Chapter 3:

Riddle #2

Riddle Night

I couldn't look it was too hard, but I can see Kai tearing up. "SUSHI! SUSHI!" Kai lifted the garbage can "SUSHI COME GET UP! GET UP!!" 
"She's... gone." I said.
Kai kneeled down and held her in his arms "who could have done this to you?!"
I could see tears going down his cheeks but I couldn't say anything.Bookmark here

We stayed in that position for as long as I can remember, then I finally decided to talk "I'll be going home now" I thought the best thing to do was to give him some space. Kai didn't say a word and as I started to move, he finally spoke "before that, we should probably go and put Sushi in a grave."
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We started looking for a good place to bury the cat but it was difficult; whenever I suggested a place he would turn it down. He probably wants a perfect place for the cat. Kai suddenly stopped "what do you think of this place?" he pointed at a children's playground."Are you serious? A playground?"
He nodded "so whenever Sushi's lonely, she could play on the playground."
"I don't think that's a good idea" 
"Why?" Kai asked.
"I don't feel comfortable letting kids play where a cat is buried!"
Kai started begging " Oh please! please!" He started to get on my nerves. "please! please! please!" 
"OK FINE! But put her a little far from the playground. And why are you asking me anyway? If you want to bury her there then bury her there!" Kai paused for a moment "we both have to agree on a place together; we were both close to her." Kai started to look depressed, I forgot that he was even upset because he seemed fine for a moment. "Okay let's start digging." Bookmark here

After we buried the cat It was getting late, so we decided to go home.
It was really quiet no one said a word so I glanced at Kai and he was full of blood; his hands, his shirt was full of blood. Kai didn't look fine, he looked depressed, he looked really bad but I couldn't say a word; I'm not good at comforting people.

"I'm home"
"Sorry mom, I had to do something" 
"Our phones died."
"Okay mom, sorry."
My sister was in the stairwell giving me a cheeky look "since when were you and Kai so close?" 
"Shut up!" I said.
You don't want to be near my mom when she's angry; she's really scary. She can stay mad at you for days, and if she's really angry at you, she might not even make you lunch for school.Bookmark here

It was hard to fall asleep, I kept playing the scene of the cat over and over again. Why am I this upset? I've only met her recently. My heart started aching, it took a while for me to finally fall asleep.
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Ring, Ring. 
I grabbed my phone, it was 12 o'clock at midnight. What the hell is this?! Again?!!  I answered the phone, it was that same robot voice. " I am a beautiful flower, I am a rose. I am vivacious, I like to style-" I hung up the phone. I don't have time for this!! And I went back to sleep.Bookmark here

"Katie! Get up!"
I started to open my eyes.
"Katie, you're late for school!!"
I got up as fast as can, I got ready, I brushed my teeth, I took my bag, and I took my lunch box.
I almost fell down the stairs but I held onto the rail. I ran to school as fast as I can and I barely made it. I was gasping. I finally made it!

It was recess, me and Julie always eat lunch on the rooftop of the school building.  "Katie, why were you late today?" asked Julie. " You usually come before people even arrive."
"A lot has happened yesterday, so I overslept."
" What happened? I'm all ears."
I opened my lunch box, I had a shocked expression on my face.
" What's wrong?"
" My mom is angry with me.."  I put my head down "I'll starve to death."
Julie glanced at my lunch box "sorry, I already finished my food" she was shoving food in her mouth.
" HEY!! leave some for me!!!"
"See? It's all done" Julie said with her mouth full.
I had a gloomy look on my face.Bookmark here

When I looked down from the rooftop I saw Kai walk past, he looked miserable, like really miserable.
"I'll talk to you later Julie!"
" Wait, where are you going?"
I sprinted as fast as I can, I ran down the stairs, and went outside."KAI! WAIT!!" He looked behind him. I was trying to take a breath "Kai huhh are hhuuuh are you ok?"
Kai looked shocked "I'm great!!" It's scary how fast Kai can change his facial expression.
"Are you sure?" I was confused "aren't you still upset about Sushi?" Kai's expression changed; I could tell he was trying not to cry "who's Sushi? I don't know what you're talking about." He was tearing up, I started to get anxious "Kai, do you want to talk about it?" I am the type of person who can listen to people's problems but can't respond to them; I'm really bad at comforting people so I try to avoid it most of the time. Kai didn't say a word then the bell rang. "You know what never mind" I smiled.Bookmark here

I attended the rest of my classes but all that I can think about was Sushi and how Kai must be feeling, then the classes were finally over.
" Are you free tomorrow?" asked Julie
" Yes, why?"
"I thought we could go hang out after school tomorrow? Like to a cafe or something."
" Sure" I smiled
I saw Kai leave the building "I got to go, I'll see you later!"
I ran to Kai "Boo!" Kai jumped "did I scare you?"
He looked at me " Yeah, you did."
" You going home?" *growl* I looked at my stomach *growl, growl*
Kai smiled "let's go get you some food."
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Kai bought me a sandwich from the supermarket because I didn't bring my wallet.
" Thank you, I'll pay you back tomorrow"
" No need, take it as a reward for taking care of Sushi"
We both went quiet.
"How are you feeling, Kai?" Kai didn't answer.
I opened my sandwich and started eating.
" Why didn't you have lunch at school today?"
" My mom didn't make me lunch because she was mad at me for being late yesterday."
" Oh, that's my fault, sorry."
"No, it's not your fault, you didn't know Sushi would..."
Shoot! I made things awkward again!!
" We should get going." said Kai.Bookmark here

It was the next day, and I went to school.
"Good morning, Julie"
Julie gave me the cold shoulder
Julie gave me her back and left. What's wrong with her?Bookmark here

It was recess, I couldn't find Julie anywhere. I saw one of my classmates, "May, have you seen Julie anywhere?"
May was one of the people I used to play mafia with, she has short brown hair and pinkish brown eyes.
" Oh, I just saw her go outside."
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I left the building and it was so hot, hotter than most days.
"Julie, wait!!" She ignored me. "Julie, what's wrong?" I asked. "JULIE!!" I grabbed her by the arm. "Why are you ignoring me?!!" Julie finally turned around. "Julie, why are you upset? let's go eat lunch."
"Why don't you go eat lunch with Kai instead!!"
"What are you saying?"
"At recess, you went to hang out with him, and after school, you went with him as well. It seems like you like to hang out with him instead."
" That's not true, he was upset so I was trying to comfort him, that's all."
" No, you guys are too close!!"
" No, you don't understand he-"
"I DON'T WANT TO HEAR IT!!" Julie covered her ears "I DON'T WANT TO HEAR IT, YOU ARE GONNA LEAVE ME LIKE EVERYONE ELSE!!" Julie started crying.
I don't know what I saw, but I saw a fast shadow fall. There was blood, there was blood everywhere it seems that something fell on Julie's head, she wasn't moving.
"JULIE!!"Bookmark here

- end of chapter-
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