Chapter 0:

The end of the world? That was the craziest birthday I've ever had.

The butterfly chronicles

It's been a long time, i kind of forgot details of my past life.
But that I'll never forget even if I wanted to I couldn't.

I was an ugly and skinny boy, with little luck in life my appearance had nothing special was a life among the shadows, I always saw people's smiles and wondered.

- Can I smile too? Do I have the right to smile?

That was one of thousands of whining that went through mymind.
At the age of 8 I had to learn to live the rules of the streets or it could happensworse thing with those who were not smart.

I remember the poor neighborhood we lived in and the drip that falls on the table by our roof is not in good condition, My father at my birth had gone to buy cigarette...

And the rest of the story you must already imagine, I always watched around and liked to see the differences of each endividou was asa hobby for me , my mother worked verydelivered things that asked me what was that?

It looked like a bullet bag, I don't remember very well, but there were some guys in purple suit who lived glued with my mother giving her orders all the time in a small room with colored lights in a cozy tone.

But let it go was another case.

On my first day of school I was very excitedto get to, my mother on that day was looking kind of pale and panting, her black hair that was once gorgeous and shiny wasdry.

Deep down I was very worried about her but I knew I couldn't show it to my mom, or she'd lose her last glow.

She puts her hand on my face lightly, I was feeling that her temperature was too high when I was going to pronounce my mother gave her best smile and told me.

- Lui doesn't give up on your dreams even if someone says you can't.

- Study and grow up, do not repeat the same mistakes of your mother you are a Neo, remember that our family never gives up no matter what happens.

I always remember my mother's last words.

With a slight touch of encouragement she give me a slight push, which incredibly afterthat our door collapses falling on top of the only tv we had.

We're already so screwed that we started laughing, to complete an old cat of the old cat was looking at us suspiciously, baba was coming out of his mouth, he then jumps on top of the door with a dominant pose, and like a figure he anaça on top of me.

But he didn't count on this onslaught that my mother had given him, a slight peck on his face throwing him out.

The cat slowly got up like an anime villain, making some suspicious noises and left.

I confess i'd given me the creeps like he was saying.

"Tomorrow I'll pick you up at the corner sucker. “

- Lui because that cat always attacks you?

- I don't know, Mom, once I went to feed another cat and this cat started chasing me...

Lui's mother didn't understandanything.

It's weird.

Suddenly my mother starts coughing and I support her quickly.

Mom, are you okay?

Quickly she had hidden her hand that was in her mouth.

- Cof cof... I'm fine Lui...

- It was just the dust that made me choke, and enough of stalling goes to school or will misses your first class.

Oh I was so naïve until today I think, if I had realized what it was...

I fu all cheerful to school on the way I was feeling i was being followed, whenever I look back there was nothing, I walked a little further and repeated the act, and nothing.

- Um, is that in my head?

- Well it doesn't matter I'm so excited to start studying and discovering new things.

Continue to walkr and after an hour I arrive at the school gate, it was a gate until cool, big and sturdy had several students coming in all beautiful and well dressed, with their impeccable uniforms, little knew that my hell would start there.

When I was walking through the gate all the students started looking at me weird.

- Look at the newstudent.

- God, look at those old clothes.

- Now they're letting animals get into school that respect.

I confess that the feeling was as if an evil aura were on my shoulders, they were so petty that they spoke aloud to intimidate me.

- I can't stop here, let Lui keep walking.

As a means of defense I lower ed my head and increased my steps, when I suddenly hit head-on with a student.

Oh, I'm sorry.

The boy was so tall that I had to look up to see his face that wasn't looking good.

- How do you dree to touch me?

- I'm sorry I didn't mean to.

- Don't play dumb, or you're going to pay me $5, 000 for my laundry, or you're going to see the grave early.

My throat had dried up at that time I didn't even have 1% of that money I couldn't talk about, so you know what would come next.

- Did the cat eat your beggar tongue?

I'm sorry I...

That was so purposeful that any idiot would notice, him taking advantage of my poverty to boast to his rich friends.

It was so random that suddenly I got a nice kick in the belly, it hurt so much that I ended up falling face to face on the floor.

- Look, guys, the beggar got my shoe dirty, now you're going to have to pay 50 grand.

I was a little dizzy but you could hear the laughter around and the múrmuros "go hit him"

For these people I had no value, they did not see me as a person, I was feeling so humiliated it hurt so much, it was like putting your hand on fire and can not take away.

The boy was laughing as loudas if he were a king humiliating an inferior species.

- That's what you poor dmundos deserve!

- How do you dre to step into this school with these rags?

HAHAHA! It's time for your trial.

Mercilessly he puts the sole of his shoe on my head and starts rubbing like an old cigarette.

- That beggar stays on the ground like a dead cockroach, that's your place.

I thought it was better I accept that, but when he said those words "Your mother must be anyone and that's why you were born"

It was like a volcano that was asleep and out of nowhere exploded, to this day I do not know how I did it, I hit him in his stomach making him go 2 steps back.

- Don't talk about my mother like that.

When I noticed there was a crowd of students watching us, when that kid started throwing up in his shoe, the students started laughing and started calling him a fat pig.

What a turnaround that's what I thought, but it wasn't over yet the kid was so angry about the situation.

- Damn you're going to pay me for this!

When he punched mei wasn't going to get out in time for still dizzy, suddenly give a face holds the hand of this smite, and so was the beginning of andmy only friendship andmy best friend Ahtu.

So this is how you feel better, Julius?

- Attacking the rookies to get himself into the game.

After knowing the name of this guy who attacked me I never forgot his name, Julius my first enemy.

How do you give my punch?

Do you want a fight?

Ahtu looks right into his eyes in a quiet tone he says.

You know, partner.

It gave up so much confidence that Julius automatically gave up leaving.

- This time I'm going to pass, but next time I'm going to pick you both up.

With enormous kindness Ahtu asks me.

Are you all right?

Yes, I am.

- Oh, good you're tough on.

- That nothing just exceeded me.

- Alias thanks for the help.

With a nice smile he answers me.

- That this guy is the least I could do you're in the new class?

And what's your name?

- Yes I am, today is my firstday.

- My name is Lui Neo.

Ahtu was looking at Lui's clothes so he had an idea.

- haha little guy I liked you, let's go to the locker room I'll get new clothes for you this are very worn out.

It seemed to be nothing, but for me it was something unique, I was so happy for the first time besides my mother someone had been kind to me.

- You saw these clothes look so much better on you and we're going to fix that hair.

- Er... better not I'm too ugly so I use these long hairs.

It was so natural what he ended up telling me.

- Lui, if you don't want to change for the better you're always going to be like that.

They were simple words, but it had a great effect, Ahtu was great in that his motivation captivated everyone, I accepted to change my cut and I was impressed by how I was, for the first time I thought I was beautiful.

Is that me?

- Yes Lui is you idiot!

- Calm Ahtu I'm kidding haha!

- Oh, your idiot was about to punch you.

We laughed and went to the classroom, it made me so embarrassed, all the girls were looking at me, whispers were among them.

Who is this new student? He's a cat.

I have no idea.

Until this event was all right I did not know what to do, I was very ashamed, but it changed me, when I saw her for the first time, those long black hair, and her great presence, was the most popular student of the school, Erica Reis, she was beautiful and intelligent, where she passed everyone felt a peace.

That was tin she tripped from nowhere and I thought i ended up going towards her and held her to avoid her fall.

By the time I realized it was late she was in my arms, and my temperature was rising.

Um... obita by holding me what is your name?

Did she tell me that? It doesn't happen every day, what do I do?

I was speechless i didn't know what to do when I froze, so she put her hand and my forehead together.

Are you all right? Why don't you say anything?

Friend, that was the end for me, suddenly I ran out and hid in the hallway, she had not understood anything, little knew me that after this event she began to observeme, sometimes when I came home I felt that someone was following me, but I was in doubt will be the damn Cat.

Two years passed and my life was better me and my mom was living in a better neighborhood, and my friendship with Ahtu was at its peak, I had been through a lot of traps because of Julio and the other kids who think I was staying with Erica who incremented was almost everywhere I went.

- To this day I'm in doubt whether it was the cat or someone else who's following me but flawed miserably in finding out, what the hell I'm tired of.

It was my birthday and I was coming home, on that day I made a decision, that I was going to find out who was following me, so I made the course of it turn around quickly and screamed.

Get out of there and I can see you!

Then I hear a murmur "Damn I've been discovered"

- Let's show yourself who you are?

It looked like a ninja movie that wasn't ninja,from the shadows the person comes out all embarrassed by wrapping the tip of his hair on his finger.

How did you find me?

- Oh, was you Erica?

- I thought it was the cat!

She then points to the side and says.

- That dark cat over there?

What's that?

- Two years we've been watching you until I gave him a name, his name is General Kuica.

I was wondering how the person puts that name on a cat?

That bastard was in a confident pose when he jumped towards me.

Damn it!


- Why are you purring on my damn cat leg?

Erica was smart, she quickly took advantage of the situation to pretend nothing happened.

- He likes you Lui I was just checking.

That's when I thought if this rascal cat is here because she likes me so she...

- It's not possible that's a dream.

What Lui?

When I was going to answer you a big bang happened 2 two sides of the world, because two butterflies entered such a space, the sky opened and a great tremor opened.

when I turned to Erica, 6 balls of energy were raining from the sky and it was for an instant that I saw, a big explosion was coming towards us I thought I went towards Erica and get hold of her hand, when I was going to pull her to run, it was late the explosion had already reached her.

And when I realized I was just holding your hand, it caused me a huge despair I was paralyzed, and I didn't realize that time had stopped, I no longer saw Erica's body that was in the flames.

When a kind of portal opened in the sky a strong light came out of there going towards me.

- Huhu, Lui Neo, how are you still alive?

What are you? And how do you know my name?

Me? I have several names...

- God, Entity, Revelation among several other names by the universe.

- I'm theone who knows everything.

I was not wanting to accept what was in front of me, a humanoide with female silhouette his body was made of an intense yellow light with a little blue green, with wings and butterfly antennae, that being showed a great presence andpower, my heart was racing, it was difficult to breathe, my desire was to escape from there, but where?

Why did you do this to us?

- Oh even in this situation you raise your voice to me.

- Interesting, many die just by feeling my presence and you still stand, I'm curious about your person Lui Neo.

- Look how beautiful the renovation is happening.

- I don't know what you are!?

Or what you think...

- But how and why did you do this to us out of nowhere?

The entity give a slight smile and walks towards me.

- One day you will understand Lui Neo, why this universe will be destroyed the magic can not adapt to this universe.

What are you talking about? Magic doesn't exist!

- huhu and a being like me is what?

After that argument, I was speechless.

This being mysteries then puts his hand on my face, der suddenly I felt so calm, I was at peace and cozy, several yellow butterflies made of light was flying around me, I no longer felt afraid of the creature that my heart was fine.

- Don't worry Lui Neo thanks to you the human race will have a second chance in another world but this will be a 2-edged sword.

The entity give a kiss on my forehead and says.

- I bless you with two skills one you will discover later, and the other you will have the ability to talk and write in any language.

- I'll be watching you Lui Neo, go and Reencarne Como...

Time goes back to normal and I get caught up in the explosion, that was so fast but I hear the last word of the quele be.

- Adan Dracae.

That's when I woke up in an old house wearing raging costumes, and i looked at myself in the reflection of a bucket with water, I was a beautiful red-eyed boy with amber color, that was me, Lui Neo who had done 13 years as Adan Dracae, and so my memories merged, making a power come out of me like a yellow aura , that was painful I couldn't contain when the house I was house dwells on top of me.

Moments later I came out of the rubble without injury and at the time it took me a while to understand even remember the words of the quele being mysterious, and I remembered the magic she mentions.

- So that's what strengthens my body?

- That fluid energy all over my body, I feel stronger.

- Does that mean being able to use magic?

- Um, I have so many unanswered questions.

I had no time to think, it was when the earth began to tremble and a giant creature had come out from under the earth, it was a big, muscular being, I think it was called Orc.

What the hell is that?

- I can no longer remember my life in this world but even I do not know what creature this is,at the same time I know.

It was for a moment the Orc was about to close his fist on my body, when institivamente I had appeared behind him.

How dare I do that? He was so reading.

- Is that equal speed in anime?

Wait, wait?

- That's an Isekai!!!!!!!

That was by the meme of when an otaku goes to an Isekai he wants to be a demon lord.

- Now feel my lower creature power.

I think my face was pretty manly, at least in my imagination it was.

The bug automatically got annoyed by it going to attack me with everything, that's when I held his fist with one hand and kicked him in the forearm ripping him off.

The orc struggles with pain. But the bastard was insistent. And began to carry a kind of purple energy in his mouth, shooting in my direction, again it was by instinct I swerve from the blow appearing on the left side of his head,I was so fast that everything seemed slow.

- That energy destroyed a good part of the village, time to end it.

The creature was still releasing that energy that I had no idea of what is caught, but I already had a notion of how physical force worked, so I directed a punch to Orc’s head, completely destroying his head.

In my first battle in this world I won easily, that to me was strange.
- Now I don't know if I'm too strong or this bug that's too weak?

- Oh, never, this village has no one and it's all destroyed, why was it just me here?

Keep digging and I ended up finding a kind of bag that looked like a bag made of cow choir she was wearing a better outfit a few silver coins, and a mysterious apple.

- Shit I can't remember the name of that bag, but I've seen it in a lot of games.

- but this apple is suspicious I've seen this story somewhere.

The strange thing was not that, but that even though I remembered everything from my past life and forgetting my new life, I was not sad about what happened and was calm, but in the background something was bothering me a lot.

- There's no way I'm going to have to go on a drifter and find out more about this world, time to go to this place, there's no clue.

A butterfly has just left the site, and so was my first contact with this other world As Adan Dracae, and the beginning of my jornada looking for answers, my first birthday in this worldwas crazy.

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James Kamiouji