Chapter 2:



"When the explosion occurred mother and father were checking financial files. Then the explosion occurred, both of us immediately ordered the soldiers to see what happened. One of the soldiers said that there had been an enemy attack at the east gate for that we both immediately prepared to towards the east gate. I asked the soldiers how are you and your brother, they said that your brother is already in the battlefield, but the soldiers don't know where you are, we thought you had gone to a safe place for that we didn't worry about it. As soon as your father and I arrived at the battlefield, we ordered the soldiers to immediately evacuate the residents who were still there. According to the scouts, the number of enemies attacking was 10,000, we were trying to hold back as much as we could. While we were holding back the enemy, suddenly we all saw a pillar of light shining brightly from the direction of the residential area, for fear that if it was an enemy attack, your father immediately cast his greatest magic "GRAVITY FALL" to repulse the enemy at the east gate, and after the enemy chose to retreat Your father and I headed straight for the direction the light was coming from. When we got there, we only found you lying unconscious and someone who was no longer recognizable. Your father who saw you lying unconscious he immediately ordered the soldiers to take you to the palace and ordered the white magicians to heal you." Mom told me what happened when I passed out.

After hearing the story from my mother, I was confused about what happened and I told my mother what I knew from my point of view. After finishing the story, the mother screamed hysterically, causing the maids to enter immediately.

“Eh? So, the person lying with you is Stavros? The number 5 strongest person in the Zaikel kingdom?” Asked the mother while shocked hysterically.

"Yeah, but I don't know what happened after that. I only remember just before I fainted that I raised my hand and a pillar of light appeared in front of me." I said.

My mother, who was still shocked, immediately ordered the soldiers on guard to call for father and when father came, mother told father what I had told. The situation was immediately silent without a single word from father or mother. Then dad walked slowly towards me.

"I think it's your magic power. The possibility is very high because at that time no one was roaming nearby. We should check your magic power early, and if such big magic is your magic, we should send it to the Elf Woods to be trained immediately" said my father who looked worried.

Elf Woods, where the elves live. I've read from a book that elves are very skilled and reliable magic users, they live long and it's said their magic capacity is so great that they are feared by many kingdoms. The elves were neutral so they didn't side with anyone from this long war but they would help if both sides asked for help and attack if both sides attacked them.

My father ordered the royal magicians to immediately prepare a place to see my magic. The assessment will be carried out within a week because the royal mages are busy helping repair the war-torn city. While waiting for the assessment time, father ordered me to practice my magic power in the underground area of the palace because father was afraid that if this news spread there would be many assassins who would target my life.

For several days I tried to draw out my mysterious magic power. One time, while I was meditating, I had a vision that showed a vast field where hundreds of thousands of corpses of soldiers from my kingdom and Zaikel's kingdom, and suddenly heard a very loud roar from the sky. After that I came to my senses, I was confused about what happened to the scouting but I immediately ignored that and focused on my practice.

The day to see my magic arrived, I was taken from the underground area to my room and bathed then immediately prepared for the ceremony. The event was held in the throne room of the palace and will be broadcast to the entire kingdom, I was escorted with a tight guard from my room to the front door of the throne room to prevent anything from happening, I was against it because it was too exaggerated but father said that I was the future king, therefore, this is necessary. When I arrived at the door to the throne room, which was still closed, my brother greeted me.

"Yo, my little brother. Don't worry, don't be nervous, whatever you get I will stay by your side and take care of you"

"Thank you, brother, you are a good brother" I replied.

When the door to the throne room opened, I slowly stepped in through the crowd of people looking at me, I was very nervous but I tried to stay calm. I arrived in front of the King, Queen, and Chief Sorceress, then I knelt in front of them. The Chief Sorceress began to make a speech and after the speech he started to chant a spell to see my magic power. After he finished seeing my magic power, he was immediately shocked and fell, the people who saw it were shocked.

"Th-this is something amazing, this magic is something I have never seen before and no history has ever recorded this. This power is the power that will determine the future of this world"

"What? What happened? What's the magic power?" My father asked the Chief Sorceress.

The Chief Sorceress stood up and shouted

"The son of our king, Prince Erick van Buorn is the one who controls the strongest magic ever"


For a moment the atmosphere became silent with the faces of the people who were surprised to hear that, after that screams of surprise and joy began to be heard from all over the kingdom. Father, Mother, and Brother were shocked to hear this.