Chapter 20:


The Scorned

I don't believe that I ever fell asleep, but that was okay with me. Listening to Selene snore all night was oddly comforting.

Eventually, I felt her begin to stir, and she stared up at me with sleep heavy in her eyes. Smiling at her, I said, "Good morning. You sure slept well." Closing her eyes from the sunlight, she replied, "While I may not need to sleep, that sure was nice." Both of us chuckled at her words as we got back to our feet and dusted off our clothes. Stretching, Selene asked, "So what is the plan today?"

"I haven't thought that far ahead. I figured we would just walk and see if anything happens." Selene rolled her eyes at my lazy response and asked, "You really aren't one to plan things out, are you?" Shrugging, I laughed and said, "No, that's too much work."

Shaking her head at my response, she asked, "So how far are we from where you grew up?" Thinking for a moment, I replied, "With how fast we ran yesterday, I would say another half a day at that speed or two days of walking." Selene nodded her head at my words and said, "Why don't we meet in the middle and jog? That way, we can be there before nightfall."

Happy to meet in the middle, I nodded my head, and the two of us got moving.

We casually jogged together for a long time when Selene suddenly stopped. I gave her a curious glance but waited for her to explain. Eventually, she said, "I hear a group of people up ahead. It can't be more than four or five. They don't seem like they are doing anything. It almost sounds like they are celebrating."

I listened to her words as the meaning slowly sank in.

It was getting dark out, so we had to be close to where I grew up. The place where I was tortured and where Rebecca laid was now the home of a party. Just the thought of this made my blood boil, and Selene noticed. Grabbing my arm, she asked with a worried expression, "What's going on? What do you need me to do?" It took all I had not to snap at her. I knew none of this was her fault, but I was so upset.

Through clenched teeth, I responded, "I will explain later, but for now, follow my lead. You are allowed to watch, but only attack when I say. Understood?" Selene looked very confused but eventually nodded her head in agreement. With that taken care of, I started running again, my anger fueling me.

I didn't have to run for long before the trees disappeared and I was standing in front of the place I never wanted to see again. I gazed at the building numbly until the sound of laughter snapped me out of my daze. I walked towards the sound, my anger increasing with each step.

Turning the corner, it was just as Selene had said. There were five men gathered around a fire, drinking and laughing. With no plan in mind, I began to walk towards the group.

One of them instantly spotted me and got the attention of the others. The five stared at me with smirks, and one called out, "You lost, boy? This place doesn't seem like it would suit you."

I wanted to kill them all, but I had a faint hope that they could tell me something I didn't know. Putting on my best-confused expression, I asked, "What do you mean by that?" The man seemed happy that I had asked, and with a smile, he responded, "This place isn't supposed to exist. They took the strongest they could find and had everyone fight to the death. Us five are the only ones who survived. You are lucky to be in our presence."

My heart sank, hearing this idiot's words. I cursed myself for being dumb enough to think these men knew anything about this place. With a fake smile, I responded, "You know you're not too far off. But you have missed a major point. We weren't brought here to fight. We were brought here to be turned into monsters." The five stared at me for a moment, then began to laugh out loud.

With these idiots laughing, I couldn't hold back my anger any longer. Still smiling, I said, "Let me show you what I mean." Without giving the group a chance to respond, I reached out and grabbed the closest man to me. I heaved him behind me with no effort and smiled as I heard his body smash into a wall. I was expecting the other four to attack, but they quickly turned and ran, after my display of strength.

Normally, I would have let them go, but this time was different. It felt like there was something inside of me urging me to chase these men down. With how angry I was, I gave in to the urge and turned my attention to the next closest man. In a few steps, I appeared next to him. I lowered my shoulder and rammed into him, sending him flying into a tree, where he landed with a crunch.

Without missing a step, I turned my attention to the next man, who was trying to flee for his life. Launching myself into the air, the man turned around just in time to see me come crashing down. Hearing his body give underneath my feet, the feeling that was fueling me became unbearable.

There were two remaining men that I had to hunt, and I turned my attention to one. I was about to pounce when Selene suddenly appeared in front of me with a worried expression. Putting both hands on my chest, she asked, "What's going on? This isn't like you."

Before I could answer Selene, an extreme pain filled my arm. At the same instant, my hand reached out on its own accord and wrapped itself around her throat.

She began to panic as I squeezed harder, unable to stop myself. Suddenly my mouth opened, and in an extremely deep voice, I said, "Who do you think you are? A low-life demon like yourself trying to command someone like me? Die."

My hand squeezed harder as I did everything in my power to regain control. Selene's face was beginning to change color. She stared at me and stammered out with her last breath, "You said you would protect me."

Hearing her words, it was as if I was able to wake up, and suddenly I had control again. I quickly released Selene, and she fell to the floor, coughing as air flooded back into her lungs. Squatting next to her, I stammered my apologies over and over, unsure of what had just happened.

Eventually, Selene caught her breath and angrily yelled, "What the hell was that?!" I could only shake my head as words failed to work for me. Selene let out a long sigh and said, "I know you didn't do this on purpose, but I want to be alone for a while."

With that, Selene got to her feet and slowly walked away from me, leaving me confused and alone.