Chapter 4:


Riddle Night

All I saw was blood, blood, blood everywhere. I can see broken pieces of what hit her head, but I wasn't sure what it was.
"JULIE! JULIE!" I screamed, "SOMEBODY HELP!!! HELP!!" our supervisor came
"What happened??" I started panicking, "I-I-I don't know." the supervisor put her hand near Julie's mouth " She's not breathing!!" the supervisor started panicking, she took her phone from her pocket "we need an ambulance! A student's head is bleeding. She's unconscious and not breathing." A crowd started to form around us. The supervisor started doing CPR on Julie, I started getting dizzy, I can see the people whispering but I couldn't hear anything; all I could hear was a ringing noise in my ears, then I blacked out.

I started to open my eyes slowly, I found myself in the nurse's office, I sat down, I couldn't remember what happened, then it all came back to me. I was freaking out, I ran off of the bed and I saw the nurse coming in. "You finally woke up, everyone is going home right now and your mom is coming to pick you up."
"What happened to Julie?! Where is she?!" The nurse didn't answer, "WHERE IS JULIE?!" I started to panic " I ASKED YOU A QUESTION! WHERE IS JULIE?" My mom came rushing in " Are you okay, Katie? Are you hurt? Is everything fine?" my mom looked very worried. " I'm fine, mom." My mom hugged me, she had tears in her eyes. "Mom where is Julie? Is she okay?" My mom gave me a petty look. "Mom, why aren't you answering me?" My mom glanced at the nurse then she looked back at me " Oh Katie, I'm sorry to tell you this but..." My mom was quiet for a moment. "WHAT IS IT??" my mom took a big breather " The ambulance didn't make it in time"
I fell on my knees "W-what?" I couldn't believe it; my best friend was.. dead? I started tearing up." No there has to be a mistake!"
"There is no mistake sweetie"
"sweetie, Julie-"
" KATIE, JULIE IS THE ONE WHO IS GONE! You can't change that!"
"NO THERE HAS TO BE A MISTAKE!" my tears started flowing "THERE IS A MISTAKE! THERE IS MISTAKE" My mom kneeled and started hugging me "There is a mistake! There is a mistake! There is a mistake!"
" Katie, how many times do I have to say it? There is no mistake"
I could feel my tears and before I knew it I started sobbing on my mom's shoulder.

When we arrived at the house, mom opened the door and I saw my sister pacing at the front door, she looked very worried. "Are you okay, Katie?" I didn't have enough energy to talk, I tried to open my lip but no letter came out."She's fine, Lena" my mom answered. My sister was relieved, I felt like I couldn't hold my tears in anymore, I rushed to the stairs to go to my room, but when I was at the end of the stairs, I heard them start a conversation.
"Katie seems upset, why is that?"
There was a pause for a moment, "her friend was the one who got injured and died."
"They told me that Katie was the one who talked to that girl before she got injured, and Katie fainted afterward. Sadly, we didn't meet Katie's best friend before she was gone."
I couldn't handle listening to the conversation anymore, so I ran to my room.

It was getting late, but I couldn't sleep; all I could think about was Julie and how our last conversation was a fight. I kept crying, and crying, I couldn't stop my tears, and after a lot of shedding tears, I fell asleep.
Ring, ring, ring.
My phone once again rang at midnight, but this time I didn't even bother answering; I was too hurt and tired to do anything. I wanted to sleep for the rest of my life and never wake up.

I could feel the sunlight hitting my eyes, I opened them slowly and saw my sister at the curtains. "Katie, come on, get up!" I started groaning, "Katie, get up! Let us go somewhere fun" my sister continued.
"I want to sleep! Leave me alone!"
My sister pulled my blanket off.
"When I say we are going somewhere it means we are going somewhere! Get ready!"
I tried to grab my blanket but my sister was holding it firmly, I started pulling it however Lena was still holding the blanket, I tried pulling harder yet she was stronger, I pulled, pulled, pulled but Lena pulled so hard that I hit my head on the floor.
"Ow! You hurt me!"
"That's what you get for trying to sleep! Now get ready!"
I glared at her and she left the room. I didn't want to but I got ready anyway, I didn't feel like wearing anything colorful so I wore anything black.
I went downstairs.
" You finally came. Oh, you look very... dark." I gave my sister a look
" Anyhow, we should get going."
"Is mom going?" I asked.
"No, It's sisters' day! So only us two, we are having fun today!."
I rolled my eyes. How annoying!
Lena grabbed me by the arm. "Let's go!"

We went to Lena's car and she started driving, I could see her glance at me every once and a while, but I pretended not to notice.
"Stop looking all gloomy! It's celebration time!" Lena turned on some music, she started dancing while driving "Dance Katie! Dance!"
I ignored her, "Fine if you're not gonna move your body I will make you!" Lena turned on my favorite song "Ha! How about this" She started dancing intensively. "Hey! Why are you being so stubborn! Just dance!" Lena started dancing harder.
I started to lose my cool, "Stop it! It's dangerous your driving!"
"You finally talked."
"Would you just leave me alone?!"
"Okay..." my sister turned off the music, she looked a little hurt, I felt bad but I didn’t say anything.

“We’re here, what do you think?”
“The mall?”
“Yes! I know how much you love malls!”
“ You’re the one who loves malls.”
“Ah, you figured me out! The truth is I wanted to buy something so...”
“ Whatever let’s get this over with.”

We started looking at makeup stores and Lena kept on asking me for my opinions on the makeup products.
“Just get whatever you want, my opinion won’t change the fact that you like it, right? Let’s go somewhere else I’m tired.”
We went to another store. “ Oh, I think this dress is really pretty, what do you think about it?”
I remembered that Julie wanted to be a fashionista, I tried to hold my tears in.
“Lena, I want to leave!” I stormed out of the store.
“ Katie!” My sister ran after me “Katie I-“
“I know you’re trying to cheer me up but I don’t feel like it! I just need some time!”
Lena made a sad face “ I’m sorry...”
“It’s fine. I just need time.”
“Is there anything I can do for you to make you feel better?”
“ No" I paused for a moment "actually, there is one thing.”
I remember that the last thing Julie said to me was that everybody left her, that sentence stayed in my head and I was curious about what she meant. So I asked Lena to take me to her parents' house.

When I got to their house I was so nervous, I wanted to ring the bell but I couldn't do it.
"You can do it!" Lena cheered me on. However, I was too hesitant. I took too long so my sister rang the bell instead. I glared at her.
" Come in, come in" It seemed to be Julie's mom who answered the door.

Lena and I took a seat on the couch.
"Would you guys like some tea?" she asked.
"No thank you, we are only here for a little while." I said.
"We are sorry for your loss," Lena said. 
The woman nodded her head. 
"I'm here to ask you about Julie," I said nervously," she said that everyone left her, what did she mean by that?"
Julie's mom looked at her husband for a second then she sighed, "Julie is adopted, she never met her real parents and the closest friend she ever had started hanging out with other people instead of her." 
I was trying to hold in my tears, I have to be strong for her parents. 
"Tell me, were those Julie's last words?"
I nodded sadly, Julie's adoptive parents started crying. 
" I think we should go," Lena said. I stood up and gave them a hug and they started shedding their tears on me.

-End of chapter-