Chapter 1:

Chapter 1

My Life with My Twin Sister as Useless Leeches…again?

In the garden of a particular mansion, there was a beautiful pair made up of one boy and one girl who seemed to be in their teens. They were both sunbathing under the morning sun while sleeping without any disturbances, it was quite a pleasing scene. Then suddenly the boy opened his eyes, showing a pair of appealing yet fierce pastel blue eyes, contrasting his appearance from only a few seconds ago.

He abruptly got up from his sleeping position, first looking to the left then to the right then to the left again. After doing that set of moves a few more times, he looked down towards his palms, as if to check whether those were his hands, he opened and closed them consecutively, when finally confirming it was his, he stopped. However he didn’t have a relieved look on his face, but instead had a look of disbelief.

“Is this a joke?!”

Asiel called out, apparently to the blue sky, otherwise to the girl beside him. His sister, Airia, has not been moving for the past few minutes now. Laying down on the fresh green grass floor, the warm sensation of the sunlight gently covered their bodies. He narrowed his eyes as the sunshine blurred his vision, his long lashes twitched at the sight, averting his gaze to a nearby tree now. This seems like a peaceful day, but it might not be the case for this pair of siblings.


After a few awkward, quiet moments, the girl finally answered.

“Answer properly!” The young boy gritted his teeth, groaning.

“Pardon, I respectfully cannot comprehend the issue you’re pressing on me,” she said with her eyes closed, trying to go back to her afternoon nap. It was a lovely day, the surroundings were warm and comfortable, perfect for a nice nap.

Asiel rolled his eyes, ignoring the evident sarcasm in that sentence. He nudged the ‘sleeping’ girl on the ground, attempting to annoy her.

“Ugh… stop it. I need sleep.”

Airia groaned as she turned to the other side, her back facing the now irritated adolescent. While being repeatedly pushed by her older brother, she continued to ignore him with her eyes tightly shut, showing no signs of opening them anytime soon.

“Oh look, the young lady and young master are getting along, as usual.”

“Ahh, what a wonderful scene to witness.”

The maids walked past the siblings, chuckling in the process. The pair of siblings looked not much alike from afar, but no matter how you look at it, they’re stunning. Many people had commented on Asiel and Airia’s contrasting looks, the former had stunning blonde hair, together with a pair of beautiful pastel blue eyes, while the latter had dark purple hair as dark as the night sky, and a pair of blood-colored eyes.

It was as if a devil and an angel were standing next to each other.

“How could you stay so calm?”

“You’re so noisy, calm down, this isn’t the first time we experienced this.”

“But still, reviving twice?”

“Wanna suicide and see if we can do it 3 times?”

“Oh wow! Such a great idea, why don’t you show me?”

“You’re older, you go,” the younger sibling rolled on the ground, letting out a sigh.

“But you came up with the idea so you can go first.”

“Brother dearest, but you’re the one who’s curious about it. Just go ahead! I have enough savings for a pretty coffin.”

“Sister dearest, I wasn’t curious, I was- ”

Asiel did not know how to rebuke that statement, he’s not curious, he just had common sense. And apparently, his sister is lacking some.

“Young master, young miss, the master is looking for the both of you,” a maid approached them, head lowered.

“Tell him to eat pis-”

“She said -Ok we're gonna be there,” Asiel nudged his sister slightly, signaling her to stop. Airia always had a loose tongue, a mouth that had a mind of its own and the owner doesn’t seem too concerned about her unfiltered words.

“Of course young master,” the maid bowed once again, smiling at the tip of her lips, “Please follow me, it might be urgent.”

Though Asiel believes that it couldn’t possibly be urgent, he still nodded slightly.

The master they are talking about is none other than the twins’ father, Ian Krefur Calais. Which you can see, is hated by almost everyone. However, there’s an old saying that goes like this: ‘No matter how much of a scumbag someone can be, you can’t do sh*t if the emperor backs you’.

And of course, he actually has the talent he needed to sit in that position, he is a capable man. However, most people might claim that there are a few, no, a lot of screws missing from his head. And that might be the reason he wasn’t emperor, because he’s insane.

Or maybe...he just doesn’t want to.

‘Well, that’s his business, whatever the reason for not fully showcasing his talents. If he could just act normally, he could have-’

‘We could have...lived?’

‘We… didn’t even see him when he died that time…’

As the both of them walked along the dark and gloomy hallway towards their Father’s office, Asiel observed his surroundings while thinking, ’Damn, I missed that statue’, he looked at the statue made out of bronze on the fountain outside the window, it was a figure of a pig with beautiful wings.

It made him think of their pet Qyu, a wonderful rare pig that died of an animal disease. By the time they realised its existence, it was already too late.



“Do you think Qyu is still alive?” Asiel gazed out the window, feeling a weird sense of nostalgia and longing. The dark mansion that he used to despise seems to be growing on him. Maybe because he was a coward in the past, he never looked at the creepy furniture before.

Now that he did,’s actually quite artistic.

“...Of course he is, we’re back to the past, remember?” Airia gazed outside at the same statue.

“You have no right to stay this calm,” the young boy crossed his arms, deep in thought.


His sister didn’t answer and lowered her gaze to the ground, seemingly thinking about something else now. Her lips slightly parted and shut, feeling conflicted over what she’s going to say afterwards.

She’s probably thinking of father.

That’s a given, he was looking outside the window to soothe the anxiety of meeting the man who doesn’t even care about his own flesh and blood.

Ian Krefur Calais, a duke of the Rioca Empire, but many people call him one of the richest people known in the empire, however many more people would have recognized him as ‘the careless straight-faced duke’, ‘empty-head duke’ or maybe even ‘crazy dog duke’.

The last one is only said in secret though, no one wants to get charged by defaming a high-ranking noble.

If he was asked to lick the Emperor's shoes, then he would lick it without hesitation. After that, he would still hold his head high, as if nothing had happened.

(It actually happened)

There are only six words to describe him: Prideful yet mindless, capable yet...brainless.

The past dukes of the Calais family weren't like this, as the books recorded, they were strong, charismatic and dependable, it raises a lot of questions about having a mentally ill person as the head of the family (not that he admits it, in his defence, he is ‘normal’).

Ian Krefur Calais is their father, a biological one too.

“Ugh…” Airia who was walking beside Asiel groaned, unable to hide any more dissatisfaction.

“Young miss, I know it’s hard, but the master has a meeting to attend shortly afterwards, I believe the discussion won’t be long.”


“I can at least assure you that,” the maid smiled in content.

This is the special sight you can only see in the Calais household. The servants of the house gossiping and ridiculing the duke behind the clueless duke’s back. Although they are all trained with obedience and have a considerable amount of loyalty, they just couldn’t accept the duke's behaviour and laugh at his antics from time to time.

“We’re here, it’s a newly built room and uhm, the furniture might be a bit…”

“It’s ok, it couldn’t be more bizarre than his office could it?” Asiel calmly stated, rubbing his temple, “We can handle weird furniture alright now, it’s ok.”

“Oh young master, I remember the days you’d scream every time at the sight of the dining chair, are you sure…?”

‘Well, it had an ugly human face painted on it, I was a 5-year-old’


Airia covered her mouth, acting all dramatic while the older boy just glared sideways in response.

The black door had 2 gold snake handles on it, the door itself had patterns of what seemed like a horde of screaming people on it. They gazed at the odd-looking door, it felt like a lot of time had passed before Asiel finally decided to grab the handle with the intention of pushing open the door.

The door was suddenly opened from the inside, Asiel was startled and let go of his grip on the handle.


The room was completely silent.

Ian raised his head, sitting with a book right in front of them.

“Hm....Shouldn’t you greet me?”


“Shouldn’ greet me…?“

He repeated, it looks like he won’t back down any time soon.

“Father,” the two bowed in etiquette.


Ian lazily answered, putting back his attention to the book, flipping another page.

“Father, why have you called us?” Airia couldn’t stand the silence, clearly irritated.

The so-called father finally closed his book, maintaining eye contact this time. He was an intimidating man, but the two didn’t back down. He had dark purple hair and crimson red eyes, Airia is a spitting image of him.

Ah, how ironic.

Asiel thought about his death in their first life, amongst the crowds, beheaded by a guillotine, still having that unbothered face of his until the end. Not that the twins watched the execution, they were busy running for their life at that time, but the rumors of his death go everywhere, even the faraway borders apparently.

That unbothered expression is really getting on Airia’s nerves, evident on her face.

They never had a healthy relationship, but it was neither abusive nor was it neglective. He is willing to provide them with what they need, but never what they want. Never anything extra, just enough.

He just doesn’t really care about their ‘happiness’, or anything.

But he does care about his money, and that’s probably the only thing that can raise his eyebrows by a few millimetres. He can’t even go by a single day without spending 50 gold, which could feed a commoner family for a whole month.

“You two.”

The sudden speech made Asiel flinch in surprise, snapping him back into reality.

“Go receive education.”

And now, he was again reminded that they, the twins of the infamous crazy Calais family, are back to the same household they once lived in.

And of course, they had this exact same conversation when they were 14.

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