Chapter 2:

The Alpha

The God Eater

The scent of blood was the first thing I remembered when I awoke. This time it was fresh though. Not a stale death smell, it was a putrid vibrant smell. Muffled screaming of both ecstasy and terror could be heard. I tried to look around for the noise but it was pitch black and the only thing I could see was my arms. They were both tied to a wall on either side of me. Not stretching me out, just making it so I couldn’t reach anything or break free of them. I was sitting on a stool with my legs tied tightly to it. I couldn’t move. The stench of blood was strong in here and I wanted to vomit, my stomach flipping over and causing my head to spin. The bile that rose in my throat quickly escaped and ran down my front. It was hot and nasty feeling. How long had I been in here? Where was I? What was happening to cause such screaming? Obviously those men were enjoying themselves. But the women’s screams were getting more and more frantic. A flash of bright light, and eyes looked in. Bookmark here

“She’s awake,” the voice said calmly, “get J.”Bookmark here

J? Who was J? What was going on. Bookmark here

“Who are you?” I yelled out hoarsely. No response. The eyes disappeared and the slide in the door was closed. Darkness resumed. I had seen the outline of the door. There was no handle on this side. I must be in some sort of prison cell. Tied and locked away, waiting for this, J person. I pulled a little at my bonds, the arm restraints giving just slightly. Not enough to even get my hand to wipe away the vomit from my face. I pulled a little harder, the rope pulled taught, and it bit into my skin. I relaxed. I couldn’t even wiggle my legs and my feet were numb. The door opened, and a huge brute of a man stood there in front of me. I could see blood running from his mouth. It coated his chin and neck, the hair on his chest glistened with its wetness. I flinched away slightly as he neared. Bookmark here

“So this is the little morsel huh?” His voice was deep and rattled my bones with its loudness. My ears flattened at what he called me. I couldn’t look him in the eyes and just stared down at my lap. His fist connected with my stomach so hard that more bile rose in me. I let it out in a spray over his arm. I was coughing, trying to catch my breath. He put his hand under my chin and forced me to look up at him. Bookmark here

“Your father is of great importance to me. But you seem to have no knowledge of him. I’ll give you one opportunity to be useful to me. And if you can’t do that, then you will die.” His tone told me that I needed to take his threat seriously. I didn’t want to die, but I didn’t want to give in to demands so easily. Bookmark here

“Girl, understand that you will be nothing more than a puppet. A tool. A means to an end. And if you were to ever go against my will, I will kill you without hesitation. Just because your blood is special, that doesn’t mean your the only one.” Bookmark here

What? I couldn’t believe what I was hearing. Give into his will. How could I? But, how could I say no to anything he demanded of me now? He had made it clear that I was special, but that he had no issue killing me. Bookmark here

“Why?” I muttered weakly. “Why do you want me?”Bookmark here

He smacked the back of his other hand across my face. The force caused me to have black spots in my vision for a second. Bookmark here

“You don’t need to know why. You just need to say yes master J.” He growled at me. Tears were running down my face. I could already tell this was going to be a living hell. Maybe I should just give up. Let him kill me. What did I have to live for anymore anyway? Bookmark here

“Your fathers blood must not run too deep in you. Must be that filthy mortal mother of yours. A cowards blood. Answer me, now!” His condescension meant to belittle me. But something in his words had sparked a fire. And the seeds of a plan began to form. I may not have anything to live for, but I didn’t want to die for nothing either. What if I agreed, only to find an opportunity to kill him instead? Could I do it?Bookmark here

“Yes,” the word came out slow and quiet from me, “master J.”Bookmark here

 The yes was more of an answer to myself then to him. I would find a way to break free. Either to escape, or kill him.Bookmark here

His smile was not a pretty one. It spoke of many evil and dark things. The blood drying on his lips made him seem even more like a monster. Then, he hit me again so hard that I fell backwards. The stool toppling and still tied to my legs made the fall awkward. My arms were now being stretched by their bonds. I yelled out in pain. And he reached down and tore away my shirt. My chest bare for him, the nails he had used to cut the fabric had also left shallow scratches in my skin. I yelled more. I screamed for him to stop. He didn’t. He used one sharp claw to cut away the ropes holding my legs to the stool. As they came free I began to kick out at him, the stool went flying away and I fell even more. The strain in my arms turning painful. The rope cutting into my forearms. I could smell the blood running, I could sense his exhilaration at this. He leaned down and licked up some blood that had begun to trickle down my arm. I shivered and tried to pull away. It was no use. My legs were still numb and I couldn’t move them properly. My arms caught in the bindings, they get like they would be pulled from my shoulder sockets if they pulled anymore. Bookmark here

“I think you’ll be fine here for a little while longer Fenrir. I’m going to go get your welcome party ready. Do try not to bleed out on me in the meantime.” His voice was back to the booming loudness. The door to my cell opened again. He walked out, not once looking back at me. He knew he had me in his control now. And what could I do. As I struggled to stand, I finally was able to take some pressure off the ropes cutting into my arms. My feet still numb and sore, but finally stable enough to let me stand. I was gasping for air, the dank wetness down here wasn’t very oxygen rich. The pain was radiating through my whole body. All I knew is that I wouldn’t make it long under J’s influence. I began to think about how I would take him down. Even if it killed me I would try. I wanted to make him pay for kidnapping and torturing me. If I could do it before the rape, then all the better. Now that he was gone I was beginning to think more clearly again. The creep had licked blood from my arm, I looked up at the spot he had tasted. Other than a small smear, the blood was gone. I tugged at the rope on this arm, it didn’t cut nearly as bad now that I was standing. I could almost reach all the way to my face now. I looked down at the tattered remains of my shirt. The rip down the front had left three shallow cuts in my skin, but no blood had welled up. Thank gods, he probably would’ve licked that area too if it had. The longer I was standing, the more my legs began to strengthen again. They weren’t numb anymore and I was starting to feel my feet again. The cold rock under me was smooth and slick with dampness. Out of curiosity, I reached one foot up until it came in contact with my chest. I sniffed at it, and winced. I must have soiled my self at least once. Great, but I couldn’t worry about that now. A flash of inspiration crossed my mind. If I could reach my foot up to my chest, maybe I could swing both legs up and reach one of my arms. It would strain them a lot. And it might cut into my skin again, but if I could get them free, maybe I could do something about being locked up in here. As I started to swing my legs up, using my arm muscles to pull up at the same time, I could feel the ropes cutting in. I gritted my teeth against the pain. I kept swinging back and forth trying to get my feet up. The ropes had started to fray by my wrists. I pulled harder, and just as my momentum let my right foot catch hold of the rope around my left arm, it snapped. I fell with a short cry of surprise. Landing hard on the stone floor, my right arm still up in the air. The rope had broke in two, only a short amount still hung past my left wrist. I reached over to my right arm and quickly undid the knot. Then I rubbed the soreness from my arms. A little blood smeared around them. I padded softly up to where the door was, pressing my ear against it. I couldn’t hear anything. I felt around for any way to get the door open. Then I remembered, no inside handle. I moved my hands around the door at eye level until, a small sliding door moved. I only let it move just enough to let light in. I tried to see what was outside the door. I saw nothing but bright light and an empty wall across from me. My adrenaline was pumping fast. My ears were sensitive and could hear a soft padded footstep. I closed my eyes and focused on the sound, it sounded like someone was slowly pacing back and forth. A shadow passed along the wall. Low, but very large. Walking on all fours with long pointed ears sticking up above it’s head. I ducked back away from the door. The slide in the door remained open, the light coming in let me see a little bit around the room. Small and circular. The ropes I broke out of were dangling from hooks in the wall high above me. I couldn’t see anything that might help me escape. No way to climb to the top of the cage, and with no light coming in I assumed it was sealed off anyway. The floor was solid rock. Bookmark here

“Hey, you left your peephole open!” Someone shouted in a gruff berating voice. Bookmark here

“I never touched it. Don’t try to blame your perversions on me. If anyone’s gonna get strung up by Alpha J it’s you.” A snarling match ensued. I could hear two distinct pitches. Then a loud thud against the door and a soft whine. A second louder metallic thud rang out. The whining grew in intensity. Bookmark here

“You two!” It was J’s angry snarl this time. “Back away from my pets door!” Now there where two whining pups. I heard one grunt and fall to the ground. “Never let me catch you doing anything besides your duty again.” He spoke low and it commanded absolute authority. Bookmark here

Shit! I thought. He was back and now I’d be caught having broken free of my bonds. What did I do now? I couldn’t very well tie myself back up. I couldn’t hid. And I couldn’t get out, or maybe. Would it be possible for me to wait by the door and as soon as it opened, run out as fast as I could? Blow past the alpha and the two or more guards that would be in the hall? What else could I do? Wait here and be beaten for trying to escape? That would likely happen either way. I took a tentative step towards the door. Trying to remain silent. Bookmark here

The door flew open, I was still about five feet from it when J’s imposing figure stepped in. Bookmark here

“Where are you!!!” He bellowed out. I could feel the words reverberating in my bones. My skin crawled and my hair stood on end. This was a feeling of pure panic. I stared ahead at him, frozen. This was my only chance and I couldn’t even move my eyes away from this imposing male in front of me. Bookmark here

“Hey girl! There you are.” He was looking right at me. Then he glanced up at the dangling ropes, “impressive,” he mumbled. I was starting to shake in the fear of what he would do to me. That was the last thing I expected him to say. All he did, was to snap his fingers behind him. A guard from the hall stepped into the doorway. Bookmark here

“Fetch irons.” He said coldly. Bookmark here

No! I thought. The ropes had been bad enough. Now iron chains? I suppose it was better than a beating. But I would never break free now. I had lost my only opportunity at freedom. J took a menacing step toward me. His muscles bulged in his arm, and just as I thought to duck out of the way. His fist connected with my head. Bookmark here

I awoke to a pounding headache. Like a sledge hammer being pounded against my brain. The whole front of my face felt like it was on fire. When I opened my eyes my vision was blurry, and I couldn’t focus. I tried to put my hands to my face, but, I was chained up again. This time, my arms were pulled back behind me. I could feel the metal biting into my wrists, the cold hardness caused me to panic. I tried to turn my head to look at my new bindings, but with my arms pulled straight back behind me I couldn’t turn far enough to see them. The pain in my head grew worse as I struggled to move. I closed my eyes and stopped struggling. I let my head hang down, my shoulders were numb. I must’ve been hanging here for hours already. I tried to move my legs next, but they were chained together. Iron chains wrapped around them from my thighs down to my ankles. Bookmark here

“Finally awake huh?” A rumbling voice said. I looked up. The slide in the door was open and bright yellow eyes were shining through it. It slammed shut, and the whole door opened. There he stood. J, he was menacing. I was shaking. This man was never going to let me out. He had ordered the complete annihilation of my town. His snarling was making my ears hurt, they laid flat trying to block out the sound. As I looked into his eyes, I could feel the dread growing in me. I started to squirm, the chains biting into my legs and wrists. Unable to stop myself, I whimpered. Making a pitiful little sound. And he smiled, a terrifying look of dominance. He knew he could scare me, he knew he had control over me. And he was satisfied with that knowledge. Bookmark here

“You know girl, I was impressed that you broke out the first time. But you would never get far. And you’ll never break those chains as you are now anyway. But I’m a patient man, sort of.” He chuckled. “Maybe if you’d show me some of your real strength you could break those bonds.” He just leaned against the door frame and crossed his arms. He stared at me. What was he talking about? I had no idea what strength he thought I had, it had taken everything out of me just to snap those ropes. And was he actually expecting me to try right in front of him? Bookmark here

“Come on girl, I don’t have all day to waste on you. Prove you are your fathers offspring. Prove that your worth making into my mate. I wouldn’t want to claim you, only to have weak sons born.” He was getting impatient. I was shaking so hard that the chains were rattling. My heart raced and I could smell the stench around me. The room I was in smelled like piss and blood. The alpha male before me smelled like blood, and a dominating scent I couldn’t quite figure out. My eyes had focused on the ground. The stone was smooth beneath me. I could feel the cold steel on my wrists, and I had no idea how he expected me to break free from it. J took a step towards me, and I flinched. I swayed a little, my arms getting stretched back and forth. I screamed out in pain, and then without hesitation, pulled as hard as I could forward. Still screaming, I pulled my arms forward and was startled by the sound of them clapping together in front of me. J stopped walking, and sneered at me. My eyes were wide, my mouth was hanging open. I panted a few breaths out, still not believing what had just happened. My heart was racing, I could feel the adrenaline pumping through me. I didn’t even feel the pain in my arms anymore. The shackles on my wrists had snapped off, not even leaving a mark. I held my hands in front of me, marveling at what I had just done. Before I could even think of what had caused such a surge in strength, J had come to stand directly in front of me. His massive body only inches from my own. As I looked up to his face, his hand came down and smacked me. My face burned with the force of it, and I stumbled to the side. I reflexively put a hand up in defense and dropped down to the ground. My surprise from earlier forgotten, my anger taking over. I started to growl, something I never usually did in front of others. The sound coming from deep within me. I wasn’t about to just let him smack me around like that. But with his muscular build, what did I think I could do about it? Even if I could snap some crappy iron chains. I didn’t expect to be able to make an impact on him. When he started walking towards me again, I let my instincts take over and damned the consequence. He would probably kill me anyway. Might as well take a stand. I leaped up, spinning around in the air. I aimed a kick for his face. He caught my leg with one giant hand, arresting my momentum. Being slightly above him, I curled in on myself and tried to send a punch straight for his face. Before I could even come close to making contact, he flung me away. My leg screamed out in pain as he bent it the wrong way, and my shoulder was the next thing to feel pain as I impacted the wall. I slide down it, landing in a heap on the floor. My blood was pumping so fast and I couldn’t see straight anymore. My body screamed with the pain of moving, but my mind told me if I stopped now I’d be locked up even tighter. I could feel the adrenaline pumping in me, and then, I felt a change occurring in my body. The last thing I remember seeing correctly was J’s face, he looked like he’d just won a billion dollar prize. Bookmark here

Suddenly I could hear better, my vision cleared, and I could feel the ground beneath me like I had been raised on it. My feet could feel the slight imperfections in what I had thought was perfectly smooth stone before. And, I screamed out in pain, the noise coming out as a loud howl. Each toe and finger on my body had just released two inch long, razor sharp claws. I flung myself at him with no warning, raking claws across his torso. Before he could throw his arms up to block I had left three long marks across his skin. I used my momentum to move around behind him and lunged again. I aimed for his neck, hoping to bury my claws and fangs in is flesh. Just as I was about to land my attack on him, he turned, his forearm crashing into me. I latched onto it without thinking, burying my claws deep. I snapped my fangs towards his face as we spun. Before I could bite his face off, I felt the crushing force of him slamming me into the wall. I let go of his arm, and fell once again to the floor. I tried to stand again, but before I could find my balance, J had landed a kick to my side. The room spun. And I landed on my head about ten feet away. I was still conscious though. And the only thought I had was to fight, to stand back up and do anything I could. Bookmark here

“So your fighting spirit is strong.” J laughed as he spoke. “I knew you were his true offspring. I’ll make sure you and I are mated. Our children will dominate and destroy. They will feed on the mortals until they are strong enough to take on even the likes of your father.” Bookmark here

I wasn’t sure exactly what he was talking about, but there was no way I would suffer to bear his children. I would rather die before that happened. But it seemed J would never hit me hard enough to kill me. Just enough to keep me from attacking him. Or to knock me out. And his constant rambling about my father. I didn’t even know who the man was. Why was he so adamant about using me against the guy? J snapped his fingers, and through the door I’d completely forgotten about, came two other people. Their wolf like features were very prominent. I was completely taken off guard by their arrival. Not only because I had missed an opportunity to get through the open cell door. But also because I had been so focused on fighting J that I had missed the presence of two more enemies. Then I noticed what they carried between them. A shining blue metal chain. This had the scent of something far stronger than iron. I had never seen anything like it before. They seemed to be struggling to carry its weight even as strong as the both looked. When they dropped the chain at J’s feet, I could feel the small tremble in the ground. That was an absurdly heavy metal. J picked the whole thing up with one hand. Smiling at the weight as he hefted it up and down. Then he took one end of the chain in one hand, and let the other drop. Just before it hit the floor, he swung it outward. And before I could react, the chain hit me square in the chest. The impact knocked all the breath out of my lungs. Just before I blacked out, I saw J’s imposing figure standing over me. And felt as he wrapped the chain around my body from my neck to my toes. The metal wasn’t cold like the iron, where it touched my skin I could feel the warmth of it. Not enough to burn, but enough that it made me uncomfortable. I knew it wasn’t going to be broken by sheer strength. Not like the rope and iron. J used the chain I was wrapped in to lift me off the ground. He held me at his eye level, a true testament to his strength. Not only the heavy chain, but with me in them as well. With one hand he had me almost seven feet in the air and wasn’t even straining himself. I looked into his eyes, and the despair I felt grew. I was never going to be able to beat this man. He had me outclassed in every wayBookmark here

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