspicion.Bookmark here

"Don't be like that, I just want to be sure you can pay."Bookmark here

"I have plenty of money."Bookmark here

He moves to take out his wallet from his jacket pocket.Bookmark here

"It’s not about that, I don't want your money, but I do want to name my price."Bookmark here

"What does that mean?"Bookmark here

"It means you can do whatever you want to me, in fact, there's one thing you absolutely have to do."Bookmark here

"And what's that?" Bookmark here

His voice is now filled with hesitation. I grab him by his tie and pull him close to me, making sure he can't escape.Bookmark here

"You can do anything you like with my body, but before you're done, I want you to kill me."Bookmark here

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