Chapter 7:

He's Back With More Friends

Sun Buster:The Under king

"What you two are going to do right now is to make the participants aware of their situation. First consult the reasonable looking ones."

"OK, got it. " 

They went ahead and gathered some reasonable looking participants and tell them what's going on. Some believe them while some think they just want to get rid of some of the participants so they can win easily. 

The tournament starts and the place went crazy. 

"Hey, did you hear that this is a trap to capture us all" 

"yeah, i heard. I thought it was a prank to get rid of us. " 

"I think we should look into this. " 

"Yeah, you're right. " 

Mandog and Petra noticed all those whispering about it and consulted them first turning them to their side. Before long, most participants came to their senses and became aware of their situation. 

Dentist inform Mandog and Petra the position they should all take. They all took positions without delay. 

Suddenly, 4 giant golems dropped down from the sky. One red, one blue, one grey and one black. 

All participants started panicking. Despair is clearly written on Mandog and Petra's face. The golems are agile and fast. The red one step inside the ring and starts  breathing fire from his mouth and shooting it from his palms, burning two people to death. 

Hina created a big cannon about 12 feet tall and shoot it at the red golem. But it didn't even make a dent. 

One of the officers outside spotted Falcon because of how strong he was emitting moon spirit. 

The officer shout "Red golem, take that guy out. The guy with white and pink hair. Blue golem, you too." 

Hina created another 3 giant cannons the same size as the first one claiming "if you want to get him, you have to go through me first, you giant freak. " 

She shot all 4 cannons at the red golem cracking his arm. 

Hina "how can that only Crack his arm, th th that's impossible." 

Dentist noticed that Hina has lost hope. As he tried to get to her before the golem gets her something blitzed past him at a blinding speed that he barely reacted. That thing blast away half of that red golem's leg, making it fall backwards. 

Everybody starts looking at that thing in awe. It was none other than Pax in the form of a white nine tail fox 

"is that really you Pax" 

"Yep Dentist, it's me. This is my moon Power, I'm a beast power user, a nine tail fox." 

Before they finish talking, the red golem has regenerated his leg and aim for Pax but he slipped away. 

Suddenly everyone inside the colosseum fell on their knees because of how heavy their bodies became. The weaker participants are about to be crushed to death. 

Manson hit the ground and all the heaviness instantly vanished. People start looking at him.

Then he explains "this is my moon Power 'Gravity' i can manipulate gravity ,so i cancel out the black golem's technique with a stronger one." 

Dentist murmur "you guys are monsters " 

Manson "come on, don't say that. You're flattering me. "

Dentist shouted "it's not a compliment " 

Falcon shout out "Dentist, it's done, tell everyone to enter the circle as soon as it shows up. " 

Dentist "Everyone, a shadow circle will show up right about now, enter the circle as soon as it shows up. " 

"Right " everyone shouted. 

The Grey golem touch the ring the participants are standing at with his hands. He creates a giant Boulder and sends it as a projectile. As the boulder's about to hit the people, Dentist jumps in and cut that boulder clean in 6 pieces saving many people. 

Before they rejoice, the blue golem creates a mountain size ice in the sky and released it towards the ring. The ice came down and hit the ring, shaking the whole town. The ice and the ring both shattered to pieces. 

The guards started laughing "you got that coming. If you hadn't put up a fight, we would have only tossed you guys in prison but what. So unfortunate, little rebels. " 

Outside the colosseum, near Xander and Karasma, many people appeared out of nowhere. They've all despair, thinking that they died. 

One of the people ask "are we in heaven? "

Falcon said "nope, it's just 600 meters away from the colosseum. Before the ice hit the ground, the circle appeared and you were all within the circle so we teleported. Let's not waste time,let's go." 

They split up. Xander came up with the idea "why don't we split up. We'll divide them into ten groups and each one of us will take one group. We'll take different routes and head back to the base." 

"Great plan " they all agreed. 

So they split up and went back to their base and welcome all the participants, telling them their main objective. They all agree with Dentist and co being their leaders. 

Mandog and Petra "i think it's fate that brought us together. " 

As soon as they are back, Falcon hit the sack. Sara smile, looking at him and cover him with a blanket. 

Timothy and Mandog went out together to buy food and stuffs for their banquet. Things were kinda awkward so Timothy tried to start a conversation. 

"Things were really out of hands back there " Timothy said. 

"You can say that again. We almost all ended up in the Triangular prison which will signal the end of our lives " 

"What do you mean by that " she ask

"well, once you enter the Triangular prison, there's no more hope for you except  when you're brought out to be executed. " 

"Yeah, you're right, you don't want to be taken to that prison even just because of That Man. 

" Yeah, the Warden 'Kragen'. There's no escaping that man. His strength rival that of the highest ranks of the World Force. "

" Uh, those are some good rum. I think we should buy at least 20 barrels. Since you guys seems like some heavy eaters "

"well not everyone but i can't argue with that " 

Back inside the base, people are arguing 

"No, we'll choose squads now. Everybody should know who his commander is. " 

"No, it's already decided. Everyone will follow who led him to this base, so my leader is Great Xander "

"You bitch, you just like him, that's why you are saying this. "

The other girls support him saying "you just want Great Xander for yourself, that's not fair, we love him too " 

"How is that my problem, I'm the only one meant for Great Xander. " 

Xander with an annoying expression on his face says "Hello, i think i am not for anybody " 

"Kyaaaa, he spoke to me. I told you, he's meant for me. "

Xander retort "are you even listening to me. " 

Timothy and Mandog came inside the base with Mandog carrying a mountain of food and rum in a carriage, calling Timothy a tyrant. 

Timothy called everyone downstairs. When Dentist saw the food he tells them "OK, let's get ready"

They finished preparing the feast. 

"Hey, go and wake Falcon up " 

Sara said "no, let me go and wake him " 

She woke him up and they came downstairs together. 

Some insist that they should be assigned to their squad before they start the banquet 

Dentist sigh "how many of you are there altogether "

Mandog answer "120 altogether "

Dentist "OK, that's 12 per division, right? " 

"OK those that want to be in my division, raise your hand " Dentist ask 

About 15 people raise their hands. Then he select 12 out of the 15.

Timothy grab Mandog's collar telling him "you are with me. You are convinient to have around " 

He shouted "I'm not your tool, let go of me, damn it " 

"Ooooooh, I'm so envious of him. I wish i will chosen by Miss Timothy " some of the men starts showing their envy. 

She chooses 11 other people, 12 including Mandog. Near them, girls are fawning over Xander asking him to choose them. 

Manson shows his jealousy freely biting his lips saying "That lucky bastard, just because you have a pretty face doesn't mean you can do what you want "

Xander chooses 6 among the girls and 6 among men. Petra went to Falcon asking him to let her please join his division 

He said "do what you want " 

11 others also asked, he also said "do what you want " 

The rest also choose 12 people each, then the banquet starts. They all enjoyed the banquet to their hearts content. As the banquet is coming to an end, they heard an explosion near the base. The Shockwave broke some of the windows. 

Sara peek through the window then she suddenly fall on her butt. 

Falcon "what happened " 

Hina "it's- it's- it's Him. He's back with more friends " 

Dentist "who are you talking about Hina" 

The World Force Officer 'Bang' 

All "what how did he find this place " 

Bang collect a loudspeaker and announce "eehh, people inside this abandoned building, come out right now if you don't want me to burn this place together with you down to ashes " 

"What are we going to do Dentist" Pax ask. 

Dentist "if we fight here, there'll be tons of casualties, right? " 

"Right " 

"So we'll lure them to a place with no people, like a remote area " 

Xander "then i think the best place will be the mountains due south. About 360 miles from here. If we can manage to lure them there, we can fight without holding back. But the problem is, how can we escape especially from those friends of his. Those two men and that woman, i think they are about the same rank as Bang. But that tall man is clearly their superior " 

Timothy elaborate further that "Bang together with those two men and that woman are 'captains' while that tall man is a 'Rear General', the rest are foot soldiers. This won't be easy" 

They started murmuring "if only we have 'Okami Carriage' " 

Xander "the Wolf carriage 'Okami' speed top 300 mph and they can run for 2 and a half hours before needing a break. But even if we have one, it won't be enough for all of us" 

"Say " 

"What is it, um" 

"It's Leo " 

"OK, Leo what is it, do you have an idea" 

"Not much like an idea but I'm a beast tamer, so i can summon as many Okami as you want with my moon Power " 

They all shouted "seriously " 

Hina and Rosa hugged Leo tightly, calling him their savior. 

Dentist and Xander went out and face Bang, telling him to bring it on. But he hit the ground with his fist using his moon spirit, saying "i won't fall for that again". Dentist and Xander turns out to be illusions made by Karasma. 

They bust out of the building on many Okami carriages and head south. The soldiers did not waste any time. They boarded their own carriages and chase after them. 

Bang "Rear General Texas, those are the guys that escaped me " 

Texas "i can now see why they could escape from you, Bang. This ought to be fun. They are trying to fight us head on. They are heading to the mountains to avoid getting the civilians caught up in the fight. " 

"Is that what they are trying to do? " Bang asked. 

"No doubt " Texas replied. 

"But most of them doesn't seem that strong to me " a captain near Bang said. 

Texas reply "that's one of your weakness Doffy, you underestimate your enemies too much " 

"You better work on that Doffy " another captain spoke. 

"I don't wanna hear that from you, Jiro " Doffy retorted. 

"You two are always acting childish, what's your problem. Is this what they call rivalry " a female captain spoke 

"Dear Robin, it's this stupid Jiro, he's such a child, don't mind him." Doffy said. 

"What was tha-"

Texas hit both two of them in the      head,telling them "that's enough. Even you two should sometimes act like captains, since you're captains from the World Force after all " 

"I guess you're right, vice General Texas "Doffy and Jiro answered.