Chapter 0:

Prologue: Some Girls You Meet are So Special They Don't Even Seem Human!

Love Bites

For some people, the term “human” is simply the wrong word to describe them. It was a rarity to come across any such person, especially somewhere as ordinary as a high school. But even among high schoolers there exist some flowers that bloom so brightly none can look upon them without bowing their heads in reverence.

Yes, some girls have indeed transcended the bounds of humanity to become angels, that was the thought that flashed through Daisuke Oishi’s mind when he laid eyes upon the most lovely sight to ever grace his meager existence on such a pedestrian world. To think he could see such a testament to perfection on only his first day of school! Could anyone claim to be more blessed than those who shared in this vision of loveliness?

He only saw her from a distance, but it was clear she was a beauty like no other. Warm eyes of the deepest chocolate brown, sparkling with laughter as she talked with her friends, and curly hair the color of chestnuts that danced around her neck like grass blowing in the breeze, one would not be forgiven for assuming she was anything less than a goddess. Her skin, flawless and bright like a peach, was just begging to be touched and caressed, should one find it within themselves to deface such an image of perfection. Her body, curved in all the right places, what he wouldn’t give to hold it tightly against him! But most alluring of all were those curled lips, plump and soft and kissable, begging for someone to take that forbidden step with every word that passed them. The more he looked at her from across the hall, the more he found his heart warring between a desire to sweep her up in his arms and take her passionately in his embrace, or to kneel before her in supplication and kiss the ground she walked upon.

How could she be anything but deserving, being the goddess that she-

Oh, right. Daisuke had been walking down the stairs.

The world spun around him as he tumbled through the air, and it only stopped when the floor came up to greet him, his dream of kissing the angel replaced by the kiss of agonizing pain.

Woozy, the first thing Daisuke saw when he regained his senses was doused in red. His heart was still racing from the sight of his angel, and with each beat he felt a throbbing pain shoot through his skull. Why did he hurt so? Surely, this must have been divine punishment for daring to lust after such divinity.

“Are you okay?!”

What… what was that? That voice… like the chorus of the heavens, beckoning him forward, the chime of a bell caressed his ears, and he realized that, in truth, the most wonderful sights were indeed those that could be found on earth.

His gorgeous angel stood over him, looking down with such kind eyes, far prettier than any that should be aimed in his direction. He felt like he was dirtying those eyes just by being in their sight!

Ah… if this is a dream, then I hope I do not wake up… no, perhaps she truly is an angel, come to guide me to paradise… a shinigami could not be so lovely… Although I still haven’t been with a woman, if she’s the one to lead me, then I would swim the River Styx…

The redness began to clear from Daisuke’s eyes, much to his surprise. He squinted, and saw… she was wiping the blood from his face? How could this be?

“Oh, thank god, you’re still breathing,” the gorgeous girl sighed with relief. “I was so scared! You had quite a fall!”

“You… I’m… what?” Daisuke blinked, realizing that she was actually talking to him. He wasn’t worthy to hear her voice in his ears!

“I’m glad you’re okay,” she said. The closer she leaned towards him, the more the pain in his head was forgotten.

Wait… why were her lips coming closer? It… it couldn’t be…

Is this one of those “fateful encounters”? Daisuke wondered, stunned by the forwardness of this girl. How many manga had he read where an ordinary guy like him met a beautiful girl under unbelievable circumstances, paving the way for a wonderful romance? Yes… my springtime has finally begun! Come embrace me, my angel! I’m ready for you!

He puckered his lips, awaiting the inevitable kiss.

But it never came. Instead, he felt something warm and wet press itself against his forehead. His eyes shot open with surprise, and he found himself staring at the flawless porcelain features of the girl’s lovely neck, bared so deliciously above the collar of her sailor suit. And her lips were…

He felt a sucking pressure on the painful wound on his skull. She was… what? What was this sensation? Whatever it was, it felt pleasant.

Oh, she’s just kissing my wound, like my mom did when I skinned my knee, Daisuke remembered. Of course, an ordinary student might be disappointed. But for a virgin like Daisuke, a beautiful girl kissing his wound better was more than enough. He surrendered himself to the sweetness of those lips…

It was over all too soon.

“There! Pain, pain, go away!” She chirped, pulling away and giving him a smile that made him feel like he was bathing in sunlight, worshipping at the altar of her divine radiance. How could a girl be so perfect. “Here, take this! It will help stop the bleeding!”

She handed him a handkerchief and gave him another gorgeous smile, rising to her feet and helping him up. There were people staring at the two of them, but Daisuke paid them no mind. He was too enamored with the vision of loveliness before him to care about anything else. He felt the warmth of her handkerchief burning in his hand, and resisted the urge to sniff it. He caught sight of the stitching on the end, distracting him from his savior only briefly.

…Ueda? (飢えだ) Ueda–san? What an odd spelling… He thought, only realizing at that moment that the sight of his beautiful angel had left his eyes. He shot his head up and scanned the halls frantically, before catching her lovely backside as she departed.

“You can keep that!” Ueda-san’s voice rang in his ears like the sound of a temple bell ringing in the New Year, and Daisuke felt himself reborn just hearing her. Like every word she spoke was for him and him alone, a secret shared between a deity and her most loyal of worshippers.

Indeed, for one such as Ueda-san, the term “human” could never be applied. Of this, more than anything else, Daisuke was certain.