Chapter 13:


The Struggles from the Happy Girl Next Door

That night, a heard a sudden knock on my door. I quickly got out of my bed and headed towards the door. Upon opening it, I noticed that it was Yukari with a somewhat frightened expression.Bookmark here

"Kiyota..."Bookmark here

"Is it starting?"Bookmark here

"Yes... I got a message that they'll be arriving here in a few minutes"Bookmark here

"Got it"Bookmark here

I made my way towards my closet and as I was pulling out a jacket to withstand the cold night we were in, out of nowhere, I felt Yukari's hands on my shoulder.Bookmark here

"Yukari..."Bookmark here

"Please... Save me"Bookmark here

Back then... I wouldn't have understood her words at all, but now... It was different. I knew now what she had been through, I saw with my own eyes the pain she had gone through and just how much she was abused.Bookmark here

Once I had threw on my jacket, I turned towards her and started lightly caressing her head "I will... I'll do whatever it takes"Bookmark here

"... You will?" She looked up to me with tears in her eyes. Seeing her like this, I could only imagine how long she had been waiting for someone to appear to help her in her moments of despair.Bookmark here

"Yeah... I will"
Bookmark here

As the words left my mouth, she suddenly wrapped her arms around me all the while burying her face into my chest. Seeing this, I remembered when she had done so back then... The time she had told me the truth...Bookmark here

I let out a chuckle and slowly passed my fingers through her hair "You really do like to cry in my chest, don't you?"Bookmark here

"Y-You meanie!"Bookmark here

She lightly smacked my chest with her hand, but even then, she didn't back away from me... She continued clinging to me without a care in the world.Bookmark here

After a minute or so passed, she slowly backed away and wiped away the remnants of her tears "Thank you for dealing with me..."Bookmark here

"Don't worry about it, isn't that what friends are for?"Bookmark here

"Friends..."Bookmark here

"Yukari?"Bookmark here

"You're not going to call me your... G-Girlfriend?" "E-Even though I confessed to you"
Bookmark here

"P-Please don't remind me"Bookmark here

I scratched the back of my head in embarrassment and sighed to myself "Let's get going. I can't let you be there alone"Bookmark here

"Thank you"Bookmark here

With those words, the both of us made our way out of the apartment and simply waited outside all the while looking at the moon starting to take it's place in the sky.Bookmark here

Just as we did so, I noticed a police vehicle arrive at the front of the complex. Seeing that, I knew that it was finally time... "I need to protect her at all costs"Bookmark here

Once they got out of the vehicle, the both of them started heading on over to Miss Yumiko's apartment to most likely alert her of what they were going to do.Bookmark here

Just when they rang the bell, Yumiko stepped out and started talking to the officers for a bit, once they had most likely resolved everything, they bowed and started making their way upstairs towards our floor.Bookmark here

When they noticed that both of us standing there, they bowed and glanced over at Yukari's apartment "Is this the apartment, ma'am?"Bookmark here

"Yes, sir"Bookmark here

They nodded and proceeded to ring the bell, upon doing so, I noticed that both Mr. and Miss Takahara stepped out. From their expressions alone, I could tell that they were shocked to see the officers standing before them.Bookmark here

"We received a report that the both of you have been abusing your daughter. We're here to take the both of you in for questioning in regards to that"Bookmark here

"You must have the wrong idea officer... We would never-" Before he could finish saying his words, his father noticed Yukari standing beside me and in the span of a single second, his whole demeanor changed in an instant.Bookmark here

He was fueling with rage, hatred, one could even say that he was on the verge of killing his own daughter from how he was glaring at her and when his eyes met mine, It made it even more clear that he was going to kill me if he had the chance.Bookmark here

"You trusted in him?! This... child who simply barged into our lives?!"Bookmark here

"Y-Yes... I-I did"Bookmark here

"What did you need to do to him in order to get him on your side?! Did you promise him something in return for his assistance?!"Bookmark here

"N-No..."Bookmark here

"Speak up!"Bookmark here

His anger was too far gone, he didn't even seem to care that the officers were standing there right before him. The only thing in his mind was speaking his mind to his own daughter.Bookmark here

"We need to detain the both of you now"Bookmark here

"This is complete and utter nonsense!"Bookmark here

"Dear... Please calm down"Bookmark here

"How can I calm down when this-"Bookmark here

Before he could speak his mind, I stood in front of Yukari and spoke up "I saw it. That night, I saw her kneeling on the floor without any form of emotion in her eyes"Bookmark here

"The marks she had on her body, the way she looked when you yelled out her... How could i just stand there and not do anything to help her?"Bookmark here

"You're nothing but a brat! You have no right to talk to me like you know everything!"Bookmark here

Before I could even react in time, his fist flew towards my face and the only thing I could see in that moment was me falling to the ground with a thud.Bookmark here

Thankfully, I hadn't fallen unconscious, but the one thing that I did was the fact that my vision had gotten blurry from hitting myself against the fencing around us, apart from that the only thing that did happen was the sudden pain running all across my face and the slight feeling of blood on my forehead.Bookmark here

"I really hit myself hard..." Bookmark here

As I tried to push myself up to at least get into a sitting position, a sudden headache appeared out of nowhere, I placed my hand to my head and I could feel the blood on my hand.Bookmark here

"Kiyota!"Bookmark here

"We're taking you in!"Bookmark here

"Put your hands behind your back!"Bookmark here

"Wait!"Bookmark here

"Kiyota... Stay with me!"Bookmark here

"I did it... I helped her... Right?"Bookmark here

As I struggled to focus my vision on her face, it was impossible for me to do so. I was still seeing blurs wherever I looked, but even thought that was the case, I could still more or less tell the expression that she had in that moment.Bookmark here

It was one of pain, anguish, sadness and fear. They're were too many to even count, but even then, the one thing that I did notice was that she was worried about me. Something that I could feel without having the need to see it first hand.Bookmark here

"Kiyota!"Bookmark here

"Sorry..."Bookmark here

"Stay …. .. Kiyota!"Bookmark here

"Take care... Of me" Before I could say anything else to her, my eyes closed and the only thing I could faintly feel was her moving me.Bookmark here

"Now that they saw what he did... Not that they have taken them away... I... No, we can start a new life. One where you don't need to suffer, one where you can be happy, ding whatever you want to do without the fear of being abused by again..."Bookmark here

"I'll make sure that I can give you a happy life... And I'll make sure to... Answer your feelings"Bookmark here

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