Chapter 1:


Densetsu Kenshi: Beginnings

   If your average hand sanitizer claims to kill 99.99% of germs with one drop, then what about the other 0.01%?  Is a second drop necessary?  2 drops of hand sanitizer should be absolute to eliminate 100% of germs... or so I think.Bookmark here

   Some say that the second drop will only kill 99.99% of the remaining 0.01% of the remaining 0.01%, and that that pattern will follow for any additional drops of hand sanitizer.  Thus resulting in an infinite sequence of applying and reapplying hand sanitizer and an assured and incomplete genocide of all germ-kind.Bookmark here

   And yet there may even be a third, deeper, more psychological approach to the necessary amount of hand sanitizer.  That approach being; one drop of said hand sanitizer can only kill 99.99% of germs.  The leftover 0.01% will not die from any additional applications of hand sanitizer.  The solution is definite.  1 drop will always equal 99.99% of germs killed.  Additional applications would literally be insanity.  A simple Google search tells me that doing the same thing twice and expecting a different result is insanity.  So, for the sake of my state of mind, I will never apply a second drop of hand sanitizer.  The 0.01% is inevitable.Bookmark here

   Snap.Bookmark here

   At least that's what goes through my head everytime I see Mitsuki Miyamoto put on some hand sanitizer in class each day.  I don't know her extremely well, but she must have an aptitude for cleanliness.  Bookmark here

   Everyday she takes out of her bag one of those little tiny bottles of hand sanitizer-- you know, usually scented with some glitter mixed in.Bookmark here

   Crystal clear blue eyes.Bookmark here

   Light and bright silver platinum hair.Bookmark here

   Large... voluptuous... bottles of hand sanitizer.

   I started describing Miyamoto-san, didn't I. It happens. Bookmark here

   Anyway, although she boasts the most plump and desirable bottles of hand sanitizer, she's not the most approachable.  And I wouldn't say it's a case of being unfriendly. The boys are far too intimidated by her beauty, and well it's the same for the girls too.  I guess they get a little shy (and quite possibly jealous) when there's an absolute queen in the classroom. Bookmark here

   As for me, I'd describe my relationship with her as a budding friendship.  Something like that.  Bookmark here

   One time she kissed me and when she saw that my eyes were open she slapped me in the face and didn't talk to me for a week!  I guess she doesn't like super direct eye contact.  To be fair, she invaded my personal space and I was just watching what she was doing.   Bookmark here

   Really I'm blameless here.  Bookmark here

   I was the victim!Bookmark here

   Normally I keep to myself but we happen to have the same part-time job and have been mildly involved in each other's business since May. That's when I started working there and I must say being a working man has really changed my life around, but that isn't super important to talk about right now.Bookmark here

   Now, I'm really not some measly shut-in otaku waiting for an unexpected power-up.  I take care of my studies, but I also take care of myself.  I frequent the gym, although I don't participate in any clubs at school.  I just like to be in good shape so that if the moment comes when a highly sought after pre-release manga comes out, I'll win the race against all the other shut-ins.Bookmark here

   It's a matter of preparation rather than preservation. Bookmark here

   Ah where was I going with this...Bookmark here

   Anything more about myself... no.Bookmark here

   About school?  No... Well, I do have the wonderful privilege of my mother being my homeroom teacher.  It has its ups and downs but I guess that's about it.Bookmark here

   Hmmmm... Mi-ya-mo-to-san... oh!Bookmark here

   She's staring right at me.  Those eyes.  Piercing my soul, looking into all of the parts of my life that I don't share with anyone.  Bookmark here

   Looks like I've been caught red-handed.  Call me a newspaper I'm red all over, forget just my hand.Bookmark here

   Third period just ended.  I guess I'll be having lunch with Miyamoto-san today.Bookmark here

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