Chapter 8:

Better Late Than Never

Being a Girl Online Made Me Become a Girl in Real Life

My enemy, Touma, has been busy lately so I haven’t been able to progress with my mission as much as I wanted to. He is probably busy with real-life things, like being with Saya, so we usually only play together for about two hours at night. Regardless, it seems he tries his best to make time for me each day as we usually talk till deep in the night.Bookmark here

I’ve gathered plenty of intel while talking with him, he lives in a city a bit north of where I am. He has many IRL friends and doesn't have much time for video games anymore. He is kinda a nerd like me but keeps it out of his personal life, we like similar kinds of anime and video games too. I’ve even asked him if he currently has a girlfriend… and he said no.Bookmark here

“If you don't mind, want to chill and talk for a bit?”Bookmark here

“Sure, I like talking with you Touma!”Bookmark here

Recently I’ve felt as if I’m on autopilot and not taking any action on moving things forward. I've already gathered a bunch of information about him so there isn't much to find out now.Bookmark here

We talk about the game we played earlier and he rambles on about some dumb leveling stuff I don't understand. He seems to enjoy it so I just listen to him talk.Bookmark here

It's a bit boring so I open my phone and open InStarGram to see what Saya is up to. There isn’t much to find out because she hasn’t posted recently. The last thing posted is a slice of a chocolate cake with strawberries on whipped cream on top. Mmm it looks good… I bet that she went there with himBookmark here

I’m procrastinating with my plans… I can’t be wasting all this time while they get closer to each other. One of the steps in Yuri’s plan was to become his girlfriend in real life. I have a feeling that he already likes me a little bit, maybe as a friend or something. I just need to move our online interactions into real life, I can't sit around any longer…Bookmark here

I think I know the perfect way to get this creep to meet me in person.Bookmark here

“Ahh...” I let out a cute attention seeking sigh as bait. Bookmark here

“Something wrong?” Bookmark here

“Ah, just looking at food on InStarGram. There are so many good places to go but I’m too scared to go out to restaurants alone UwU”Bookmark here

“I love going out to eat! I usually go with my friends after school to hang out.”Bookmark here

Friends? I wonder if he means with Saya?Bookmark here

“That sounds fun! There is this café with really delicious looking cakes that I really want to try...”Bookmark here

“Oh really, what is it called? I love eating cake.”Bookmark here

“Harbz, there is one near me in Osaka…”Bookmark here

“Actually I went to that exact one recently! It was so good!”Bookmark here

I know you went there with Saya you dummy, that's why I brought it up. Bookmark here

“Luckyyy, I wish I had friends to go there with~” I try to sound sad when I say it. There isn’t much pretending that I need to do to sound convincing. I could really go for some cake right now. Bookmark here

He hesitates to say something and there is a weird moment of silence.Bookmark here

“Hey, are you free this weekend?” Bookmark here

He caught the bait, I think I’m in!Bookmark here

“Usually, I just stay home and play video games hehe~”Bookmark here

“Maybe we can go to the café that you wanted to try! You mentioned you live near Osaka right? We should hang out for a bit in person!” Bookmark here

This is exactly what I wanted him to say. Bookmark here

“This is kinda sudden, I haven't been outside with friends in forever…” Bookmark here

I play a little hard to get, I can't just give in immediately when I get him where I want. I like to play with my prey before going for the kill.Bookmark here

“Just like in this game, I will protect you from anything and anybody! You will have nothing to worry about!”Bookmark here

“UwU” I let out a little sad sigh.Bookmark here

“It’s fine, I won’t force you into something you are not comfortable with. When you're ready, I’m sure you will let me know.”Bookmark here

“... Let’s do it, you’re a really nice guy so… I’ll go if it’s you Touma...”Bookmark here

And just like that our plans were set. I'll give myself another S+ for execution.Bookmark here

“Y-yea, Thank you… I will make it my mission that you enjoy your time.”Bookmark here

"Thank you too for being so kind to me always~" Bookmark here

"So 12pm this Saturday let's meet up at Umeda Station! You know what I look like so just come up to me!"Bookmark here

"Yea hopefully I won't get lost or anything hehe..." I let out a nervous laugh as I haven't been there in a long time and truly might get lost.Bookmark here

What have I gotten myself into? I’m going to meet a stranger from the internet in person... Have I gone mad? Well… he’s not a complete stranger as Saya knows him personally… but still this is a bit odd. I wonder what’s going through his mind, he is meeting a stranger on the internet after all. Maybe he likes to take advantage of girls who are inexperienced, that's why he forced himself on Saya even though she wasn't ready! That thought alone makes the fire in my soul burn stronger. This creep, I will make sure this is the last person he does this with. I want to ruin him.Bookmark here

"Here is my phone number, just message me if anything happens!" He types out his phone number and sends it to me.Bookmark here

Speaking of messages, I should message Yuri and let her know that I'm ready for whatever she has planned. She has been annoying me every day about what she wants to do next. I kept ignoring her advances during school but damn she is relentless. I open my phone and enter Touma's phone number in my contacts. Bookmark here

When I open my messages I see a bunch of unread messages from Yuri.Bookmark here




Me: Yuri, please just be normal for once here.Bookmark here


How the hell does she reply this fast, it has barely been 30 seconds since I sent the message.Bookmark here

Me: Please stop doing this...Bookmark here

Yuuuuri: ACCEPT OR DECLINE???Bookmark here

Me: AcceptBookmark here

Yuuuuri: (ㆁωㆁ) Bookmark here

Me: ???Bookmark here

There was no reply after that. Why do I keep doing this to myself? I guess I will find out tomorrow at school.Bookmark here

After we sort out or plans for Saturday we go back to playing games for the rest of the night...Bookmark here

***Bookmark here

I enter the classroom and I usually expect Yuri to question me if I'm ready for the next mission. Every day for the past week she has been hounding me for an answer.Bookmark here

"Nakahara-Chan~"Bookmark here

"Shhh" I hold my finger to my mouth. "You can't be calling me that in school you freak!"Bookmark here

"Are you ready for the next mission, Nakahara-Kun?!" She loudly whispers to me.Bookmark here

"I changed my mind…"Bookmark here

"But in the message-"Bookmark here

"If you shut up about it during school then I'll accept your mission." I say sternly to get the point across. When she gets excited, she's too much to handle. Bookmark here

"..." Yuri just smiles back at me. She pulls out her phone and starts to type something.Bookmark here

A second later I feel my phone vibrate.Bookmark here

Yuuuuri: MEET AT STATION NAKAHARA-CHAN ಥ‿ಥBookmark here

I look over at Yuri and she is looking at me directly with the same face as the emoji she sent me. Bookmark here

“Stop looking at me like that!” Bookmark here

I don't want to have this weird girl staring at me like this all day. People in class will notice something is up.Bookmark here

My phone buzzes in my hands.Bookmark here

Yuuuuri: ಥ‿ಥBookmark here

Me: StopppBookmark here

Yuuuuri: I'll stop if you let me call you Nakahara-Chan anytime I want Bookmark here

Me: Never Yuu-ChanBookmark here

Yuuuuri: Nakahara-Chan ಥ‿ಥBookmark here

Me: Yuu-ChanBookmark here

Yuuuuri: Nakahara-Chan ಥ‿ಥBookmark here

Yuuuuri: Nakahara-Chan ಥ‿ಥBookmark here

I proceeded to receive that message periodically throughout the day...Bookmark here

***Bookmark here

I’m back in this god forsaken room again. Why does it feel like more things have been added to the walls since the last time.Bookmark here

"So, you have decided you are finally ready for my next mission?!" Yuri is filled with energy after holding back it all during school.Bookmark here

"Is this just a game for you? I haven't even told you why I need to advance or anything!"Bookmark here

"Currently I do enjoy doing this but… why did you choose to advance with the next mission?"Bookmark here

“I need your help, I’m going to meet with the guy who is getting too close to Saya this Saturday”Bookmark here

“Tomorrow? We need to execute our plans quickly… alright get changed Nakahara-Kun, we gonna go get you an outfit for your first date!” Bookmark here

"D-d-date? We are only going to a cafe together!" I can feel the blood rushing to my cheeks. She's making it sound weirder than it has to be!Bookmark here

"Nakahara-Kun this is perfect! You should think of it as a first date? Your plan was to get him to fall for you right?"Bookmark here

"I guess… this would be my first date ever, I don't know what I should do."Bookmark here

"Don't worry Nakahara-Chan just be yourself! As a girl it's not your job to impress him, he will try to impress you."Bookmark here

"A-alright..."Bookmark here

"We will discuss it more another time, right now you need to strip!" She wiggles her fingers making a grabbing motion and walks towards me.Bookmark here

“WAIT, I didn’t bring the clothes you gave me last time!” Bookmark here

“Oh, I must have forgotten to tell you to bring it…” She giggles.Bookmark here

“Hmm, I guess you will have no choice but to wear a school uniform!" She rummages through her closet.Bookmark here

What does she mean by no choice? She pulls out another set of our school’s uniform from her closet. She throws me a white long-sleeved dress shirt and a grey plaid skirt. Bookmark here

"I've been waiting all week to do this hehe." She is almost drooling from her mouth.Bookmark here

"Please give me some privacy this time and leave!"Bookmark here

"Okay." Bookmark here

Yuri robotically closes the closet and walks out of the room, closing the door behind her.Bookmark here

I know she is waiting to bust in at any moment so I quickly take everything off and throw on the uniform sloppily.Bookmark here

The door should burst open any second now…Bookmark here

"Are you done!" She almost broke down the door with how fast she opened it.Bookmark here

"Oh…" Her excitement quickly turns to disappointment.Bookmark here

“Oh? Expecting something different.” I know she barged in on purpose last time.Bookmark here

"Nothing in particular…" Bookmark here

Yuri walks over to me and fixes my sloppily tucked shirt and collar. Bookmark here

“Oh, you are missing the tie.” Yuri walks over to a drawer and pulls out two different blue ties.Bookmark here

“What do you like, a necktie or a ribbon?”Bookmark here

“Necktie maybe?” I don't really put much thought into it.Bookmark here

Yuri puts back the other tie in the drawer and starts to put the necktie on me.Bookmark here

“I can do this myself you know…” I know she just wants to fondle me any chance she gets.Bookmark here

“I know but you have to wear it a certain way...”Bookmark here

Yuri unbuttons the first two buttons on my shirt and ties the necktie loosely around my neck.Bookmark here

“There you go...” She pats my tie against my chest trying to straighten it out.Bookmark here

“By the way Nakahara-Chan, I can see everything through your shirt. Girls our age need to be wearing bras by now.”Bookmark here

I look down and realize that I don't have an undershirt on and everything is revealed if you look closely.Bookmark here

“W-w-why didn't you tell me quicker!” I try to cover my chest by folding my arms.Bookmark here

“I can’t give you one of mine so this is why we need to go shopping, Nakahara-Chan!”Bookmark here

“Also if you're shy you can wear this cardigan if you feel too exposed.”Bookmark here

I stand in front of the mirror to look at myself while putting on the cardigan It's is a bit big so it let it hang down my shoulders, kind of like how Saya-Bookmark here

“Nakahara-Chan, do I need to help you put on everything?” She talks to me in a motherly toneBookmark here

She fixes the cardigan pulling it up and starts to fix my hair. When she finishes with my hair, we stand beside each other and look in the mirror together.Bookmark here

"Mmmm, very very good… we look cute together..." She says in a low voice.Bookmark here

"You're right we are cute…" Bookmark here

She isn't lying, it's strange how one's perception can change just by a different set of clothes. I don't know what it is but I only see two girls in the reflection.Bookmark here

Yuri suddenly steps back and gives a stern look.Bookmark here

"N-now listen here Nakahara-Chan! Full girl mode from here on out! In the real world we can't have you slipping up and getting caught!"Bookmark here

"Yes ma'am…" I mumbleBookmark here

"Voice! Nakahara-Chan!"Bookmark here

"Yes, Yuu-Chan~!" I say it in my bubbly online girl voice.Bookmark here

I see her twitch, trying her best to ignore me calling her Yuu-Chan. Bookmark here

"Calling me Yuu-Chan aside, it's perfect! Now let's head out before it starts getting late."Bookmark here

We make our way down the stairs and this time there isn't anyone here in our way. I wonder what Yuri's brother's reaction would have been like if he saw me in this outfit.Bookmark here

“These would look better than the shoes you have. Might as well complete the schoolgirl look you have going.”Bookmark here

Yuri gives me a pair of black loafers similar to what other school girls often wear. I throw my shoes in my school bag and attempt to squeeze into the loafers that Yuri gave me. They are about a size too small for me but I can bear the tightness for now. I start to feel a bit awkward as I'm in a completely different level of femininity than what I wore last time.Bookmark here

Yuri looks at me and gives me a reassuring smile.Bookmark here

"Hehehe, let's go Nakahara-Chan~" Yuri grabs my hand and we leave to start my next mission...Bookmark here

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