Chapter 6:

Time To Get More Allies

Sun Buster:The Under king

Xander wandered off, arriving near a colosseum. He saw an old friend of his, a world force officer. Xander ask the officer "Kai" why the colosseum is so lively. Kai sigh and warn him that what he's about to tell him is top secret, so he should be careful. Bookmark here

   Kai tell Xander 'inside the colosseum right now are almost all criminals, outlaws and those that rebel against the world force. So they set up a prize that will attract them so they can catch them all in one fell swoop. Most of them are tough punks who escaped from prison, so if i were you, I'd strike while the iron is hot. Because unlike you, i decided to join the world Force and rise up in ranks to change this corrupted world even if just a little. Knowing you, i know you're up to something, so use this chance to help them escape. I'm sure they will be reassuring Allies. See you'. Bookmark here

   Glad that he got such a good news, Xander went back to their base and inform all of them about Pax and Sara being Wanted. They all looked down except for Sara and Pax with smile on their faces. Dentist and co couldn't comprehend why they are smiling. They all got confused then Pax and Sara explained that they are the first in the group to get bounties, so of course they are happy. Manson laughs and complain that they all got worried for nothing. Bookmark here

    Xander demand that they listen to him. He explained what happened since him going out, to meeting his childhood friend who's now a World force officer. Bookmark here

   Falcon starts praising Xander telling him that he's almost like their backbone. Hina 'no kidding'. They chatter for a while. Xander stood up and tell them that they should get going, if luck is on their side they may even end up getting the prize. Since the prize is the legendary ancient weapon "Amputator" after all. Bookmark here

  'Guess so' , they all uttered while standing up with smile on their faces. Bookmark here

Dentist explained his plan to them, telling them that this time around their mission is a very simple one and a very dangerous one. Bookmark here

Hina ask Falcon "why can't you just use your Shadow Room and teleport them outside? Piece of cake, right?" Bookmark here

Falcon answered "Hina, you are such an easygoing person, my ability is not that convenient. It will take time to create a Shadow Circle that big and i can't teleport them far enough and it will wear me out, so i prefer i don't use it because we'll be found out before long plus i will be a burden afterwards, which i despise so ". Bookmark here

Hina "you worry too much, we'll take care of the rest, let's just do that, we'll try and buy you time, right Dentist? "Bookmark here

Dentist smiled awkwardly and say "that's quite the plan". Bookmark here

"Are you mocking me" Hina retorted. Bookmark here

Timothy "now, now, don't start fighting. But i think Hina's plan might actually work, because we have quite the moon Power users here and even if you can't teleport us that far, those warriors are not weak by any means. I presume they are going to use some underhanded tactics to restrain them. So if you teleport us from that distance, i think everyone can defend himself " Bookmark here

Karasma "by the way, with a large scale Shadow Circle, how far can you teleport at most"Bookmark here

Falcon answer "650 meters i think " Bookmark here

Manson mockingly said "uhhgh, man you suck" Bookmark here

"I don't wanna hear that from you " Falcon retorted in a cold voice. Bookmark here

"okay okay, Mr serious guy " Manson said with a nonchalant attitude. Bookmark here

Dentist "so, i think we actually have a plan. Who will be in charge of guarding Falcon while he's making the Shadow Circle, who are gonna wait outside the colosseum and who are going to buy time for Falcon to finish his Shadow Circle " Bookmark here

Timothy, Sara and Rosa volunteer to protect Falcon while he's making the Shadow Circle. Bookmark here

Karasma got a little worried saying "you are all girls, are you sure? None of you can use Moon power, only Sara can use sorcery, can you manage?"Bookmark here

Timothy smile and replied "as long as i have my special customized gun, i won't go down easily"Bookmark here

"I'm good at close combat, i won't go down easily too" Rosa state. Bookmark here

"Are you sure you're not asking for an invitation" Pax teases Karasma. Bookmark here

Karasma replied quickly "that's not it idiot " Bookmark here

Xander and Karasma volunteer to stay outside the colosseum to get ready for their escape. Bookmark here

Hina states "that leaves me, Dentist, Pax and Manson. We'll be the ones buying time " Bookmark here

Dentist "i guess that's decided. Oh, Hina before we leave, can you make me a super strong beautiful katana " Bookmark here

She look at him and utter "that's unexpected, you are a swordsman? " Bookmark here

He laugh and rub his head telling her that he's really good with the sword. Bookmark here

"If nothing, you are confident about it " she comments. She made him a beautiful sword and they all head out. Bookmark here

As they were nearing the colosseum, Falcon tells them that" the ones staying outside the colosseum should stay here, i can only teleport up to this place. "Bookmark here

Xander and Karasma stayed behind as the rest proceed. Xander and Karasma found a tree and both lay down under its shade enjoying the nice breeze. From a distance, Hina knock down a beehive from the tree Xander and Karasma are laying under . The beehive fell directly on Xander's head. The bees came out angrily. Both Xander and Karasma jumped up, panicking and shouting for help. Hina grin and from a distance she shouted "we can't have you relaxing and enjoying yourself while we're here all tense. You better keep busy like a bee. "Bookmark here

 Dentist and Co went and register for the competition which cost 30,000 Nix per individual. Pax and Sara nearly got busted because of their wanted poster. Bookmark here

They entered the ring as the battle royal is about to begin. Timothy start looking around at the other participants. She spot a handsome, cool looking young man with two katana on his belt. He's relaxed and his guard is somewhat down indicating his self confidence. Timothy manage to read his mind a little. Bookmark here

As she expected, he's starting to have his doubt about the competition. She secretly touch Dentist and tell him that they have a headstart. She told him what she noticed. Bookmark here

Dentist "okay, go and talk to him. "Bookmark here

"Eeeeh, i don't wanna, humph" Bookmark here

Dentist snapped at her telling her "acting all cute is not going to work, now hurry up and go. We don't have time. " Bookmark here

She went to that handsome man. She noticed that his hair is silver in color, so he's from the upper continents. She went by his side. Bookmark here

"Hello, I'm Timothy, i want to talk to you about something. " Bookmark here

"The name's Mandog, what do you wanna talk about? " Bookmark here

She begin "it's about this competition, we're all going to get caught." He stopped her by saying "what do you mean? " She click her tongue telling him to let her finish. Bookmark here

"This competition is set up in the first place to lure people like you so they can catch you in one fell swoop. Did you think that they'll put a legendary weapon like the 'Amputator' as a prize just like that for the sake of a competition, hell it could even be a fake one." Bookmark here

"Now that sounds interesting, may i join in." A voice near them spoke. Both Timothy and Mandog turn around to see who that is. To their surprise, it's a woman with pink hair nearing her 30's. She introduces herself "I'm Petra, 27 years old, from continent 3. Nice to meet you eh...? " Bookmark here

"oh right, I'm Timothy " Bookmark here

"I'm Mandog " Bookmark here

Falcon starts his technique, telling them that they have to protect him for 10 minutes. Bookmark here

Timothy points at Falcon and co, showing Mandog and Petra her allies. She told them that they are here to save all the participants from the world Force. They understand the situation and ask Timothy what they should do. Bookmark here

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