Chapter 3:

Chained and Drugged

The God Eater

“Just so you know little girl. This is adamantine that I bought from a traveling merchant. It cost me quite the fortune. But anything that’s good enough for a galactic sized empire, should be good enough to hold you. We’re gonna make a trip to the medical ward. Your gonna stay chained up like this while they take some blood, and run some tests on you.” What was I supposed to say to that. Not like I could say no and he’d let me go. I couldn’t even move to try and resist. Bookmark here

I spat in his face. The one thing I still could do in my position. J’s face went from satisfaction to annoyance. He growled at me, showing his sharp fangs. Then, he tossed me across the room. Being tied up in the heavy chains, I impacted the floor hard enough to break it. The once smooth stone in the spot I landed now was dented in. J stalked over to me. Without a word, he hoisted me up again using the chain. And carried me out of the open cell door. Bookmark here

He carried me like a briefcase down the narrow hall. We passed several locked cells like my own. I couldn’t tell if their was anyone inside them. When we turned to the left, a huge open room, empty other than a medical table in it. The white walls had blood splatter in places. The bright lights hanging from the ceiling forced me to squint against the overwhelming luminosity. J set me down on the table. Face down and bound so tight I couldn’t move. He ran his hand up my legs, slowly caressing my body. Then grabbed a huge leather strap from under the table. The belt was wrapped around my waist and pulled tight. I couldn’t even wiggle against it. Then he grabbed another, this one ran over the back of my neck. When he pulled it tight, my face was forced flat against the table. I could hardly breath anymore. The chains were digging into my skin from my shoulders down to my waist. Bookmark here

“J, is she ready for me?” An unknown voice asked. Bookmark here

“She is, doctor. Get the injection ready.” J replied. Bookmark here

Doctor? What sort of sick freak would that be? And what did they plan on injecting me with? I tried to wiggle out of the restraints. It was no use. I couldn’t move an inch, I could barely turn my head to the side where J and the doctor stood. I growled at them as they came closer. The doctor was a thin man who had a small patch of hair on his head. Thin wire rimmed glasses, and a long scar made his face look perpetually angry. He had a syringe in his left hand. J came up beside me and tore the back of my pants open roughly. I hissed and growled. Ready to fight back with what ever I could. My tail finally pulled free from the chains and lashed back and forth at him. Bookmark here

Chuckling, J said, “Calm down girl. Save your fighting spirit for after the injection. It should help you focus your rage.”Bookmark here

“I’m injecting her now, J.” The doctor said flatly. “You might want to make sure you’ve a good grip on her. The last one nearly ripped half my face off.”Bookmark here

“I’ve got a hold of her. Plus these chains are a bit stronger than anything else we’ve used before.” J retorted. “Just do it.”Bookmark here

“As you wish” the doctor replied. At the same moment, I felt a sting in my ass. I let out a yelp of pain. I tried to whip my tail at the doctor, trying anything to force him away. When he pushed the injection into me, I knew instantly. The fire that radiated from my back side up my spine was like laying down on an open fire. My eyes began to water, my mouth went numb and I could feel saliva running down my chin. My hands shifted, the blue fur exploding from my wrists. The razor sharp claws tearing out of the top of each finger. I squeezed my right hand around the chain that held my wrists. It snapped like a twig. I flicked my tail, the doctors face was just in reach. I felt the impact as the doctor was pushed away. Bookmark here

“Yes!” J cried out. “Unleash that power!”Bookmark here

I twisted, the chains already a bit looser after I had snapped one. As I fell to the side, the table twisted with me. The leather straps gave way, and I broke free of them. The table was sent spinning across the room. I struggled to stand, and just as I got my footing, J kicked me square in the stomach. I barely felt the impact. His eyes went wide with surprise. I flexed my upper body, the chains wrapped around me strained, and snapped. The heavy thud of them hitting the ground was perfectly timed with my lunge. J barely twisted himself out of my reach as I swiped claws at his face. Missing by inches, I landed behind him. I let out a menacing growl. My body was extremely sensitive now. My adrenaline was pumping faster than it had ever had before. I could smell the stale blood that still stained J’s chest fur. I could see the dark brown fur, actually had lines of black mixed in it. His face was a mixture of rage and elation. When his arm twitched, I sensed the coming attack. He lunged, throwing a punch straight for my face. I twisted my upper body just enough to dodge the blow. My left arm uppercutting and landing a solid blow on his chin. His head whipped upward. He grunted, then his elbow came down on my head. The force made me fall to one knee. His leg kicked out towards me, and I rolled away just before it collided with me. The force of his kick sent a shockwave of air out. The wall behind where I was crumbled sightly. Holy crap, the force of that kick could’ve crushed me if it had hit. How had he sent out that shockwave though? That couldn’t be normal. I know that he’s the leader of a werewolf pack. But the amount of strength required to compress and push air was ridiculously high. And then to have it crush part of a rock wall. I could not let him land any blows directly. If he hit me with that amount of force I would be lucky if it only crushed bones. It would likely kill me. I glanced across the room, the doctor had just stood back up. He was turning to go out of the door. My mind was racing, everything seemed to be going in slow motion. A plan started to form though. If I could get around J’s hulking form, and to the door as the doctor opened it. I could escape. My eyes snapped back to J, just as he lunged at me. His massive forearms outstretched. Sharp claws extended and aimed at my face and neck. Adrenaline pumping hard, my eyes focused in on his right side. I spun on my left foot away from his right hand as it passed me. Using his momentum, I grabbed his arm and flung him farther past me. Then I bolted for the door. The doctor had just opened it and was trying to close it before I reached him. I bowled into it, crashing us to the ground out in the hall. I heard a furious roar behind me. I wasn’t about to give J the chance to catch up to me now. I was on my feet and sprinted down the hall. The narrow corridor they had carried me down earlier was quiet. My footsteps the only sound. Until another echoing roar sounded. This one, long and piercing, seemed to rouse every soul in this place. Suddenly doors opened in front of me. Two on the left and one on the right. Several massive figures stepped out of them. A few in human form, a few more in their wolffish bodies. I only slowed for a heartbeat. This was my escape chance. I knew it wouldn’t be easy. I had to push pass them. I dropped onto all fours and pounded at the ground even harder. Blurring into a rage fueled battering ram. I barely saw the first two human looking guards as I leapt passed them. One of the wolf guards had stepped into the middle of the hall, and consequently, into my path. I head butted them and an “uff” of pain and a groan was all I heard. I bowled right through them and kept pounding away. I could hear shouts behind me. But they grew fainter as I out paced them all. My adrenaline was still pumping out of control. All of my senses were in overdrive. I could smell the blood, sweat, and other bodily fluids from this hall. The rough surface of stone made my hands and feet ache. And with my shirt torn open, I could feel how cold the air was on my bare chest. Bookmark here

The dim light ahead was dancing. It must have been candle light. What kind of people were these guys? Medical procedures that were beyond me. And yet medieval lighting? A shadow flitted in and out of the light ahead of me. I came to a stop. It was the end of the hall. To my left I could hear voices. Soft, not in a panic. It sounded like they were having a party of some sort. I could smell the food. To my right, it was dark. I could’ve sworn that light had been extending down both halls just a moment ago. I couldn’t even see the edges of the walls. This was a pitch black like I’d never seen before. I slowly started to back up towards the left hand passage. Warm, soft fur, brushed against the back of my neck. I whirled around. The hair on my neck and arms standing straight out. My tail lashing back and forth. I started a snarl, but there was no one there. My breath caught as I heard a footstep echo from the dark side of the hall. I spun around again. This time I lay as flat as I could without brushing my breasts against the cold floor. My tail was still lashing back and forth. My ears were flicking back and forth. I was both excited and frightened at the same time. The unknown has me worried. I still didn’t know where exactly I was. Or whom had taken me. I knew a few of their names. But not who they actually were as a people. With all the wolf hybrid people I’d seen so far it was safe to assume they were werewolves of some sort. So much for those being just a fantasy story. The excited part of me was biting at the fact that I was now living a fantasy story. Not the role I would’ve chosen for myself, but I guess not many get to choose what happens in life. They just have to accept what’s going on around them and adapt to new situations. Bookmark here

A soft thudding made my ears prick up. My adrenaline had finally slowed to a pace I could control. My breathing mellowed out. Bookmark here

Thump.....thump thump......Bookmark here

A heartbeat? I closed my eyes to focus. Bookmark here

Thump thump.........thump thump......Bookmark here

I put a hand up to my neck to check my pulse. Was it mine? It was so loud that I swear it was gonna burst. I could feel the blood flowing in my vein, and it was beating in time to what I could hear. I opened my eyes again, it was time for me to keep moving. Someone would catch up to me soon. The soft padding of feet was just starting to echo down the hall. And now that I had started to calm down a little bit. I stood up straight. I looked once more down the dark hallway, and then walked out towards the party I could still hear. I traded speed for silence. Carefully placing one foot in front of the other. Not brushing against the wall, but still staying as close to it as I could. The flickering light gave plenty of shadows to hide in. I could smell the musty odor of mildew. The smoke wafting down the hall from the candle wasn’t over powering anymore. The voices I could hear all sounded like they were having a grand time. Some were laughing, some talking incessantly about the delicacies. The hair on my arms raised. I knew that scent. Now that I was right outside the party room, and away from the candle smoke. I could smell, meat. Blood and that stench of death were mingled into the room as well. I carefully peaked my head around the open doorway. I had to put my hand to my mouth to keep from gagging. I pinched my nose shut to close out the atrocious smell. My eyes had gone wide at the sight of several humanoid wolf hybrids all gathered around several dead bodies. Blood covered all of them, and the floor. One had their wolf shaped head buried in the torso of what used to be a young man. The body still had its head, but the rib cage had been pulled apart and left sticking straight out from his body. His legs were mangled and had already been eaten down to the bone in most places. His crotch was just a pool of blood, intestines spilling out like spaghetti. Another wolf women had her clawed hand in the throat of a young female. The blood still flowing slowly out and down her wrist. The female wolf was lapping it up as it got to her elbow. She must’ve been strong to hold up dead weight above her head like that. Two of the other wolf men were crouched over another female body. The blood pooled around them was still growing and sloshing as they moved up and down on her. The more I watched, the more disgusted I became. Several corpses that had already been consumed and drained of blood were laying to the side of the room. The two wolf males that had been savaging the female corpse suddenly started growling at each other. One of them had ripped open the girls chest, splitting from her breasts down to her navel. Bookmark here

“I wasn’t finished yet!” The one at her head growled out. Bookmark here

“Then fetch another and go do your own work.” The other replied. He had obviously decided to move on with the meal at hand. The male that had been at the head stood slowly. Instead of walking away, he savagely lashed his foot out at the other male. The kick connected with the side of the second males shoulder. It sent him tumbling away from the body on the ground. Before the first male could even replant his foot, the second one, who had a bright white spot of fur on his forehead, sprung back at him. So fast, I barely saw him land the punch. The first male dropped to the ground. His jaw now crooked. Bookmark here

“I guess your meal time is over now anyway.” The white spotted male said calmly. And then returned to the female corpse. He kneeled down on the opposite side of her from the other male. So I saw perfectly when he reached a hand in, and with a slight squeeze and yank, pulled out her heart. Bookmark here

“This delicious mortals life is mine to consume.” He said lustily. That must be the delicacies I had heard them talking about.Bookmark here

“And where do you think your going?” A rough male voice rumbled from behind me. Arms wrapped around my chest. The fur on his arms warm against my skin. The stench of stale blood on his mouth. J had caught up to me. And now I was back in his mercy. Bookmark here

Taylor Victoria
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