Chapter 12:

The Road to be Free

The Struggles from the Happy Girl Next Door

Two days passed... And when we headed back towards the police station to find out what had happened to our report.Bookmark here

Would we be able to do something about the situation that she was in? Would we need to provide more evidence for our claims or would we simply fail miserably?Bookmark here

The questions lingered in my mind and even though most of them were negative thoughts, I needed to be strong... Not for myself, but for her... The girl who was suffering through those tough moments.Bookmark here

I pulled out my phone and stared at the time. There were only a few more minutes left of my class for me to accompany her to the station. With each passing minute... My heart would beat faster and faster.Bookmark here

"I need to calm down..." I took in a deep breath and exhaled. I repeated this three more times and once I had found myself relaxed, I glanced at the time once more and sighed.Bookmark here

Out of nowhere, I felt someone poke at me with their pen, I glanced over and noticed Natsumi inching herself closer towards me "Are you all right? You seem to be anxious about something"Bookmark here

"You can tell?"Bookmark here

She gave me a silent nod at those words "What's it about?"Bookmark here

"It's nothing... Just some problems that I'm dealing with, that's all" I simply smiled at her to reassure her that everything was all right with myself.Bookmark here

I couldn't really tell her the real thing. Not the fact that Yukari was suffering and not the fact that we were going to find out if something was going to be done to bring her freedom.Bookmark here

Before I knew it, the bell started ringing signaling the end of class. I quickly put everything away and glanced over at Natsumi "You still have one more class, right?"Bookmark here

"Yeah, I do"Bookmark here

"I see..." "It's the perfect time for Yukari and myself to do everything..."Bookmark here

"Kiyota?"Bookmark here

"Yeah?"Bookmark here

"Take care of Yukari-chan, ok?"Bookmark here

Seeing her acting like the bigger sister of someone she only knew for a few days was something surprising, but at the same time, I was glad that she had gotten along with her as well.Bookmark here

"She can take care of herself"Bookmark here

"You really can't say that, Kiyota"Bookmark here

"I can. She can protect herself without me being near her"Bookmark here

"She's a girl. The man should be the one to take care of the girl and don't forget that"Bookmark here

"Yeah... I know"Bookmark here

With those words, the both of us parted ways and thus I started making my way towards the school's gates. I glanced around the area, but she was nowhere to be seen "I wonder if she's still stuck in classes or something?"Bookmark here

 I pulled out my phone and started dialing her number. Since the both of us were out of class, I knew for sure that I wouldn't bother her. After a few rings, she didn't answer.Bookmark here

"Did she head on over alone...?"Bookmark here

Just when I spoke those words, she finally picked up the phone "Did you miss me that much, Kiyota~?"Bookmark here

"I'm going to hang up on you now"Bookmark here

"I was just messing around!"Bookmark here

I let out a sigh and spoke up "Are you done with your classes, Yukari?"Bookmark here

"Yeah, I'm done. Right now I'm making my way over to the gates... You should be able to see me in a bit"Bookmark here

"I'll be on the lookout"Bookmark here

As I looked back over at where the students were, I noticed the subtle movement of a hand waving over at me "That must be her"Bookmark here

"Do you see me, Kiyota?"Bookmark here

"Yeah, I see you"Bookmark here

"Perfect~"Bookmark here

She hung up the phone and started running towards me with a smile on her face "Thank you for waiting~"
Bookmark here

"Well... You're the one who needs to be present since this involves you more then me"Bookmark here

"I know that... But can't you make it seem the least bit romantic~?"Bookmark here

"Not now..."Bookmark here

She beamed me a smile and thus the both of us proceeded to make our way through the street and headed on over towards the police department.Bookmark here

After some time passed, the both of us arrived at the police station and simply waited for it to be our turn.Bookmark here

"Next person please"Bookmark here

The both of us stood up form our seat and headed on over towards the lady at the front desk "Good afternoon. We're here to check on a report that we put out and wanted to know if something was going to be done"Bookmark here

"Let me check... On what name is the report on"Bookmark here

"Takahara Yukari"Bookmark here

"Give me a moment"Bookmark here

The lady from the desk started typing some things in the computer and after a minute or so, she nodded "Somebody will go the place today. Supposedly, it's a report on abuse that you're receiving, correct?"Bookmark here

"Yes, it is"Bookmark here

"The authorities will take your parents in for questioning. With your reports and evidence, we'll probably be able to do something about the problem at hand"Bookmark here

"T-Thank you very much"Bookmark here

"Thank you"Bookmark here

The both of us bowed at her and for some reason, the lady let out a giggle "You have a nice boyfriend right there, someone who supports you is a keeper"Bookmark here

"Umm-"Bookmark here

"Yes, he's the perfect boyfriend~"Bookmark here

Before I could even say a word, she tightly wrapped her arm around mine and started smiling at the lady.Bookmark here

After that whole ordeal, we found out that the problem would be able to be solved, but even then, the fact that her parents could become aggressive was a big possibility.Bookmark here

Seeing that something could be done the both of us thanked the lady once more and thus the both of us started making our way towards the apartments.Bookmark here

As we did so, out of nowhere she grabbed my hand and tightened her grip on it "Thank you for doing all of this for me, Kiyota"
Bookmark here

"I told you that I would help you and I'll do that no matter what"Bookmark here

"I know that~"Bookmark here

She beamed me a smile and tightened her grip on my hand once more "I can't wait for when I'm living with you~"Bookmark here

"Isn't that thinking a bit too far ahead?!"Bookmark here

"Not really" "Not when I know that I have you there with me to protect me~"Bookmark here

"Yeah... Not happening"Bookmark here

"Aww~"Bookmark here

She started pouting at my words and all I could do was chuckle at her words "You really get bothered by every little thing that it makes it fun teasing you, you know that?"Bookmark here

"That's not nice~!"Bookmark here

She lightly hit my shoulder to which I simply let out a chuckle. As the both of us were nearing the apartments, I glanced over at her and I could tell that she was nervous about what was to come.Bookmark here

"Yukari?"Bookmark here

"Yes?"Bookmark here

"Everything is going to be all right, ok?"Bookmark here

"..." She stared into my eyes for a good ten seconds or so and smiled at me once more "I know that, but it's still a bit scary knowing that I'll be alone with them when they get the notification from the police"Bookmark here

"Yukari..." "I need to do something... But what can I do for her? I can't really say anything since I'm not a relative nor someone close with her... I'm only her friend... Right?"Bookmark here

As I stared at her side face, I let out a sigh and called out to her "Yukari?"Bookmark here

"Yes?"Bookmark here

"If you feel like your in danger..." "I can't believe I'm going to say this" "You can stay the night at my place..."Bookmark here

"..."Bookmark here

"Umm..." "I really did it! That's the worse thing I could have said!"Bookmark here

"Y-You don't mind...?"Bookmark here

"No... I don't mind it"Bookmark here

"T-That's good to know..."Bookmark here

I glanced over at her face once more and couldn't help but notice that she was blushing a bit "So even she can get embarrassed when someone says such a thing to her..."Bookmark here

The both of us made the rest of our way to the apartment complex in complete silence. Neither one of us could strike up a conversation with the other person for the reason that we were too awkward over what we had said to each other.Bookmark here

"I really did it..."Bookmark here

Once we arrived at the complex, I was about to start on heading over to my apartment alongside her when Yumiko called out to us "Welcome back"Bookmark here

"Good afternoon, Yumiko"Bookmark here

"G-Good afternoon..."Bookmark here

"Hmm?"Bookmark here

Before Yumiko could most likely ask Yukari something, she glanced back at me and smiled at me "I-I'll see you later"Bookmark here

"Huh?"Bookmark here

Before I could say anything, she headed on over to her apartment with a simple bow towards Yumiko and long after, the sound of her apartment door closed with a thud.Bookmark here

"..."Bookmark here

"What did you do to her, Kiyota?"Bookmark here

"W-Why are you assuming that I'm the one at fault?!"Bookmark here

"Who else could it have been? The only one with who she's been socializing with as of late has been you and every time she does so, she always looks happy"Bookmark here

"A-And?"Bookmark here

"I'm just saying that you should mind what you say to her from time to time, got it?"Bookmark here

"I know..."Bookmark here

I let out a sigh to which Yumiko simply chuckled and rustled my hair "That's my boy~!"Bookmark here

"H-Hey!"Bookmark here

She continued rustling my hair for a bit and once she had gotten her fill, she smiled at me and thus headed on back inside to her apartment. With that sign alone, I started making my way towards my apartment in wait for what was to be done.Bookmark here

Only then did I know that what I had said would become the biggest choice in my life.Bookmark here

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