Chapter 1:


How to Build a Kingdom

"Finally, this will be the key to win the upcoming Kingdom Games!"

"Master, pardon me for my rudeness but.. I don't think you need to summon another official just to win the next war."

"Hm? Why do you think so, Roschella?"

"I mean.. you just need to let me compete in all of the events and I will do my best– no, I will definitely win all of them for you. So there isn't really a need to summon another official."

"Ahh but Roschella.. while that may be true, that will defeat the point of our Kingdom's participation. I'm not doubting your abilities, it's just that you alone won't be enough in some events for the future games. So I'm planning ahead by summoning officials in order for you to be able to move more efficiently."

"But Master–"

Hm.. She doesn't seem convinced with my reason.

"Roschella.. just think about it. With you having others to help with your work as well as the games, everything will be done so much faster compared to you doing it all alone. That way, we'll have more time for each other." I looked at her straight in the eyes and held her hands with both of mine in order to show my resolve.

" *blushes* Master.. I understand. I shall do as you wish."

"Thank you for understanding." I said as I pat her head.

".. Wait a minute, if there are more officials, won't that mean that you will have to spend time with others rather than me?" She gives me a doubtful stare.

"Geh.. T-That's not true. Why would I neglect my most beautiful and loyal official? You were the only one by my side that helped me the most when I didn't know even a single thing about this world. There's no way I can do that! I'd rather die than be separated from you."

"M-Master.." She closes her eyes, waiting for my initiation.

"Roschella.." I leaned towards her and kissed the lips that were waiting for me.

Safe~! Damn, that was close! This reminds me of the first day when I woke up in this world. That was also the day that I met Roschella...


"Huh? Where am I? .. I feel like I've already heard that line a couple dozen times."

The first thing I knew was me waking up in a dark, unfamiliar place, along with hazy, if not, no memories at all.

I stand up from where I was sitting and tried to find clues about my current location, and possibly about who I am, and why I am here in the first place. Although all of my efforts resulted to nothing.


After what seems to be a few minutes, at least based on my body clock. One of the reasons why I wasn't able to find anything has started to disappear, which is the darkness. Light began to fill up the room, in fact, the light has started to become too bright that I thought I would turn out blind so I instinctively closed my eyes since they were not yet accustomed to the sudden increase of brightness.

When a few moments have passed, I gradually opened my eyes and saw a woman, wearing pure white clothes, making her look like a goddess that descended from the heavens.

"Ya~ Please excuse me and I'm sorry for being late. Y'see, I slept in too late and I didn't notice the time. I hope you can forgive me, although there's really nothing you can do about it." She laughs nonchalantly.

.. She sure doesn't look apologetic for someone who's asking to be forgiven.

Anyway, I retract the statement that I made regarding her looking like a goddess. The way she acts right now is making me think otherwise.

"Now, I'm sure you have tons of questions so I'll try to answer some of them as an apology." She waves her hand up and down, gesturing me to come a bit closer.

"Well, first of all, I would like to ask where I am, and about my memories." I immediately took her offer and asked about the first things that came to mind.

"Hm.. How should I put it.. Ah! Let's just say that this will be your new home from now on!"

"Huh? That's way too vague, and what do you mean by 'new' home? What happened to my previous home, if I ever had one?"

"Just exactly as I said, this place is where you'll be staying at starting today. Don't worry about your memories, much less about your previous home. I guarantee you that your past will be irrelevant from here on out. The only thing you'll be using from those memories of yours will be the knowledge that you've accumulated during the time you were alive, so I left it out on purpose."

"What?! 'The time you were alive'? So you mean I'm dead then?!" I unconsciously raised my voice due to my surprise.

"Ow! Don't shout! We're the only ones in this room so I can hear you just fine even with just you whispering!" She covers her ears with her hands.

"Anyway, it's more correct to say that you were dead, so I took the initiative and brought you to this world since all throughout your life, you have always wanted to be born in a different world.. Ah, and don't even bother asking why is that so. It's such a hassle to explain it."

".. Don't tell me, the reason why you removed part of my memories was due to it being a hassle like you've said since I might have even more questions?" I give her a suspecting look.

"Geh.. W-Well, don't mind the small details. Just know the fact that I gave you a new life to start over and live your life to the fullest."

"Hmm.." I silently stare at her.

"Ugh.. Ah! Y'know, there was also THAT system that you were quite familiar with. I'll be blessing you with something similar to that so let's just forget about the trivial matters, okay?" She smiles suspiciously.

"So it was only a 'trivial matter' that you were quite willing to bribe me?"

"Oh my god! I just can't win against you can I?!" This time, she shouts instead of me.

"Well, if you're willing to go that far, I guess I don't really mind taking it. I'll just have to take your word about my memories being irrelevant in my life here." I shake my head as I shrug.

"Y-Yes! Believe me, I would never lie about something like that!" She seems quite relieved now that I agreed to her demands.

So she would lie about anything else? I once again give her a suspecting look.

"A-Ahaha~ Now then, let's proceed to the ceremony so I can le– I mean, so you can finally start your life here and get to know the system." She tries to smoothly change the subject.

" *sigh* Fine, let's get this over with." I sighed in disbelief.

"Then.. Ehem!" She clears her throat.

"In my name as a goddess–"

"So you were a goddess." I interrupt her.

".. Please leave me alone." A tear starts to well up in her eyes.

It seems like she's given up. I should probably stop teasing her.

"In my name as a goddess, I, Lefillia, shall give you my blessing."


After a few minutes, nothing still happens.

"Eh? T-That's weird. Ahaha~" She nervously laughs.

I swear, this goddess..

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