Chapter 4:

“Don’t tell me you are some sort of masochist.”

Having Trouble Coming up With a Decent Story

When the two first-year students arrived at class 1-C the girl from before, Aika Murakami was leaving the room and going to another class, “I wonder about what she was doing here.” Koshiro had a feeling that she was going to be important for the story.Bookmark here

“Excuse me.” Takayama and Koshiro announced together as they entered the room.Bookmark here

“You can come in” Sumiye uttered. “Your next class is about to start.”Bookmark here

The two of them went to their seats, Koshiro near Yasutake and Hirata while Takayama seated near the girl called Shimizu.Bookmark here

“Are you alright?” Hirata asked Koshiro.Bookmark here

“Fine.”Bookmark here

“Wanna talk about it?”Bookmark here

“To be honest, there’s not much to talk about.”Bookmark here

“Is that so? Hmm...”Bookmark here

“Yep, I should just let you know that this Takayama girl is crazy, she’s totally fake. Stay away from her.”Bookmark here

“Hayami is crazy, huh… you're probably just exaggerating.”Bookmark here

“I don’t think I am. Don’t worry, one day I’ll make sure everyone sees her true side.”Bookmark here

“Haha.” Hirata laughed awkwardly.Bookmark here

“What was that about? Did I say something funny?”Bookmark here

“Hmm. K-Koike-san.” Yasutake raised her voice, “We h-heard some disturbing s-stuff about you!”Bookmark here

“Let me guess, it’s about an inflatable bear?”Bookmark here

“Huh?” Yasutake tilted her head, “N-No bears, it was about h-how you e-entered the girl’s bathroom!”Bookmark here

Koshiro sighed and smacked his head, “It was the girl who was just here. right?”Bookmark here

“T-That beautiful girl with glasses h-has nothing to d-do with it, it was a girl that crossed the c-corridors sometime after the student c-council president came here!” Yasutake emphasized the “beautiful” part and glared at Hirata.Bookmark here

“Oh.” Koshiro remembered that there was another girl in the bathroom. “Wait, that girl with glasses is the president?”Bookmark here

“Yes!”Bookmark here

“Why did you have to add this ‘beautiful’ to describe her?”Bookmark here

“Oh, it’s because it’s true, and because Kazuhiko couldn’t take his eyes off of her.” Yasutake answered, apparently annoyed.Bookmark here

“Wow, she managed to say it without stuttering.”Bookmark here

“Hirata, please don’t be a pervert like Koike-san.” she was crossing her arms.Bookmark here

“Ugh.” Hirata’s cheeks were flushing, “It’s nothing like that!”Bookmark here

“Hey, I’m not a perv!” Koshiro complained.Bookmark here

“I-I know that you n-normally aren’t, but i-it looks like that f-fox messed with you.”Bookmark here

“You’re not totally wrong…”Bookmark here

Hirata frowned a bit: “Hey Koike-san, don’t tell me you are some sort of masochist.”Bookmark here

“What made you think that?”Bookmark here

“You got hit by her and then followed her to the bathroom, are you ONE HUNDRED PERCENT sure you didn’t fell in love?”Bookmark here

“Yes, I’m sure. I just fell out of the window.”Bookmark here

Hirata heaved a sigh of relief, “Thank god.”Bookmark here

“Why are you thanking for this?” Koshiro questioned.Bookmark here

“O-Oh, it’s because you... are such a good guy! I didn’t want you to go for this weird path.”Bookmark here

“I see.” “Does this mean another weird path is allowed? Oh no, now I’m worried about my future.”Bookmark here

“But Kazuhiko-kun, I don’t think he would tell us if he was a masochist.” Yasutake joined the conversation again.Bookmark here

“Now that you mention it, that’s probably true…” Hirata murmured while holding his chin.Bookmark here

“D-Don’t worry! I-I know a w-way to uncover the truth!”Bookmark here

“Really?” Koshiro asked. “So, what do you have in mind Yasuta…”Bookmark here

SLAP! Yasutake’s right hand slapped Koshiro on one of his cheeksBookmark here

“AAAAAH! WHY DID YOU DO THAT??”Bookmark here

“T-Tell me Koike-san, d-did you enjoy that?”Bookmark here

“OF COURSE NOT! WHO WOULD LIKE TO HAVE HIS CHEEK SLAPPED LIKE THAT??!” Koshiro was yelling with his hands caressing said cheek. He was almost crying.Bookmark here

“A m-masochist w-would!” she raised one finger “And n-now we know t-that you are n-not one! Y-You should say t-thanks!”Bookmark here

“Thanks...?”Bookmark here

“You’re welcome.”Bookmark here

While Yasutake and Koshiro were talking about masochism, two girls were chatting a few rows from there:Bookmark here

“Are you alright, Hayamichi?” Etsuko Shimizu asked.Bookmark here

“I could be better… didn’t you read the last chapter?”Bookmark here

"No, I was busy paying attention to class."Bookmark here

"I see."Bookmark here

“Hmm... by the way you're acting, he must've mentioned that.” Bookmark here

“He didn’t really, I’m probably just storming in a teacup.”Bookmark here

“Hey, it is a big deal, you shouldn’t overlook it.” Etsuko gave Hayami a soft hug.Bookmark here

“Don’t worry about it, I’m fine now that you’re here.”Bookmark here

“Oww Hayamichi!” the girl rubbed her face against Hayami’s.Bookmark here

“Okay, okay, that’s enough Shimizu.”Bookmark here

“That’s no good! I’ll stop when you call me correctly.”Bookmark here

“Aargh!” Hayami sighed, “That’s enough, Etsuko.”Bookmark here

“Chan!”Bookmark here

“Etsuko-chan.”Bookmark here

“Chi!” Bookmark here

“Aargh.” she sighed once again “C’mon Shimizu, everyone will look at us.”Bookmark here

Etsuko finally stopped, she moved her face away from Hayami’s and grinned like a kid: “Hehehe!”Bookmark here

“Why are you smiling?”Bookmark here

“I was just thinking that after the next cut it’ll probably be lunch break.”Bookmark here

“And? What's up with that?”Bookmark here

“I’m just hungry.”Bookmark here

“Huh?” Hayami tilted her head “That’s really it?”Bookmark here

“Uhum, my mother made me a wonderful obento for today!”Bookmark here

“Phew.” Hayami exhaled with relief, “I thought you were gonna hint at a major plot point.”Bookmark here

“Eh?” Etsuko was now the one to tilt her head.Bookmark here

***Bookmark here

BEEEEEEEEEE the bell rang announcing the lunch break. Students from all over the school quickly teleported to class 1-C where “The most beautiful freshman of all times” was.Bookmark here

Even without knowing her, the students praised her for being like an angel: slender figure, soft voice, above-average heigh (161cm), gentle smile, long waist-length dark-blue hair (with bangs falling just above her eyes), mesmerizing amethyst-like jewels (that others like to call eyes), generously sized bust, and so on. It actually got to a point where they started coming up with random qualities, so now she was also good at swimming, dancing, singing, cooking, laughing, playing games (haha), and much else! Bookmark here

“‘She’s clearly the perfect woman!’ That is probably what they are thinking” Koshiro couldn’t help but frown “Poor souls.” as he lamented for the others. Bookmark here

“Hey, H-Hirata-san, Yasutake-san, do you want to eat with us??” a girl had broken out of the student crowd formed around Takayama, it was Etsuko Shimizu, grinning.Bookmark here

“A-a...” Yasutake hid behind Hirata.Bookmark here

“Oh my god, I’m sorry!” Shimizu bowed to them: “My name is Etsuko Shimizu, I’m sorry for frightening you! I hope we can have a great relationship!”Bookmark here

Hirata gave an awkward little laugh, “Nice to finally meet you, Shimizu-san.”Bookmark here

“C-Call me Shimizu-chan!” she gave him a thumbs up.Bookmark here

“O-Okay, Shimizu-chan.” Hirata turned to Yasutake and calmed her down: “Don’t worry Erity, she looks friendly.” Bookmark here

“Hmm...” Yasutake gazed at Shimizu in a puzzled way, “N-Nice t-to meet you, I’m Yasuta E-Eri...” she stopped for a moment, and, realizing her mistake, spoke again: “I’m Erity Yasutake!”Bookmark here

“Oh! Erity? That’s a nice name!” Shimizu smiled, “How should I call you? Can it be Yasutake-chan?”Bookmark here

"Hmm..." Yasutake hesitated, looking at Hirata as if waiting for his permission, after he nodded, she did the same: "O-Okay."Bookmark here

“Great! So how about my proposal? Do you guys want to have lunch with us?”Bookmark here

“Shimizu-chan, who exactly is us?” Hirata asked.Bookmark here

“Etsuko Shimizu and Hayami Takayama!”Bookmark here

After hearing the reply, Yasutake and Hirata looked at each other and then at Koshiro.Bookmark here

“You don’t have to worry about me.” the boy said while heading to the door, “I have plans already.”Bookmark here

“You sure Koike-san?” Hirata leaned his head.Bookmark here

“Yeah. It’s fine.” after declaring this, Koshiro left the classroom, “I’ve to find the perfect spot to eat by myself. Maybe somewhere with a nice view so I can come up with great ideas...”Bookmark here

“I should’ve asked him too right? Now I feel bad…” Etsuko looked at Koshiro’s vacant seat while asking the other two, “He looked lonely and crestfallen, but I doubt he would admit it.”Bookmark here

“I don’t think you need to be.” Hirata answered, “I was probably being optimistic thinking that things would be different in High school.”Bookmark here

“Oh, so you know him from before?”Bookmark here

“Yeah.” he looked at Yasutake for a moment “We both do.”Bookmark here

“Uhum.” Yasutake nodded, “S-Since last y-year.”Bookmark here

“Last year?”Bookmark here

“Yes, we were both transferred to Koshiro’s school in the middle of last year.”Bookmark here

“So, you know him for what? More or less six months?”Bookmark here

“Uhum.” they both nodded.Bookmark here

“Hmm.” “I understand.” Etsuko pondered and nodded. Putting her hands together and smiling she uttered: “Hey, what about that lunch?”Bookmark here

Hirata looked at the crowd around Hayamichi: “I’m glad for the offer but looks like she's a bit busy.”Bookmark here

“No problemo, no problemo, we’ll figure something out!”Bookmark here

They ended up joining desks… with everyone in the class, trying to fit all the students of the crowd. There's no need to say it didn't work out very well.Bookmark here

Meanwhile, Koshiro found a vacant spot where he could eat his Anpan, a short stair behind the main school building that led into the soccer field... at least he hoped it was vacant because if anyone saw him alone with this version of Kuma-chan he’d probably have more headaches.Bookmark here

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