Love Bites

Daisuke Oishi was just an ordinary kid, nothing special about him at all.

But then, on his first day of high school, he had a fateful encounter with the lovely Kuua Ueda-san, and found himself head over heels in love at first sight. Since that day, he's loved Ueda-san in secret, knowing that she was far too perfect to ever go out with someone like him. After all, what's so special about him? He's just some kid who reads manga, plays games, and helps out in his family restaurant. Why would someone as beautiful as Ueda-san ever look at someone like him?

He had resolve to admire her from afar, but everything changed one night while he was taking out the trash, and saw a group of delinquents leading Ueda-san into a seedy hangout for a local gang. Daisuke had never been brave before. But to protect the girl he loves, he would do anything! Armed only with a pipe, Daisuke charges headfirst into danger to save his love, and his life is changed forever!

Prompt: Impossible Romance
Theme(s): #Comedy #Drama
My themes: #Monster #Food #Philosophy

Prompt: Impossible Romance
Theme(s): #Comedy #Drama
My themes: #Monster #Food #Philosophy

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Chapter 0: Prologue: Some Girls You Meet are So Special They Don't Even Seem Human!
Jul 29, 2021icon-views 1 Kicon-reaction-114
Chapter 1: Chapter 1: In Private, Your Classmates Often Act Very Differently Than How They Act at School!
Aug 15, 2021icon-views 1.1 Kicon-reaction-112
Chapter 2: Chapter 2: The First Time You Bring a Girl Into Your Room is Definitely a Stressful Experience!
Aug 15, 2021icon-views 485icon-reaction-110
Chapter 3: Chapter 3: The Best Place at School to Have a Private Conversation is Always the Roof!
Aug 20, 2021icon-views 526icon-reaction-17
Chapter 4: Chapter 4: When Considering Potential Romantic Partners, Be Considerate of Childhood Friends!
Aug 21, 2021icon-views 358icon-reaction-17
Chapter 5: Chapter 5: When Buying Lunch at the Cafeteria, Don't Get the Yakisoba Bread, Get the Anpan!
Aug 22, 2021icon-views 595icon-reaction-18
Chapter 6: Chapter 6: Be Careful How You Treat Girls, Because it Affects How Other People Will See you!
Aug 23, 2021icon-views 404icon-reaction-16
Chapter 7: Chapter 7: Make Sure to be Attentive to a Girl's Needs, That's the Best Way to Get Her to Like You!
Aug 24, 2021icon-views 410icon-reaction-17
Chapter 8: Chapter 8: If You Want to Ask a Girl Out, the Only Thing You Need is the Proper Motivation!
Aug 25, 2021icon-views 334icon-reaction-16
Chapter 9: Chapter 9: When Given the Choice Between Hanging Out With a Guy or a Girl, Always Choose the Girl!
Aug 26, 2021icon-views 240icon-reaction-16
Chapter 10: Chapter 10: When It Comes to First Dates, Try to Choose Something Your Partner Will Enjoy!
Aug 27, 2021icon-views 356icon-reaction-16
Chapter 11: Chapter 11: What Happens On a Date May Surprise You, So Try to Be Prepared for Anything!
Aug 29, 2021icon-views 422icon-reaction-17
Chapter 12: Chapter 12: There Is Nothing More Stressful Than Being Invited to a Girl's House to Meet Her Parents!
Aug 30, 2021icon-views 282icon-reaction-17
Chapter 13: Epilogue: Make Sure to Have Proper Conversations With People, Even if They're Painful!
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