Chapter 9:

Preparing For My First "Date"

Being a Girl Online Made Me Become a Girl in Real Life

We headed to a busy mall far out from where we live. We figured it would be best if we went someplace where we can blend in with the crowd and people won't recognize our school uniforms.

"Nakahara-Chan, you okay? You've been holding onto me very tightly."

I realize I'm hugging her arm pretty tightly and loosen the grip I have on her. Usually she is the one holding me but this time I'm glued by her side.

There are so many people at the mall but I guess this is what you would expect on a Friday. It's intimidating for me to be outside when it's this busy, but to make matters worse I'm in full girl mode.

"I'm fine, just… I don't want to get lost." I try to brush off my nervousness but Yuri catches on.

"Now is not the time to be nervous. You need to pass this mission to be ready for tomorrow!" Yuri shakes me off her arm and holds my hand. "Now no more being shy from here on out, we are jumping right into our first task!"

"Maybe I'm not ready for all this…" I look down at my exposed wobbly legs.

"Don't worry, this first task will be easy! Ordering a drink at StarCucks will be your first girl interaction in the real world!" She says while pointing at the coffee shop near the entrance of the mall.

"I have to speak like this in front of them!?"

"Well obviously? What do you expect to do on your date tomorrow?!" She starts walking towards the entrance, pulling me along.


We enter the StarCucks and wait in a small line of a few people.

"Keep it simple, order something… girly, like one of those drinks on people post on PikPok"

Girly PickPock drinks? I take out my phone and search it up on the internet. Venti-sized Strawberry Açaí something what? The pink drink? The PickPok drink? Are these even real stuff people buy? I thought they only sold coffee here!

Before I realize it we are next up to order.

“Welcome to StarCucks what can I get you girls?”

“Can I get an iced white mocha with vanilla sweet cream cold foam and extra caramel drizzle please." Yuri says without a hint of hesitation in her voice.

Did she rehearse that?! Vanilla cream and caramel drizzle, even though it was an obnoxiously long order, it sounds pretty good. She told me to order something girly, I want to try what she got but I can't just copy her. Wait, what is something girly even supposed to mean?

"Okay and for your friend?"

“Uhhhhhhhh...” Shoot, I was too distracted, would it be weird to take out my phone and ask for- Yuri gives me a sharp elbow to the ribs “ACK, N-n-nothing for me today...”

“Alright, that will be 750 Yen.”

Yuri and I wait for her overpriced cup of iced foam whatever to be made, then we find a small table with two seats at the back of the café.

“Next time don't stand there for so long without saying anything, it’s embarrassing!” She says as we get into our seats.

“That is the last thing I ever expected to hear from someone like you!” I quietly snap back at her

“But saying nothing was a pretty girly move, so good job in the end…”

Yuri peels off the paper wrapping from the plastic straw and puts it in her drink. By watching her take the first sip I can tell it wasn’t what she expected.

“So Nakahara-Chan, you have never really told me much about what you are going to do tomorrow.”

“Uh... I'm going to meet up with Touma at a café to eat cake together. I figured if I'm really serious about getting Saya back, I need to start now.”

“How serious are you about doing all this really?”

“I'm serious… look at me, I'm outside dressed in YOUR school uniform!”

“Hmm, you do have a point there. Plus I've been enjoying making you into a girl... “ With her wrist she spins the cup of coffee, mixing all the stuff inside together.

“I'm not only doing this for me, but I'm doing this for Saya’s sake. Wait, you’re enjoying this!?”

“Enjoying this as I’m helping my dear friend Nakahara-Chan hehe” She looks away from me and giggles. “And besides, I don't know much about the relationship you and Saya have so it's not my place to say anything… I can only help you with becoming a proper girl.”

“I feel like I have a good grasp on how to act girly, I’ve been a girl online for a while now.”

“Hmm, this will be your first date right? Do you know how to act?”

“Uhh… I’ve read plenty of romance and shoujo manga as a child… and I’ve watched plenty of romance anime!”

“That’s… not gonna cut it…” Yuri frowns and taps her finger on the table.

“Well don't act like you know what it's like! A nerd like you hasn't been on a date before either! Otome games don't count, you know!”

What does she possibly know about dating! She is the most socially challenged person I’ve ever encountered. We are both inexperienced when it comes to this kind of stuff.

“I’ve been on plenty of dates before, you don’t really know me Nakahara-Chan~” She nonchalantly says this while taking another sip of her coffee. “Later I’ll send you some videos on what to do during a first date.”

I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t surprised. So far today I've learned that Yuri can be normal with some things. I've never really had an intelligent conversation with her but it's happening now.

“Now since you are serious, we must move on. We need to buy you a date outfit! Any ideas Nakahara-Chan?”

“Not really...”

I've never been on a date before so I don't know what people wear. I try to think of something, I wonder what Saya would wear on a date with me. In her InStarGram photos she always looks amazing when she goes out on the weekends. Maybe I should look on there and get some ideas.

“Most of the time it is simply trial and error of what styles work and what styles don't, so we might be shopping for a while.” She says while slowly sipping away at her drink.

“I’d prefer if we just got in and out of here quickly.”

“Hastily little girl you are. Hmm, well I know what might work for you Nakahara-Chan! You only need to comply with what I have in mind...”

The way she words things never makes me feel at ease.

Yuri tries to down the rest of her drink but she is still barely halfway through with it.

“Hehe, Nakahara-Chan do you want the rest?" Yuri holds out the drink towards me.

“Sure, I’ll give it a try” I eagerly take Yuri up on her offer.

I slowly sip through the straw. I didn’t know what to expect from a drink like this but it was surprisingly good. Not much of a coffee taste, but more of a sweet creamy goodness taste!

“Mmm! It’s super good Yuu-Chan!”

“Hehe, you’re so cute...” Yuri smiles at me with her hands folded under her chin. “You are a natural at this.”

Slurrp “What do you mean?” I don't really understand how I can be a natural at drinking coffee.

“Nothing in particular~” She lets out a soft giggle. “Now finish up so we can start shopping!”


I hold onto Yuri while we window shop for a bit. We look at some of the mannequins and discuss what might fit me. There are so many options of clothes, for guys I can usually just get away with wearing whatever I want. But, as a girl it seems everything matters and I can’t just throw on anything and expect it to be fine.

We eventually walk into a store that has a bit of everything that you would need from a clothing store.

“Just wait here and I'll pick out some outfits for you to try on.”

Yuri leaves me on my own. I'm glad I can leave this up to her. I open up my phone and look at some of Saya's old InStarGram photos to get an idea of what she wears.

Hmm, most of the time she is in high-waist jeans and a shirt but for some reason it looks stylish. Something about the way she looks in them is different than most girls. She doesn't wear many revealing or super girly kinds of clothes but still manages to be stunningly good looking. I wonder if I could pull something like this off.

“I was thinking of two different styles.” Yuri comes back with a handful of clothes and dumps them all in my arms.


“A cute type of girl who wears dresses like this, or a sexy kind of girl who wears skirts like this.” She takes out the clothes from my hands and shows them to me.

“Ugh more super girly style clothes, I can just wear some jeans and a tee shirt?”

“Noo Nakahara-Chan, it's a date so you need to appeal to the guy by being cute or by being sexy! Come on, you know this by now from getting guys in games.”

In video games it's different, it's all personality. With clothes, I don't know if I'm attractive enough to pull off being cute or sexy.

“Uhh I’m not sure-”

“Hehe we will try them on in the changing rooms! Come~”

Yuri takes half of the clothes and grabs my hand. We walk around the store and try to find some changing rooms. Suddenly, I notice Yuri’s grip around my hand tightens… I know what this sneaky pervert is doing!

“This is not where the changing rooms are! Wait- I'm NOT going over there…”

I played myself, she isn’t going to listen and we are headed straight into the women's undergarments section. I try to walk in the other direction but she's got a good grip around my entire hand.

“Nakahara-Chan, don’t run away~ It’s all part of the mission~ We need to be prepared for any situation!”

What situation!? When will anyone ever see what I’m wearing under my clothes! There is no way she is going to make me go into that section of the store-

What happened to the mature Yuri, she is starting to show her true colors again. I can't run away now as a few other ladies are shopping around in this section and I don't want to cause a scene. I just let Yuri drag me wherever she pleases.

“What kind of pantsu would be good for Nakahara-Chan~ Maybe black would be good for what you're wearing now, a classic school girl look… hmm but it's a date tomorrow so you need something cute… hehehe”

“Why are you asking me? I have no idea!!!”

Yuri gives me all the clothes and starts holding out different types of underwear in front of me.

“There are many options… what can I imagine Nakahara-Chan wearing...” She talks to herself while she undresses me with her eyes.

"Don't imagine that kind of stuff about me! I don’t consent!"

I hope she isn't imagining what I'm imagining right now! If she is that's sexual harassment!

"Hmm and we need a bra too! Nakahara-Chan how about this one, it suits your shy personality!"

This isn't fair, I try to look away but she is practically shoving them in front of my face.

“What kinds of pantsu do you like to wear Yuu-Chan!? Let’s imagine you wearing them!” Yuri freezes when the words come out of my mouth.

She looks down and twiddles her fingers.

“N-n-nakahara-Chan is that the kind of things you wonder about me… well it's only fair so if you really want to know I often-”

"DON'T TELL ME THAT-" I yell out trying to stop her from saying anything more.

“Excuse me, do you girls need any assistance?” A store employee appears out of nowhere.

“Umm we were wondering where the changing rooms were” Yuri comes with a surprisingly calm response.

“Ah of course there are right over here.”

We follow the employee as she guides us to the changing rooms.

She opens the door into the changing room for me and tells me to leave behind the clothes I don't want at the entrance. I walk in and put down the clothes on the bench inside and I hear the door lock shut behind me.

I close my eyes and let out a sigh. Yuri acting weird about me wearing underwear was quite stressful. She acted so differently when we were at StarCucks, that I even looked up to her for a bit...

“Alright Nakahara-Chan, so first try on this dress okay"

"Wahh!" I jump and turn around to see this sexual deviant behind me.

When did this girl get in here, is this even allowed?!

“Yuu-Chan why did you come inside with me?!”

"I figured you would need help putting on this bra-" She lifts up her hand and holds out a few bras in front of me!

I push Yuri out of the dressing room. When did she even pick up those!?

I start to undress and change into the dress that she recommended. It's a pastel pink one-piece dress with sleeves that go to about the elbow and a frilled white collar that has a cute black ribbon.

I button up the buttons that go down the top half of the dress. I spin around in front of the mirror and get a good look from each angle. This dress does have a cute style to it that fits me well. If I use my e-girl aesthetic wearing this, it would sure be a dangerous combo. Yuri sure does know her stuff after all.

Maybe the thrill of trying on the first outfit gets me excited but I felt this satisfied trying on new clothes before. Wearing guy clothes always felt lifeless and boring to me but wearing this makes me feel special...

When I look closely I realize that the material is quite thin and just like the school uniform, Yuri is right. If anyone looks closely at my chest, they will know immediately that I’m not wearing anything under there. I look over on the bench of clothes, I guess I have to put on this bra after all. I unbutton the top of my one-piece and try to put it on.

How the hell am I supposed to wear this anyways, do I slide it over my head like a shirt? After a minute of contemplating I kind of figure out what I need to do and realize I need to attach the hooks behind my back…

"Yuu-Chan, I need help with this… thing." I call out to Yuri who is behind the door.

"Already crying for my help hehe, don't worry I'll be nice and help you."

Yuri comes back inside the room and shows me how it all works.

"There, all you gotta do is hook it in front of you then spin it around. Eventually you will get used to it and be able to do it behind your back." She puts her hands on her hips and gives a proud smile.

I finish putting back on the dress and show Yuri what it looks like. She checks me out from left to right nodding her head in approval.

“Looks cute Nakahara-Chan, I'm sure your date will like this one!” She gives a small quiet applaud.

"O-okay this is good, I guess let's buy it."

"You still have all these other clothes to try on!"

I put my head down and sigh, I just want to go home at this point. One outfit is good enough for me.

"Nakahara-Channn~” Yuri bends down and stares at the bottom of my dress.


"Now that I helped you with the bra, I'm sure you were able to put on the pantsu just fine heh heh heh~" Yuri slides both of her hands under my skirt and tries to pull down my underwear.

I look over at the pile of clothes on the bench and with the bras she brought, I realize that there are underwear in them too.

"Yuu-Chan stop!!! I'm not wearing anything like that!!!" I try to hold onto them through my clothes.

"Hehehe, Nakahara-Chan don't lie to me! Mmm I wonder what color they are! Just let go and show me!" Yuri's glasses are fogged up and she pulls even harder.

What is going through her mind, why would anyone try on underwear at the store! Also, why are we playing tug of war with my underwear!

“I know what color the bra is so I need to know what color the under-”


I'm being violated in this changing room by a pervert. Everything starts to feel hot as my whole body burns with embarrassment. I close my eyes and bury my face in my hands, I can't look anymore...

"Yuu-Chan…" I whimper out. “I-it's time for me to go home”

"Looks like you need to buy some new pantsu after all…" She says with a hint of joy in her voice.

I fooled myself for thinking she was a bit normal today. Yuri is definitely insane after all…