Chapter 1:



My name is Erick van Buorn. I am the second prince of the Kingdom of Buorn. My father, Sariel van Buorn was a strong and wise King. As for my mother, Veronica Buorn is the Queen and the most beautiful woman in the whole country. My older brother Enasial van Buorn is the commander of the royal security forces, he is so strong that he became the commander of the troops at the age of 18 years. In this world there is such a thing as magic, there are 5 basic elements that will be obtained at birth namely Fire, Water, Earth, Light, and Darkness, but there are also those who get elements other than the basic elements, they are called Akanos. My father is one of Akanos who is gravity magic, my mother is a light magic user, and my older brother is an earth magic-user. Our element will be determined when we are 15 years old.

When I turned ten, my father suddenly said that I would be the next king candidate because my brother didn't want to be a king but wanted to be a knight. This is understood by my father because my brother was raised by training as a knight rather than being a king. And since then, I was trained as a king by my father. I was taught how to behave like a king, how to carry out all the financial tasks, how to manage security, learn magic, learn the sword, and much more to support me as a king. I did all that, but my magic element is still a mystery because until now I still can't use magic at all. And now I'm moving into the age of 14 years.

That day I was heading to the training ground to practice my swordsmanship and suddenly I heard an explosion.


"What happened?" I asked one of the soldiers there.

"The troops of the Zaikel kingdom have attacked from the east gate. Your Majesty, please take refuge in a safe place immediately! " Replied the soldier.

Our kingdom, Bourn, is at war with a neighboring kingdom, Zaikel. This war has been going on for 300 years, many ways have been done to stop this war. The agreement has been made but always ends with the disapproval of various parties.

I also thought that if I could hold off the Zaikel troops and repulse them I would get more praise and respect. I headed straight for the east gate, I passed through the alley to avoid the security forces because if I was seen by them, they would report to my brother and it would be troublesome. When I entered an alley, suddenly a fireball headed towards me from above, I immediately dodged but when the fireball touched the ground the fireball exploded and burned my legs.

"Aahhhh..... Who is that?" I screamed in pain.

"Hahahahaha..... So, this is the future king? So weak. I thought that since he will be the next king then he must be a strong person, he is just a kid who still doesn't know anything" said someone who came out from inside building shadow.

"Sorry for my impoliteness. My name is Stavros" said the person with a happy face.

"Stavros? Isn't that the name of the number 5 strongest person in the Zaikel kingdom? How did he know that I would pass here?" I said as I tried to stand up.

When I tried to stand up, suddenly he was behind me and stabbed me in the back and kicked me until I hit the wall really hard.

"Weak!! So weak!! I was shocked when I heard that the next king candidate was still young, I thought he must be so strong that he was appointed king at a young age. How disappointed I was when I saw that the next king candidate was a weak child " The person said while walking slowly towards me.

When I was in a lot of pain and started to feel dizzy from losing a lot of blood, I started to think how stupid I was who arrogantly thought that I was strong enough and confidently went to the battlefield. I began to regret this stupid act.

"Father, Mother, Brother, sorry for acting stupid like this, I just wanted to prove that I am enough to be a good king by defeating the enemy. I'm sorry everyone."

I who had given up because I could no longer get up and the enemy was getting closer to me, I raised my hand and just before I fainted suddenly a pillar of light appeared and hit the enemy standing right in front of me then I fainted. When I woke up, I was already in my bed in the palace, my mother who was sleeping in the chair next to me also woke up and suddenly hugged me crying.

"What happened? I thought I was dead? what happened to the enemy? " I asked my mother who was still hugging me while crying.

My mother started to tell me what happened. 

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