Chapter 3:

Principal’s office

Having Trouble Coming up With a Decent Story

Koshiro and the girl apparently named Hayami Takayama were walking silently through the school’s corridors, their destination was the principal’s office on the…Bookmark here

“Wait.” Koshiro stopped, “Where is the principal’s office??”Bookmark here

“Why did you stop?” Takayama crossed her arms and glared at him, “Don’t tell me you don’t know where his office is.”Bookmark here

“Ugh, hmm, eee…” he opened his mouth but couldn’t say a thing.Bookmark here

“Argh.” the girl sighed and pressed her forehead. “Just follow me.” Bookmark here

Koshiro was wary about the girl, but he decided to do as she said for the moment. “So, where is the principal’s office?” he asked after a few steps.Bookmark here

“It’s right here on the third floor, that’s probably the reason why he didn’t say it in the announcement." she explained, then added: “And also because everyone should have known that from yesterday.” Bookmark here

Koshiro got annoyed by that last part, but it was his fault for being half asleep yesterday so he couldn’t retort. “This girl is such a pain, but at least she can do something simple like guiding me to the principal’s office.”Bookmark here

“Wait here.” the girl said before entering a simple door between classrooms, but the boy, being miles away, couldn’t grasp what she said.Bookmark here

“She said ‘it’s here’? I thought the principal’s office would be further, and fancier.” he glared at the door, “Maybe she said, ‘wait here’ so in that case… she definitely wants to talk to him alone and put all the blame on me!” Koshiro barged into the room: “Why would the principal’s office be on a bathroom…?” he murmured trying to catch on to what happened.Bookmark here

“AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH!” a female voice screamed.Bookmark here

“I KNEW IT!” Takayama screamed at him, “YOU REALLY ARE A PERVERT!”Bookmark here

“W-wait a minute!” Koshiro retreated with unsteady steps, “It’s not like I did it on purpose!”Bookmark here

I’ll do something on purpose.” she raised her right fist as they crossed the bathroom door.Bookmark here

“Hey, there’s no need to use your hands like that! We can settle things in anoth…”Bookmark here

“Ahem.” a sound behind Koshiro interrupted him.Bookmark here

The air suddenly cooled off, and the boy turned around to see an intimidating look coming from a girl with soft bangs and green hair. “Hmm, it’s not what you’re probably thinking.” he tried to explain.Bookmark here

“I see.” she straightened her pair of glasses and then turned to the other girl, “You are Takayama-san, the one who is being called by the principal, right?”Bookmark here

“Yes.” Takayama nodded.Bookmark here

“And you are Koike-kun, the one in love with Kuma-chan, right?” the girl said with a serious tone.Bookmark here

“I don’t know about that last part but I’m Koshiro Koike, yes.”Bookmark here

“Hmm.” the girl analyzed him with a cold look.Bookmark here

“O-Oh, I-I’m sorry! Nice to meet you!” Koshiro hurried to bow, “Why am I saying this?? And why am I bowing??”Bookmark here

“There’s no need to bow. My name is Aika Murakami, Nice to meet you too Koike-kun.” Murakami glared at Takayama for a moment, but her words were directed at Koshiro, “The principal’s office is on the first floor, just go down the stairs and turn left. It’s pretty hard to miss it.”Bookmark here

“O-Okay! T-Thank you for everything Murakami-san!” Koshiro saluted the girl, who tilted her head for a moment and then started to walk in the direction they came from. She was apparently heading to class 1-C.Bookmark here

“Ugh.” Takayama scowled at the back of the girl. “She’s somehow worse than you.”Bookmark here

Me?” Koshiro pointed at himself, “But you’re the one that misled me.”Bookmark here

“How so?”Bookmark here

“You said that the principal's office was on the third floor, and then you said, ‘just follow me’ and entered the girl’s bathroom!”Bookmark here

“Well, you are right.” she held her hands behind her back and raised her head, closing her eyes in the process “But I was just testing to see if I had misjudged your character.”Bookmark here

“What do you mean?”Bookmark here

“The first time I saw you I was sure you were a pervert, so I wanted to see with you’d follow me into the bathroom.”Bookmark here

"So, it wasn’t on purpose.”Bookmark here

“Of course, it wasn’t.”Bookmark here

“So… did I pass the test?”Bookmark here

“Yes.” she started walking towards the stairs, “It’s 100% confirmed that you are a depraved bastard.”Bookmark here

“Hey!” Koshiro protested, but the girl ignored him, so he just heaved a sigh and followed her.Bookmark here

***Bookmark here

“Excuse me.” Takayama walked into the office after knocking on the door.Bookmark here

‘Excuse me too.” Koshiro said, following the girl.Bookmark here

“Come in, come in, Takayama-chan!” a soft voice invited the girl.Bookmark here

“Takayama-chan?” was the only thing Koshiro could think of.Bookmark here

“Please take your seats.”Bookmark here

Koshiro and Takayama took their seats in front of the principal, he was a gentle-looking man.Bookmark here

“So, why did you invite us for, Katayama-Sensei?” the girl gave a warm smile and leaned her head.Bookmark here

“Ugh, straight to the point, huh?” Koshiro crossed his arms and frowned at Takayama.Bookmark here

“I believe you know why.” Katayama-Sensei had a serious expression.Bookmark here

“Hmm... I believe I do...” Takayama replied, putting one finger on her lips. Bookmark here

"Yes." the principal crossed his arms, "How are you doing??! The last time your parents visited us you weren’t with them!”Bookmark here

“Ooh! That’s right! I was busy with the entrance exams, you know…” the girl gave an awkward smile, “But I’m fine now, thanks for asking!”Bookmark here

“What?” Koshiro tilted his head in confusion.Bookmark here

"But how are you doing, Katayama-Sensei?? Did you finally managed to beat your brother on something?"Bookmark here

"Oh! Sadly, no... last time we played soccer I got absolutely destroyed..."Bookmark here

"That's a shame! Last time you were almost there!"Bookmark here

"Yes, too bad my dance choreography wasn't on par that day..."Bookmark here

"Hey, what are you talking about?" Koshiro was completely ignored.Bookmark here

"Well, I look forward to seeing you dance again!"Bookmark here

“I see! I see! I'm thankful for your support, and I’m glad you entered Obaka just like your grandmother.”Bookmark here

“Yeah…” Takayama's smile vanished.Bookmark here

“But what about your parents? How are they doing?”Bookmark here

“Hmm… they’re fine… I guess…”Bookmark here

“And your grandmother? Did she…”Bookmark here

“Wait!” Koshiro chimed standing up with a jump, “I’m truly sorry for interrupting you two, but what about me?!”Bookmark here

“Oh, yes! Kochiru-kun, you’re here because of the fall, right?”Bookmark here

"Hey! That's not my name!" “Probably." the boy shrugged his shoulders, "You're the one to call me.”Bookmark here

“Yes, yes, I called you two here because of it.” Katayama-Sensei made a serious face again. “Kihoru-kun, what do you think about what happened?”Bookmark here

"Are you doing it on purpose?" “Well, I don’t think it is right.” Koshiro looked at the girl to his right, who had her eyes goggled while staring at the ground, “Right… Takayama-san?”Bookmark here

“Huh?”Bookmark here

“I agree with you Kokou-san!” Katayama-Sensei nodded to himself, “Harass the school mascot is simply unacceptable!” he explained while abruptly standing up.Bookmark here

“Hmm... I think I lost you.”Bookmark here

“I’m talking about your weird behavior towards Kuma-chan, of course.”Bookmark here

“Ugh.” Koshiro sighed, “This was just a misunderstanding! Aren’t you going to talk about the aggression I received from Takayama??”Bookmark here

“Oh yes! Yes! Of course! That’s our next topic of discussion.” the man turned to Takayama “Those self-defense classes really paid off, right? I heard this guy flew SEVERAL meters!”Bookmark here

THAT’S WHAT YOU HAVE TO SAY??” Bookmark here

Takayama, who was spacing out, finally came back to the room: “Oh, y-yes, Katayama-Sensei. They helped me a lot.”Bookmark here

“That’s good, that’s good. Now you can go.” the principal smiled, “I don’t want you to lose your entire first day.”Bookmark here

“Wait! that was it??” Koshiro stared at the man.Bookmark here

“Oh, yes.” Katayama-Sensei replied nonchalantly as he picked his cellphone and started to play Monsters GO, "There's a wild Pirucaba around here... I can't miss this chance!"Bookmark here

“Okay, then...” the open-mouthed Koshiro sighed and headed to the door, “Excuse me again, Sensei.”Bookmark here

Behind him, Takayama clumsily got up and said: “Excuse me too Katayama-Sensei” before darting out of the room, not hearing what the principal had to say without taking his eyes off of the cellphone screen:Bookmark here

“Feel free to come back here whenever you like!”Bookmark here

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