Chapter 2:

Meet Apolaki

ALAMAT — Meet the Gods

Bright. Bookmark here

It’s so bright that everything turned dark; it didn’t matter if you’ve shut your eyes. Your skin burned, crisped, and cratered red to the tongues of this obscuring flame that then snapped into sheer cold. Your throat caved into your neck.Bookmark here

You dared not to open your eyes.Bookmark here

“Hey there.”Bookmark here

A man’s voice resounded on your ears as you shivered. His heavy footsteps followed. It felt like he sat in front of you. You had second thoughts, but the heat that blistered your skin didn’t offer you much of a choice. You followed, and everything turned fine.Bookmark here

“Apolaki,” he resumed, grinning. “remember that name. I am the warmth you enjoy during the mornings, and I am the coldness that keeps you on edge during the night. This world continues to exist because I am here—nothing could change that.”Bookmark here

He laughed with pride, and the darkness from the obscuring light that flashed in front of you grew darker. Bookmark here

“Just remember that, and be thankful for me.” He sighed. You noticed the patters of snow peppering your burned skin. “Some people don’t. That’s why you’re here. Because of me, you will have the privilege to be colder, stronger, brighter than everyone else. Take that to heart. If you do,” you felt like he’s grinning. “I will let you make miracles happen.”Bookmark here

Serenity Angelus
我孫子京一(Kyōichi Abiko)
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