Chapter 1:

Zero-day discovery

The butterfly chronicles

I was walking on a well-worn road full of holes in the middle of a forest, with large trees the path was restless, but the day was pleasant with the corners of the birds and a beautiful sunny day.

I was already walking for six hours until I thought.

- How weird I’ve walked all this way and I don't feel tired.

- Strange also I have not met anyone, although I'm in another world right, will know what I'll find on the way.

Continue to walk quietly until.

I heard screams inside the forest, it was female screams asking for help.

- Oh, what a cliché a girl being attacked in the middle of the woods, and the hero going to save her.

- Doing what you're right, it would be wrong to ignore and go my own way.

I pressed the step and by the time I realized it was already on site.

What's going on?

- If I knew I could move like this, I wouldn't be walking!

When I looked at the girl was trapped on a cliff, she was very frightened by a staff in her hand dropping beams of light toward the creature.

Help, help!

Somebody helps me!

- Damn my specialty is not the attack, it is not sense damage nor one.

The creature was huge seemed to be more than 2 meters tall, the color of its skin was green, when suddenly in my mind I had received the information of what it was such to be.

- Um, it's an Orc.

- Even that exists here.

At the end of my sentence, Orc was about to take the girl by the hands, when I move around grabbing her by the lap.

The blow of the creature quela was so heavy that the impact had destroyed a good part of the cliff, causing boulders to fall on top of it.

Hey girl, are you okay?

She was restless was with a hearty face, until today I do not understand why?

Hey, why don't you answer?

It was out of nowhere that slap that she gave me in the face, after that act she ran out to behind a tree and screamed.

- You wanton!

What's going on?

- I saved you and I was greeted like this!?

You Crazy!

Yes, I know our first date was not at all friendly, it was more like gangue fight.

- Oh, never, if you should have your reasons for this one like this.

She was even more embarrassed that she couldn't look me in the eye.

Your... how much you will...

She kept saying that.

That's when a daunted purple glow was headed towards me, when a gunshot was heard amid the rubble of the cliff.

A shot came out of there, that's when I realized it wasn't headed my way.

It was a momentary reflection.

It was the right time I had already pushed to the side, then that purple energy was already on top of me.

- Shit won't give you time to swerve!

- I only have a choice!

That was putting my hands in front of the attack, it hit me hard was heavy and hot, I was making too much strength to hold it.

Until the girl goes back to where I was.

- Get out of here, are you crazy?!

That was my mistake.

In this moment of distraction that the creature took advantage to increase the power of the blow, I did not know what it was, but I knew...

That that was dangerous.

The power blow was more powerful throwing me back, while I crossed several trees, it was starting to hurt my hands.

Oh, damn it.

That hurts!

I confess that it annoyed A little was when I hit the edge of a hill forcing my feet on the ground, and squeezing the energy with his hands, when the Orc gave a synic smile, and a large explosion is seen ravaging the whole hill and the surrounding area.

There’s Havana.

- Looks like that human turned into dust, idiot got caught by the explosion at close range.

- And now be quiet Elf a i'm going to taste you to the bone.

That girl was pretty scared and yet for some reason she didn't leave the scene.

- Damn Orc, why are you on these lands? This place doesn't belong to you!

The Orc begins the gall mocking the Elf, while wondering what a wonderful taste she must have.

- Well, the reason is simple.

- Just to feed and taste your fear and regret.

Damn it!

The creature was opening its mouth like a fighter.

Time to feed.

When he had prepared the bite, he is surprised by a thin burst of light in his left eye, which the Elf had used.

Damn it!

- How you dree to pierce my eye!

Now die!

She had already accepted his death because she knew she couldn't do anything else.

- What a short life, I've only lived 120 years.

That's when I showed up holding the handle of that damn Orc.

How do you do that?

How did you survive that?!

- That scared me and now you're going to pay for it!

I had squeezed his fist so tightly that it turned to ground flesh, the cries of pain of Orc were deafening.

- This boy who saved me, he survived all that arcane magic.

- A level 100 human would have died.

What level will he be? Only his shirt is destroyed!

She had her eyes glazed over me And I suspect what weird thoughts she was having about me.

- Beautiful body, Strong and Beautiful.

- I knew you were a depraved elf!

- Let that Spouse not speak so of his wife!

When I heard that I was like, "what?"

What you said...



It had bugged my life in a strange way.

- You two stop ignoring me!

That Orc was already me off, sitering him from his blow by kicking him in the face throwing him away.

- Girl I don't even know you and you already say we're married!

That's right, husband.

She gave a beautiful smile, looking good was a very beautiful girl, her beautiful black hair as the night matched perfectly with her blue eyes.

A normal guy said "it’s okay I'm going out on profit"

But I was on my back on this.

- But I didn't ask you for anything girl.

I don't even know your name?

- All I know is you're a depraved, crazy elf!

- Oh, don't say that husband, you saved me and so you automatically became my husband, that's the law of elves.

I confess that that was pose, but deep down any man would be happy with news like that, but a slight guy would be with one foot behind.

- On second thought, that's why she was acting weird.

Hey girl what's your name?

- My name is Phinara Kearel, And your darling?

- Damn that weird because more and more she gets more intimate?

I was wondering whether or not to speak my name that was granted in this world, it was still strange to know that I was no longer Lui Neo but Adan Dracae.

I confess I've just confessed.

That's when several wooden logs were coming at high speed towards me.

Something I didn't expect happened.

Phinara had come right in front of me.

You idiot!

That's when you take it by the lap while swerve from several different trunks.

- Well, now's not the time for stalling.

Hey Phinara.

Yes, husband!

Stop calling me that!

- Husband you didn't tell me your name, don't make unnecessary demands.

My argument had been totally broken it made sense to hell even though this world was totally different from my old world.

It makes sense.

- My name is Adan Dracae...

Quickly I had diverted from a larger trunk was when I looked better it kind of looked like it was energized as if it had an aura around it.

- What is this Phinara?

- Don't you know what arcane husband magic is?

- I have no idea what magic is.

- I told you to call me a husband!

- Wow what right!



Hey, what's going on?

- Let's simplify Phinara we don’t have time!

- Oh, sorry that's new to me, Adan.

The situation was complicated by the fact that Orc won't stop flying trees.

- That human seems to know how to use magic, but his physical strength is very high, that kick threw me a mile away and I lost half my face.

- Practically that unforgivable!

- How do I have a level 150 Elite Orc being cornered by a human?!


The Orc had stopped attacking when he suddenly gave a scream and a black aura appears around his body, a great amount of wind pressure was coming out of there reaching us.

- Adan I’m feeling a great pressure from Ki coming from the direction of the Orc be careful!

What Ki?

But you said magic!

And what about Adan?

Leave it alone.

Sometimes I forgot I was in another world and everything was new and possible.

Now you're going to die!

- Bloody Human and Elf!

That was different from the blow of before, was when the Orc had raised his arm up and a large sphere of fire had been created by him.

It embeds a lot of heat the birds that were flying around had been charred and turned to dust, my intuition was saying that this time i wouldn't give to divert or defend because of the blast radius.

- It will be our end he is using elemental magic of fire!

- Elemental fire magic? It seems that this is even more dangerous, although I'm confused about magic and ki.

I held Phinara even stronger by her lap in case she was going to die.

HAHAHA! It's ready with full force!

Now die!

Super new!

Making a forward move with her hand that big sphere of fire was coming towards us, while Phinara was screaming like crazy, I remembered one thing that would decide that battle.

I remembered the yellow aura that had appeared when I had recharged my memories.

That's when I closed my eyes and imagined it again, several sparkles began to emerge from my body, that's when that yellow aura appeared again, but there was something different this time was more intense and was also covering Phinara.

- Adan what a powerful ki!

- how do you have all this ki?

- I don't know how, I just know that...

Bless it.

The sphere of fire was already upon me and Phinara, that’s when a kind of invisible field that only I could see covered the place in 360 degrees was at the instant that I had analyzed and learned all about that technique and other things around.

I kick the ball to the side; it was destroying everything i went through to hit a mountain causing a big explosion causing the mountain to disappear.

- Damn that could destroy a city!

- ANDs Sa’s aura is impressive he diverted that powerful magic easily.

- Damn how he swerved my super nova!

- Even I couldn't do that!

- This time I'm not going wrong!

That idiot was creating another sphere but he was terrified and that was a fatal mistake.

- Damn Adan he's making another one!

- Don't worry Phinara this time I don't swerve.

I place her gently on the floor, looking into her eyes with a gentle smile.

- This time it will be your human end!

- What's that slap? You can't understand anything.

- Well, there was that discussion that only in fiction that the characters hear what the other is saying even though he is far away.

Orc's idiot throws that magic again, but now it was different it was bigger and denser, that's when I open my hand and create a small sphere of fire the size of a computer mouse.

What's that? Sounds like the magic of that guy. But it's different.

That's when I realized that I already had all the information about that scam and how to make it evolve by creating something totally new and improved.

That's when I threw that little sphere of fire towards that gigantic sphere of fire.

- HAHAHA your plagiarism!

- Do you think copying my technique with this tiny little thing will surpass my super nova with full power!

That's when I smile.

- Convinced this guy in Phinara.

What are you talking about, Adan? Why this tranquility?

The techniques collide and that little sphere goes through and undoes the super new of the damn quele Orc that was surprised, it was going towards you and it was accurate.

But how!?

That's when he swerved through a bit of my blow that was passing near his stomach.

- Hahaha I’m the best!

Then I smile dined again and said.

- Idiot that technique I baptize her of.

- Maximized supernova fire.

When that bastard didn't wait for this, the little sphere had expanded in front of him causing a powerful explosion.

How is that...

The explosion was so strong that the clouds were being sucked into it, the body of quele Orc had turned to dust.

- I didn't expect it to have all this power, good that there's nothing there, or they'd be dead.

It's over.

- I'm starving.

I end up sitting on the floor while I'm thinking about how dangerous magic is if I don't know how to handle it properly.

- This time I was lucky not to hurt anyone if it was a fight in a city or village, which would have happened...

- I have to make it better...

I had so many deep thoughts, I forgot Phinara was there.

Hey, Adan?


That's when she hit my staff on my head.

- Damn your location that hurts!

- I was calling you like a crazy woman and you wouldn't answer me, so I had to take drastic action.

- ha-ha like a crazy? But you're already crazy.

- No more stalling and talking soon.

She was making a weird move with her fingers kind of hitting each other, and again that blushing face.

- What are you going to do about it?

- You have to take responsibility for that.

- Phinara as I was going to know this, I just wanted to save you, and I get taken by surprise.

- It makes sense, Adan, so I don't have a choice.

That's when she pulls a knife out of her purse and attacks aiming at her heart, I quickly hold the knife from her hand.

- You're crazy Phinara why did you do it?!

Out of nowhere she started crying.


That's when I got on my shoulder and started shaking.

- Speak right swallows the crying I'm not understanding what you're saying.

She was still crying and I was already getting worried about it.

Phinara explain to me why this tradition and why you tried to kill yourself?

- If an Elf is saved from the heart by another person without unclean thoughts, that person must marry the Elf and live to the end of her life.

- Phinara, why don't you just get married and move on with your life?

- I can't Adan.

She then gets restless for a few seconds.

- This is not a common tradition but a magic seal that every Elf has.

- If my partner doesn't accept, I have to kill myself.

- Or all my relatives died and so are you, and finally so do I.

- Magic pact stamps cannot be changed or corrupted.

Those words had made me angry; I didn't understand why it had to be like this. You could tell she was a good girl, young and beautiful starting her life.

- Phinara, but it doesn't have to be like that you're so young yet.

- Strange if it was another guy would be so happy to have an Elf very healthy for him.

In fact, she was so healthy it was so great that she couldn't not look.

- Yes, I thought so too Phinara, but I'm different do not know explains it ...

That situation was so delicate that the end result was frustrating.

- Phinara, I do not know you, but I saw that you are a good person, protecting your family and even I am stranger.

- Adan, I say the same you were saved me even if you didn't know me, if it was someone else would pretend you didn't see anything or even worse.

- This world doesn't seem to forgive people.

That's when I looked up and had two little birds together on a branch, they were happy that's when I thought this is a new life, because I'm thinking about Julia if she's gone with that event, and this girl feels a great kindness coming from her.

There was no way I had no choice but to think of it.

- Phinara due to the circumcised ones I then accept to be your husband and marry you.

Are you serious?

Yes, I’m sorry.

- Even though I'm a total stranger and an Elf?

I said yes! You idiot!

I was taken by surprise she had jumped on me giving me a very strong hug, those big were choking me.

- Ah Adan I'm so happy!

- Thank you for accepting so the safety of my family is guaranteed.

I couldn't speak because I was being suffocated.

- Oh, I'm sorry I got carried away.

- AHH... oh....

- I thought I was going to die smothered damn Phinara.

- I'm sorry, our kids are going to be so beautiful and powerful.

When she said that, I turned pale.

If i didn't even have any idea what that was and why I died a virgin.

Imagine now that I just remembered.

What do you mean Phinara?!

- One day we're going to have adan kids, but not now you're still too young.

- And you too, you idiot must be 13 years old like me!

- Oh, in human pattern this snare you're almost grown up right.

When I heard that I was wondering if at 13 is almost adult that equals a 19-year-old in my old world.

- Hey Phinara How old do you become an adult in human standard?

- At 15 years from now, you can have kids with me, Adan.

Oh, wasn't that possible I was in a lot of luck or was I fucking lucky?

I was conflicted about it I bet many wanted is in my place, just by the fact that this event is strictly difficult to happen even seem silly, I had nowhere to run.

- It's the way there's no way...

- And you Phinara how old are you?

She was all confident with a glow in her eye I was already worried about the answer that was coming.

- I'm120years old.

Do you want him?

- Adan I just got out of adolescence to adulthood.

I wondered how many years a human lived in this world?

My belly had begun to snore that until I asked for that subject.

- I see you're hungry don't worry.

The way she handled the food looked like a first-rate master chef. She had created flames in her hand to light a fire.

- It seems that to manipulate the elements I'm curious about.

Where did you get that meat?

- Oh, I used an arcane space.


- A i'm sorry Adan I forgot that you do not know anything about magic, do not worry after eating we can walk to my village.

I want to teach you that somewhere else.

I was very curious how this worked was something very new to me.

- You're ready to eat at ease.

The smell and appearance were great you could feel the taste of the meat with highly well-prepared soup, that's when I saw that it only had a lot.

Hey Phinara where’s yours?

- All right you can eat I'm not hungry.

What a kindness she conveyed, it's been a long time since I've seen anyone like that, so I take the spoon and take a good piece of meat and give it to her in her mouth.

Don't say that, Phinara.

- My late mother always taught me how to share even though I was little.

- Now eat enough for both of us.

How lucky I am.

- What did you say Phinara?

It's no big deal.

That's when she took it and my hands.

- Adan, why didn't you tell me you were hurt?

- You don't care about that, it's much better now.

- No excuses, Adan, let me see.

- All right then look at it and stop squeaky.

That's when she looked more carefully and realized That I was healing myself.

- Awesome even though he being human his healing factor is too high will it be because of his large amount of ki?

- You can let Adan take care of this.

The feeling was comforting from his hands a green light was coming out, causing my wounds to heal quickly.

- Wow, this healing magic is really good, how did you do that?

- I used arcane magic, but your wound was healed quickly because you have a much better healing factor than a human, this healing magic I used is level 1 it doesn't cure much or fatal injuries.

It seems that in this world had system established soon I would know how they work to improve my skills and so protect, why stopping to thinks she is my first family in that world.

When we finished the meal, we went to sleep already at night and it would not be a good walk in the forest.

When I woke her up, she was all over me relax, it was so intense that I got up muffled quickly, making her wake up.

Good morning, Adan.

Um? Because you're panting.

- It's nothing Phinara!

You don't have to scream.

- I slept so well, it didn't even look like I was on the floor.

- But of course, you idiot you were all over me!

Arranging everything we followed the next course, on the way Phinara was explaining to me how this world worked, about the 6 races that live on this planet and etc.

- Adan for what you told me you don't know anything about this world, did you happen to hit your head?

- It's like that Phinara.

I get it.

- Let's go this way it's time for your first class to pay close attention.

I was eager to learn to use magic the right way my eyes shone with anxiety and a know-how.

- Send for Phinara.

- Listen Adan, that Orc you defeated was high level, I think your level was over 120.

What would be the level?

- The level is the calculation of the strength of each being or object, with this to determine how much power has, when we arrive in my village, we will measure your level with a measuring stone.

It was like it was game level I was already getting it how it worked.

- I bet your main doubt is about the difference of ki and magic right Adan?

- That's right Phinara.

- It was as I thought, pay close attention Adan this is what will set your control of ki.

- Ki is the spiritual energy that is present in everything, pincipallyin living beings, every living being has a spiritual tree within his body, thus making the ki manifest in every part of the body.

- So that's what I felt when I made that yellow aura pop son in me.

- The ki was the total manifestation of ki creating an aura in you and increasing your status, but be aware that active it will consume your stamina.

- Having a good control of ki you can do several things not only to increase your status with the aura, but rather we arrived at the second topic which is magic and the two types we can use them.

- I can imagine that by controlling ki you can do a lot of things.

- That's right, Adan, there are two kinds of magic.

- Arcane and elemental magic.

That was the part that, but bothered me the difference from arcane to elementary, it was not something like those of RPG games.

- Arcane magic has no element is simply pure ki manifesting itself by being molded to something, but specified as support, attack and defense.

- like the cure you used, and the bursts of Orc.

- Yes, that's right Adan, and don't forget the reinforcement he made on the trunks, many use it on sword, shield and so on. To improve attack or defense, remember that arcane magic attacks will never be stronger than elemental magic.

- I understand Phinara, in case the user was with the very different level of his enemy, type he is level 100 and the enemy level 10.

- That's right, Adan realized you're well-watched.

- When concentrating the amount of ki you can control the size and etc. of a magic technique, it was as you didwith that super new tiny but still is not what I want to say.

- Are you wanting said ki manipulation will define the How much ki will cause the destruction of the area of effect?

- That's right Adan, if you have control of ki you can do any technique with power to destroy a mountain only causes an explosion the size of your hand for example.

- That's what happened to that new technique of mine that I don't even know how I did it.

I was thoughtful but that was the path I was looking for.

- Do you understand about arcane magic?

- Yes, I understood Phinara.

- Great now I'm going to explain about elementary magic.

- Elemental magic is the manifestation of ki shaped by the four elements.

- Being them fire, wind, lightning and water, following this sequence you already know which element is stronger than against the other, but of course the magic power also counts in this clash.

That was so cool, I was so excited.

- Elemental magic cannot be shaped to simple blow like the arcane, so be aware that elemental magic is usually used for attack and defense. Her purpose is for this, in addition to consuming more ki and being more destructive than the arcane.

- Remembering that everyone can use the 4 elements but each being has greater affinity with 1 and less with another so be aware of this or your ki will get consumed much faster with an element that you have less affinity, besides not using more powerful techniques.

- Damn Phinara, that’s all the information.

- There is, that’s just the little, but now let's go to the practical right?

I've been waiting for this.

- Aim at the mountain quela do not imagine the element but the pure ki to use arcane magic, concentrate your ki in the palm of your hand and hit that tree without knocking it down.

- With this you will train to manipulate your ki the right way, destroying as little as possible.

I was looking at the palm of my hand and was thoughtful about it.

- I have to master it or it will get complicated for me in small places and etc.

Slowly I raised my hand toward that tree that was on top of the mountain, so I imagined as little ki as possible in the palm of my hand when a dense yellow sphere appeared.

- Wait Adana is not that!

That's when I fired thinking that something small weak was going to come out, I just wanted to hit the tree without knocking it down, that's when a big burst of ki came out with everything causing a lot of pressure.

Hitting the mountain in full destroying it completely.

Damn it.

When I looked at the side Phinara had a scary face.

That's when she threw a burst of ki at me but it hadn't even felt any effect.

- Adan you idiot that was a lot stronger than that super new one!

- How much ki do you have? And what level are you on? Destroying a mountain with arcane magic is not for anyone!

- If it was in a village, you would have killed everyone by accident.

- I know this Phinara so I’m trying to understand how to manipulate my ki.

- Looking now it is not to blame for having so much power, this hinders your handling of ki even more being so young.

I was so sad to think that one day I could kill innocent by not knowing how to manipulate my ki, lacked something for me to have the slightest control, would it be either because of my age?

That's when Phinara hugged me charitable and told me.

- I understand you Adan don't be afraid. 

James Kamiouji