Chapter 4:

The Beast

The God Eater

“Come little girl. Let me bring you back to your room.” He hoisted me up, my feet dangled off the ground. We walked passed the room I had been spying on. One female inside had looked up as J carried me past the doorway. She quickly looked back down and went back to devouring a young mans insides. J continued to march on. Hauling me down a hall that I hadn’t been through yet. I was still so stunned that he had caught me so unaware that I didn’t even protest. Normally I could hear or smell someone when they were around me. I had never had someone sneak up so close before that night I got abducted. I guess now I should just be glad I wasn’t being dragged, wrapped in chains again, back to a dungeon room.Bookmark here

Of course, he could be taking me somewhere worse. Bookmark here

We passed several rooms, most had open doorways. Every person that saw me being carried by J quickly turned away. I guess I wasn’t the only one he terrified. From what I had seen here, the strongest made the rules. And no one seemed able to go against them. The aggressive fighting over a corpse. The dark presence of the two who actually took me from my town. The fact that they murdered the entire town. And J’s immutable sense of domination. Something struck me as odd. With all of the rooms and hallways I had seen now, I still hadn’t seen any windows. Just dark hallways and dim lights that made shadows dance. The people here were either violent or subservient. And they all seemed to be reticent about their lives. From what I’ve seen it shouldn’t surprise me though. The little I had been able to observe had shown me the savagery of the leaders of these people. We came to a stop outside of a room at the very end of the hall. There were no other passages from here, just two large rooms on either side. J had turned me so I was facing into the one on the right. A deep growl rumbled out from it. A low, menacing, warning. Bookmark here

“Shut your trap, Mathis. This one here is mine and I won’t take any lip about it.” J barked. There was no answer, but the growl had stopped. J turned and carried me through the door to the left of the hallway. He slammed the iron door shut behind us. Bookmark here

The darkness in here made me squint to try and see. I could just barely make out dark shapes, but I had no clue what this room was. J snapped his fingers, two lights flickered on. Fire dancing to life in separate oil burners. I blinked against the sudden brightness of it. While my eyes were closed, J tossed me. I landed hard on the floor. I sensed the foot swinging towards me. I rolled back. Ignoring the pain from my landing and hoping to dodge J’s kick. Bookmark here

“This is my play room girl.” J bellowed. “No way out without my say so. And no interruptions. We can have ourselves a merry time for as long as I please here.” His grin did nothing to hide the malice in his voice. He leaned in close to me. His nose came within inches of my ear. His breath smelled rancid. I could feel the hairs on his chin brushing against my cheek. He sniffed. It was all I could do to not flinch. I had tried to fight him. The difference in our strength was to great. He sniffed again, long and loud. I twitched away from him. Bookmark here

“I can smell your terror.” His voice was deep and low again. Barely a whisper. “Next I want to taste it. I want to have your fear scent all over me. To make the others smell and recognize my dominance over you.” Bookmark here

I glanced away from him. Fighting back seemed like it would just end with me bloody and broken. And him getting the result he wanted anyway. I didn’t think J would mind if his desires were satisfied with a conscious or unconscious victim. Hell, he probably preferred the fight, and the chance to beat his female before taking them. On my left was a large pile of cloth and pillows. This must be where he slept. One gas light was burning just above the bedding. J’s hand was now moving up my thigh. I stilled myself, unsure what to do next. His rough fingers made goosebumps as they traced up and up. And just before he reached my waistline, his claws dug in. Hard. The sharp points digging into my flesh. I screamed out in pain. Blood began to seep down onto the floor. J just smiled. He took his hand away from my leg, brought it up to his mouth, and licked his fingers clean. Tears were running down my face now. I tried to stand and back away, but the pain in my leg made it unbearable. I dropped back to my knees, rolled over onto my stomach and started to crawl. J was blocking the door. Laughing and still sucking on his fingers. Bookmark here

“I can taste you now bitch! I can sense every part of you. And that blood of yours. So strong, so much power. And yet you have no idea how to use it!” He was yelling. The echoes of his voice coming from all around the room. My vision was beginning to blur, the pain was becoming more and more. It felt like a fire in my leg. I screamed again, “Heellppp!” Bookmark here

J just laughed. Bookmark here

“No one is coming for you girl. I own everyone here. And you can thank your father for leaving his blood in you. Your life is now mine to control.”Bookmark here

I had barely crawled a few feet away from him. He took two steps, and kicked me. The force sent me into the air and another few feet across the room. I landed next to the pile of cloth that was J’s bed. I looked out across the room, J was standing about five feet away. The door right behind him. And I had a sudden feeling of deja vu. This was how it had been when I escaped the doctors room. But this time there was no one to open the door for me. There was a wooden table on my right. Some papers stacked haphazardly on it. The other dim light hanging right above it. The hard grey walls all around were completely bare. Except for the manacles about six feet off the ground right next to the table. As I looked back towards J, his imposing figure was suddenly right in my face. I hadn’t even heard him take the steps to get close. And I had only glanced away for a few seconds. I fell over backwards again. Landing on the soft pile of bedding. J fell on top of me. His arms held him just above me, his legs pinned mine together between him. His eyes bored into my own. The faint blue light his body gave off, was only there for a moment. But after it faded, the man was gone, and a giant black furred beast was in its place. Bookmark here

His snarl showed off his teeth. The long and sharp points. He huffed his nasty breath. His eyes narrowed to slits, the dark pupils glaring down at me. I held my breath. I could feel my adrenaline pumping faster and faster. I needed to control my heart rate, it felt like it was about to explode. J looked down at my chest. Even in wolf form I could see his sneer. My bare chest must’ve been exiting to him. I was getting sick of him leering at me, I spat at him. Bookmark here

“Fuck you!” I screamed out. I kicked up, trying to knee him or push him away. The solid body under the soft fur didn’t move. I screamed again in frustration. My vision started to blur, and pain took over my entire body. The blue fur had grown back on my arms and legs. My chest even had a small tuft of fur right between my breasts. I could feel my tail bushing out beneath me. And as I continued to scream in rage, the wolf that was J, just chuckled. Leaving me pinned under him. I kicked up again, this time driving all my hatred into him. J gave a little, I kicked again. And swung my right hand up at his face. He had moved off of me a little. I kept kicking and swinging both arms up at him. When he stood up on his hind legs I pushed myself up at him. I rammed my head straight into his. My vision went black for a second, but when it came back. J was laid out on his side. Shaking his head as if to clear his own vision. I jumped up and aimed a kick to his exposed stomach. The fur was thin and his belly soft. I jabbed my nails, now long sharp claws, into him. I plunged my hand into his stomach until my entire palm was inside him. I let out a howl of vengeance and victory. I stabbed down into his belly twice more. J had finally stopped moving, I retreated a few steps. Hoping this nightmare was finally over. I took a few deep breaths to try and calm myself. Changing into this bestial form had made all of the pain in my body go away. But now that the adrenaline was slowing, the pain was coming back in waves. I staggered towards the door. And just before I reached to open it.Bookmark here

“Where the fuck do you think your going?” A deep rumbling voice boomed. “Huh bitch? Just where the fuck do you think your gonna go? You can’t even kill me properly. You don’t even know where you are. Your surrounded by my pack!” J was standing right behind me. Shouting. Back in his human form he was as tall and menacing as he ever was. Not a single wound on his body. I was dumbstruck. Hadn’t I just tore open this mans belly? I still had the blood, I froze. I looked down at my hands. They were clean. Well as clean as being locked in a filthy cage let them be. But no blood. I gazed up at him. Not a trace of his blood was any where on him. Nor on the floor. My leg was still covered in my blood, and I could smell my wound. I couldn’t even get a whiff of his though. Just his rotten male scent. His feeling of domination. Dread filled me. Had it all been a trick? What had I attacked? Was it just the beast in me that thought it was attacking J, but had really been savaging a pile of bedding? But I had felt him. I had been kicking, and punching, and he had been there. I could’ve sworn I had run my hand straight into him. Bookmark here

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