Chapter 1:

New Day, New Pain

Locked Away

The window creaked as a cool gust of wind blew the curtains, The smell of lavender filled the room. That was probably the air freshener.

Hans opened his eyes to the sound of arguing, albeit muffled for he was in his own room.

They're at it like usual. He thought

Hans headed down to the living room to eat some breakfast before leaving for school. As he walked down the stairs and into the living room the first thing he heard was a barrage of insults being hurled towards him.

"Hans you've been sleeping too much lately, you don't study or do any chores around the house and yet you're the one who sleeps the most, How long will I do all the work around here? When will you learn to take responsibility?" Spoke Hans' Father. 

Hans knew not to respond and have the same sorry look on his face to fool his parents, He headed on over to the table and sat down and began eating. 

He usually tried to avoid his parents as much as possible but this confrontation of the day was generally unavoidable. For if he missed breakfast with his parents then he wouldn't hear the end of it.

Surviving the morning, he got ready and headed on to school where he had hoped to find some solace. His morning walk was very pleasurable to him as he could be alone with himself for these few minutes. 

Hans' school was close by and he didn't have to walk particularly far to get there. 

He expected school to be uneventful as usual, study, eat with friends, study some more and then go home to the same wicked life.

But this morning was different than usual.

Joe Gold
Syed Al Wasee

Locked Away