Chapter 2:

The beginning of an adventure

Waking up in a new world without any memories

Taiki walked into the house of the Adventurers' Guild. Directly opposite the entrance was some kind of reception, where a woman was standing. To the right and left were some chairs and tables where adventurers could comfortably talk to each other. In addition, on the left side was also a staircase that led to the top. When Taiki entered the building, everyone stared at him. It was quiet. An elf grinned in a dark corner. Taiki became nervous at the sight, but he gather up all of his courage and stepped forward. The young boy was carefully inspected by the adventurers there. When Taiki went further forward and was just before the reception, someone tried to trip him up, causing him to fall to the ground. As a result, many adventurers burst into laughter. It was the elf who had previously sat in a corner of the guild house. Taiki got up again and pretended that nothing happend. The young boy did not even pay attention to the elf.Bookmark here

"Hey! You tread on my foot, colleague! That hurt. I expect an apology! But when I look at you, I doubt that you can give me anything of worth!" said the elf cheekily. "You trip me up, so it's your own fault," Taiki replied. "What was that?! I'm not cheeky here, you maggot!" the elf scolded. Only now did Taiki turn to the elf for the first time to the one who had trip him up. It was a slim elf whose hair was tied into a braid. In addition, he had two different eye colors, which were somehow intimidating. While the left eye had a leaf green color, the right one had a turquoise color. Both eyes seem to glow. His facial expression gave his eyes the necessary intimidation. The elven's aura was much weaker than Yukio's, but Taiki still felt that he should not be underestimated. "Do you want to fight? I'm going to stomp you to the ground!" the elf boasted. "Leiko! Enough! You don't have to show a beginner that you're better than him every time! Leave him alone! He didn't do anything to you!" said the woman behind the reception. Leiko clenched his fists with rage, but when he wanted to say something, that same woman interrupted him: "Or do you want me to remove you from your adventurer rank? Then you would have to start from scratch and you would lose the Mythril rank as well." Silence reigned throughout the building. The mood was tense. The elf was able to calm down, whereupon he stormed out of the room furiously. Bookmark here

Taiki looked gratefully at the woman at the reception. Shortly thereafter, he went to the woman who apologized: "I have to apologize for the bad behavior of this adventurer. My name is Anja kokone." "It's al......alright. I would like to sign up as an adventurer," Taiki got straight to the point. "With pleasure! I would first ask you to put your hand over this pane," the woman said as she pulled out a lapis blue pane from a drawer. "The results and the reaction of this pane can only be seen by me so that no one except me will see your data," she added before putting the pane on the table. The young boy then placed his right hand on that pane. At first nothing happened, but then lightning sparked out. The wood of the reception literally charred. The sunlight disappeared from the sky. The lapis blue pane turned blood red. All the lights went out. The darkness roamed the room. A figure grinned in the corner. A snake meandered over the ignorant. The game has just begun. The woman stared with fright at the pane and the reaction it poured out after Taiki put his hand on it. "That.... That....Is impossible... You.....that can't be.....not be.", she stammered so that no one could hear her.Bookmark here

In her eyes, she grasped evil, terror and death. A noose contracted her neck. Someone laid out his chess piece. The screech of grief echoed in her head. It felt like her head was going to burst. Then she saw it. The figure that was showered with murderous lust and cruelty. All of a time, the mirage disappeared, the reaction of the pane and everything she saw disappeared and went back to normal. The woman staggered as if she were drunk. Her head was seething. "Is everything okay?" Taiki asked the apparently not so well-feeling woman, who said hard breathing: " fine. I just need to catch a breath.......That was a bit too much. I'll give you your data in a moment." Taiki waited. He became uncomfortable after he put his hand on the pane. As he had touched the pane, he felt a hand touching his heart. Shortly thereafter, the woman at the reception began to speak: "You are somewhat gifted in fire and earth magic, but you have no talent for wind, water and light. You are also the ability to see the aura of certain living creatures."Bookmark here

"If there is light, there is also dark magic, right? "How can I say that......... come a little closer," she whispered, which is why the young boy bent over the reception. Then she continued, "You are very gifted in shadow magic and your level is -1000. I've never seen anything like it. This shadow magic is very dangerous. When you take on an assignment and go into a fight, you do me the favor and don't use that magic. Otherwise it will consume you." Taiki didn't fully understand what she said, but he took the woman's words seriously and replied, "All right. I will try not to use that magic." She then exhaled with relief. "I will give you this bronze medal now. Please don't lose it. It distinguishes you as an adventure and it also gives you your adventurer rank. Bookmark here

Depending on how many missions you were able to complete and also depending on how difficult they were, the medallion will change independently and give you your new rank. If you encounter monsters, you should take their remnant with you, so that you can exchange them for coins here. And of course you still get the fee that comes with this order. However, before you can accept the first guild task, I ask you to pay an initial fee of 10 gold pieces. After that, you have to pay a guild fee of 5 gold pieces every two month, so that you can continue to be considered a full member of the guild," explained Anja everything he needed to know. Taiki then took 10 pieces of gold from his bag and handed them over to the woman. "If it were possible, I would like to take the first order immediately," Taiki asked politely.
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"All orders are on the black board. Each individual task is arranged to a certain danger level or adapted to each adventure rank. So I ask you to take on an assignment that is suitable to your rank," she explained. So Taiki marched to the bulletin board and looked at all the assignment that are suitable for the bronze rank. On the lowest adventure rank, there were mainly tasks in which you have to fight weak monsters. Since most of the orders on that day were bronze, the choice was particularly difficult, so he simply tore an assignment off the board and handed it over to the woman at the reception. "Oh....So your first assignment is supposed to be to kill a group of skeletons. While it's not that easy for your first guild task, but i think that you are able to handle it, especially considering that your skills are fitting against skeletons. Then there is nothing more to say except that i wish you good luck." Anja said. However, when Taiki wanted to leave the guild house, she gave him another advice: "Wouldn't it be better to join a group for the beginning? You would have to share the profit among yourself, but it would be a lot safer because a good group always supports each other."Bookmark here

"Who would let an inexperienced adventurer into his group, with whom you would even have to share everything? Besides, I don't want to cause any problems for anyone," replied the young boy. "Whatever you want, It still would be much saver if you join a group." said the woman. But then a group of four people strolled down from the first floor of the guild house, who overseen a small part of the conversation. The group consisted of a dwarf, two humans and an elf. The dwarf had a large waist circumference and a black full beard. In his hands he held a strong iron axe. Furthermore, he has a bald head and earth-brown eyes. In addition, the dwarf also had a chain chest, which should protect him from any damage. The elf was a petite woman who had smooth, sky-blue hair that covered her pointed ears. Her forest green clothes underlined her beauty. She was the image of the enchanting kind of elves. The first of the two men had muscular arms. His face was marked with scars from his previous battles. One of his ears was also torn. In addition, he had pitch-black hair, whose pointed with golden colors. He was not carrying a blade. It seemed as if he only wanted to fight with his bare fists. Bookmark here

The last of the group, who appeared to be the leader, was a slender fellow whose crimson hair hangs over his shoulders. Moreover, he had a pointed nose and two shell-shaped ears. He wore a friendly smile on his broad mouth all the time. The leader of the group had an iron sword as a weapon, which was in the scabbard of his belt. Suddenly the leader of the group began to talk: "I want to introduce myself first. My name is Ronin Tanaka. The broad-brewed person next to me is called Tsuyoshi Abu. He usually talks little to nothing. The somewhat thick dwarf goes by the name Gloin mountainfoot. Finally, there is our gorgeous elf, who is our healer. She is the most beautiful elf in the world. Her name is Aimi Saitou." Aimi turned red due to the sudden compliments of the leader. She tried to say something, but she was tongue-tied. Bookmark here

However, Gloin began to complain to Ronin: "Who do you call here thick." "Well, you," the leader bluntly returned. "Watch out, little friend. This is not fat. These are pure muscles. I'll finish you off," said the dwarf. "Just like the other times I was able to defeat you in sword fighting?", Ronin replied with a cheeky smile. "You'll see what you get. You should never underestimate a dwarf," Gloin warned him. Taiki looked at the strange bunch for some time, until the leader turned back to the young boy: "If you are looking for a group, then you can join us. We are looking for another fellow fighter who will fight a variety of adventures with us. What do you say? We are very happy to accept newcomers and we would also support you in your first quest. We will destroy those skeletons easily." Taiki thought for a moment, to which he replied shortly after: "All right. I'll join your group. Let's do my first assignment together." So the group marched out of the guild building and went on their first adventure.
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Soon they left the town and reached a wide meadow landscape. The sun was already leaning towards the horizon. The grasshoppers chirped in the grass. The fresh wind blew through the bushes. Individual animals ran their way. When the Group strutted there, night fell. The starry sky was clear and the moon gave its cold light to the group who had just sat around a campfire. Without hesitation, Gloin took a pork shank out of his trouser pocket, which he skewered on a pointed stick and put it over the fire. "Why do you have meat in your pockets, Gloin?" asked Taiki, to which the dwarf replied bluntly: "You never know. Maybe you suddenly have to survive in the depths of winter without a successful hunt." "If you don't stop carrying a whole pig in your pockets all the time, you wouldn't always fall behind." Ronin now commented. Gloin turned angrily to his leader, who was just grinning cheekily. "I'll polish my axe with your face right away," the dwarf threatened the man. "It was just a joke, you dwarf," Ronin replied to the threat. "Did you just insult me as a dwarf," Gloin scolded. "But you're a dwarf. How can you feel offended by this?" wondered Aimi after a while after following the previous conversation.
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"If you allow me to ask, I'd like to know why you all wanted to be adventurers?" asked Taiki. The first to answer his question was Ronin: "I wanted to become an adventurer to visit new cities and countries and to discover hidden secrets. These were exactly the reasons why I became an adventurer. Maybe it was just the gold that you would get through the tasks or Aimis wish that i want to be an adventurer." Next, Gloin expressed his reasons: "I need the gold to afford my own mine and a house on a mountain. There I want to mine my own rock with my wife Rosalie, which I then sell on. After my live as an adventurer, I want to spend the rest of my life as a mineworker with my wife." "I still can't believe that you have a wife. Or is she a man and there are no dwarf women, only men. I couldn't remember ever seeing a dwarf who didn't have a beard," Ronin suddenly commented. "Don't insult my wife, understood. My cute Rosalie is the most beautiful and adorable person I've ever met," Gloin scolded dreamily."I long for that time when we have a face together. I almost saved the gold I needed to finally afford that dream." Bookmark here

"Why did you want to be an adventurer?", Taiki then curiously turned to Aimi, who, as always, silently observed the events, occasionally catching a quick glance at Ronin, which always made her heart beat very fast. So the elf began to explain, "Well, wanted to be an adventurer to have enough gold, because I want to pay off my parents' debts. They have spent all their gold through gambling." Taiki felt bad for the elf because she hast to restore the mistakes of her parents. Finally, Taiki turned to Tsuyoshi, "And what about you?" Tsuyoshi, however, did not respond to the question the young boy asked, so Ronin answered instead: "If I understood it correctly at our first meeting at the inn, he had said that he wanted to be an adventurer because of some promise that he has given someone."Bookmark here

I could only find it out because our dear Tsuyoshi gets pretty talkative when he's drunk." "But less of us, why did you want to be an adventurer," Gloin asked Taiki. "I don't know exactly. To be honest, I've forgotten a lot of my past. When someone decendly led me to Kaishi, where I met you all, I felt the need to go to the guild house and start as an adventurer. Since I don't know exactly why I took this path, I am now all the more curious where this fate will lead me," explained the young boy. "Now that we have clarified this, I would now say that we should start the night's rest, otherwise we would not be rested for a fight." Ronin said. Gloin bit off the last piece of his pig shank and threw it into the bushes, whereupon he next dropped back to the ground and fell asleep on the soft meadow. Shortly thereafter, Aimi and Tsuyoshi did the same.
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"Here's to a good collaboration on your first job as an adventurer group. Let's see that you will never forget this event," said Ronin, before he also lay down on the meadow and fell asleep comfortably. "I hope so. I want to know what else this world has to offer and what else could be discovered here. I need to know where I am and what happened in my previous life before I came here. I just need to know. For what reason did I wake up alone in the forest in a seemingly different world?", Taiki pondered before his eyes became heavier and sleep gripped him. The next morning, Taiki was blinded by the upcoming sun. Nature was awake. Various animals roamed the meadow. One of these animals looked like a mixture of a deer and a dog. additionally, a snake tongue protruded from it`s mouth. The birds sang their songs. The leaves reproduced the sounds of the forest, which was perversed by a gentle breeze. A cloudy sky greeted the boy who had just woken up and who was still sleepy. Taiki yawned and he tried to open his eyes, which was a bit difficult because of the already bright sunlight. All his group members were already awake. They were preparing to leave this place. they were just waiting for Taiki so they could go.
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"Are you finally awake, laddie? We are about to go straight away to clear the hiding place of the skeletons. You can also sleep afterwards, but first comes the work," Gloin said toTaiki. "I'm already getting up," the young boy yawned. "Befor we leave, i want to give you something." said the dwarf, while he gave Taiki a chain chest. "For me? Why?", asked Taiki. "Without any armor you might die pretty easily, even if they are low level monsters." replied Gloin. "Thank you, Gloind." thanked Taiki. After Gloin gave the Chestplate to Taiki, Ronin asked Tsuyoshi: "How far is it approximately?" He showed with his fingers in a certain direction, without saying a single word. "This means that we will arrive soon. Now, prepare to fight. Aimi prepare your healing spells. Gloin and Taiki be prepare for the fact that there may be an ambush. And Tsuyoshi........ You are simply the Juggernaut who breaks through the first enemy line so that we can then clean up this chaos," Ronin ordered. The group then went in the direction in which Tsuyoshi had previously pointed. It did not take long for them to reach a cave where some skulls were attached to the entrance and which is guarded by two skeletons. "This should be easy. Tsuyoshi! Could you please clear the entrance for us?" asked Ronin his friend, who then clenched his fists and sprinted out of the bushes towards the entrance of the cave. Bookmark here

The undead reacted immediately, so they stretched their bows and shot at the warrior who attacked them. The projectiles hit Tsuyoshi, but he continued to run towards the skeletons. Once again, the undead fired their arrows at the berserker. Again, the projectiles did not stop him until he was in front of the skeletons where Tsuyoshi smashed the skulls of the two undead into a thousand pieces with his fist. Taiki was amazed at the power of his colleague. He knew that there was an inner strength in his friend. When they were all asleep, Taiki desperately wanted to know how high his resistance was, which led him to realize that Tsuyoshi had an insanely strong resistance to both arrows and any kind of blade. Taiki also figured out that one of Tsuyoshis titles, which he was able to acquire through his fights, was "Berserkerprince". "Good job," Gloin praised the berseker. Tsuyoshi gave only a slight grunt. Bookmark here

The group entered the cave. The darkness lived there. The sound of the flowing water could be heard in the distance and also the whispering of bats flying around in the darkness. Shortly after taking a few steps into the dark, Gloin lit a torch that at least gave off enough brightness so they wouldn't stumble upon their own feet. "Be vigilant now. Listen! if something is approaching us, we must not be careless. Even if the skeletons are at a low level, an ambush could also lead to our downfall," Ronin warned his group members. Taiki suddenly got a strange feeling. He couldn't describe it. The young boy touched his chest. It felt like he could not breath properly. "Is everything okay, laddie?" Gloin wanted to inquire about Taiki's well-being, who only nodded. Taiki didn't know what, but somehow he had a very bad feeling about the cave. They walked further and further into the dark cave until they heard a loud rattling out of the blue. Bookmark here

The Group immediately drew their blades. They were prepared for the fact that suddenly skeletons would rush towards them from the darkness. The group was tense. The rattling became louder with every second. Out of nowhere, three skeletons raced out of the murkiness to them. Each was equipped with a stone sword. Although Taiki had little experience with handling a sword, he tried his best and hewed his blade. The skeleton on which the young boy hit fended off the attack. Suddenly, a second undead wanted to interfere and injure Taiki, with Gloin stepping in between and blocking that attack. With another strike, the dwarf destroyed the skeleton. The third skeleton also tried its luck and beat Tsuyoshi, who parried the attack with his fist and smashed the skull of the undead with his other hand. Taiki had a harder time because the first skeleton was not so easy to kill. Out of the blue, that undead pulled out another blade that glowed green. "Watch out!", Aimi tried to warn the young boy out of terror. But Taiki realized too late that that blade was poisoned. Suddenly, Ronin withdrew Taiki so that the attack of the undead would miss, whereupon the leader divided the undead into four piece with two quick sword blows.Bookmark here

"Thank you for saving me," Taiki said, breathing heavily, as his shock wasn`t gone yet. "Please watch out next time. Even if these skeletons have a weak level, they could still carry a poisonous weapon with them if they belong to the class of assassins," Ronin explained to the young boy. After they had finished the skeletons, they walked even deeper into the cave. Silence embraced them. The darkness rose before them like a wall. But then they saw a light at the other end of the cave. It seemed to be light that was sent down by the sun. "But that doesn't seem to be another exit. Maybe this is a passage where the cave is open from above and therefore can let in the rays of the sun. You can trust my judgement. I have spent almost my entire life in the mountain caves and that is why i know how they are structured. I was able to find something similar nearby my home," said Gloin. Bookmark here

"Oh yes, that's right. You house is a hole in the ground." Ronin said provocative. "Do you want to start an argument again, man. Don't call my house a hole in the ground, I understand. This is just as wrong as the rumor that dwarves just climb out of the ground because you hardly get to see dwarves women. I tell you that all this is stunned and lied to," said the dwarf. "It's good, but don't forget to be vigilant. We still have a mission to accomplish." Ronin admonished his group. Suddenly, Aimi was frightened. In her eyes you could see the pure fear. Her heart stopped. She could not breathe. A shadow moved in the darkness. He sparked his plan. "What's going on, Elf" wondered Gloin. Even Tsuyoshi looked at Aimi with concern. "There........Suddenly I feel a cold. There's something evil over there. It was suddenly there. I couldn't feel his presence before, but now it's clear. It meanders through the cave. Oh no! The red eyes have caught me! I see the darkness! Ahhh!" shouted Aimi in panic. Taiki was the first to try to do something. Bookmark here

The young boy held her shoulder and reassured her: "Everything is fine. Relax. He can't do anything to you here. We are with you. Just get away from him." It was like a miracle. Aimi was able to see clearly again and she could also breathe calmly. The image of the shadow serpent disappeared in front of her. "Are you alright again?", Ronin wanted to ask the elf, who nodded energetically. "Shouldn't we perhaps seek help or give up the assignment?" suggested Aimi anxiously, because even though the images disappeared from her head, she still saw this dark existence in front of her. "We can't give up now. Not only because we would not get paid but also because we would be labeled as cowards. Those skeletons have slaughtered a whole village. That`s why this assignment exist. We have to kill them. I can't even imagine how bad that was for the one who stayed alive until the end. I want this to never happen again as long as I have the opportunity to stop it. We will stomp all of these greasy skeletons to the ground," Ronin said confidently. But in his voice you could also hear an inner sadness that was hiding in him. Taiki was able to perceive this very strongly. Bookmark here

It was an inner grudge, that still exists in Ronin. Gloin then said with a raised axe: "This is the attitude I expected from our leader! Now let's knock out a few skeletons and then get drunk in the inn with the gold we have acquired!" Even Tsuyoshi made a satisfied roar. "I will follow you too. What kind of friend would I be if I left my group alone, only if there was the slightest trace of danger," Taiki agreed. "And what about you Aimi? We don't want to force you to do anything. You should decide for yourself and no matter how you decide, we will not judge you for it. You would certainly be a help in the following fight if there was really a strong monster hiding there," Ronin turned to Aimi. "I...I will follow you. We can do it together, no matter what dangers lurk on our adventures," Aimi said confidently. So they walked towards the light in the cave. They soon reached it. Only the sheer beauty of the vegetation greeted them. Bookmark here

In the middle was a lake that was shining due to the rays of the sun. Tendrils and other plants grew on the cave ceiling and the floor. From the opening above you could hear the chirping of the birds flying around peacefully. But the group could not enjoy the breathtaking beauty of the cave grotto, as their eyes were now instantly on a group of skeletons that were around the cave lake. There were a total of ten undead in number. They all wore simple leather armor and a sword and shield in each hand. When the creatures saw the hero squad, they did not hesitate for a second to attack them. "Get ready! Aimi stay behind us! Heal anyone who gets any kind of damage from the undead. Taiki and Gloin you will each take over five and I take over the remaining five with Tsuyoshi! Understood! Then let's go, team!" ordered Ronin. Bookmark here

Taiki and Gloin immediately stormed into the fray. "Now let's show it to the two of them, laddie!" the dwarf said to Taiki. Suddenly, their blades crashed with those of the undead. Suddenly, a skeleton pushed Gloin back. Shortly thereafter, the undead attacked Gloin, who fortunately was able to fend off the attack. Taiki was pushing two other skeletons backwards. When a third undead wanted to attack the young boy, Gloin jumped in between, blocked the blow and smashed the shield of that skeleton with another attack. Suddenly, the undead shredded his blade on the dwarf, who dodged, turned around and slaughtered that undead with the back of his axe. At that moment, Taiki managed to break through one of the shields of the skeletons and stab an undead through the chest, causing him to fall into his individual parts. The second skeleton took the chance and swung its stone blade on Taiki, who unfortunately could not block that attack and was therefore hit on the shoulder. Some blood ran out of his shoulder and smeared his armor. "I didn't think that the swords of these skeletons could cut through metal. Without this armor, my entire arm would have been severed. Still, this attack hurts like hell," Taiki thought to himself. Before the skeleton that had previously injured the young boy could attack, Taiki rammed his sword from below through the entire skeleton, causing it to collapse instantly.
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Meanwhile, Tsuyoshi smashed the entire chest of an undead and Ronin destroyed another skeleton by shredding his blade into his skull and bursting it. Suddenly, a skeleton attacked Ronin from behind, with Tsuyoshi interfering and shredding another skeleton with an attack. "Fiercing slash!" shouted Ronin, after which he smashed his blade into another skeleton. The attack was so strong that the stone sword of the undead was cut in two and went through the bones of the skeleton like butter. There was nothing left of that undead, except dust. In the meantime, Taiki and Gloin each destroyed their last skeletons with their weapons. "That was easy. We were able to raise money again so easily," said the dwarf with satisfaction. "But something is wrong here. Aimi had sensed something that was far more powerful than a normal skeleton. Or was that just her imagination?" puzzled Taiki. The elf rushed to Taiki on the spot to heal his wound: "Heal!" "Thank you very much, Aimi!" the young boy thanked the elf. "Gloin! I thought that you would use your "Earthsmasher" skill. Ronin turned to the dwarf. "For such simple opponents, I don't use such a strong ability. In addition, I would have hurt our youngest member," Gloin replied to Ronin`s question. "But didn't you say earlier that there is a being here that is too powerful?" Taiki asked the elf. "Yes.....but somehow this presence is we........ She's back!" frightened Aimi.
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"Where is the being? What is it! We have to leave here immediately if it exceeds the danger level!" shoved Ronin. Suddenly, a figure emerged from the deep blackness of the cave. He was wrapped in a black coat that looked like it was covered in shadows. His eyes glowed red and his arms were wrapped with dirty bandages. The figure never showed his face. "Who are you? What do you want here? Speak already!", Ronin asked the figure to speak. Aimi and Taiki's limbs were shaking with fear. Something threatening enveloped the figure that slowly felt its way to them. Suddenly, the adventurers were able to catch a glimpse under the hood of the unknown, which led them to realize that it was another skeleton. However, this undead was different. "Oh no!...... It's a Skeleton Mage! Such undead can mainly use powerful magic! Prepare for the worst!" Aimi warned her friends. Suddenly sparks sprouted from his fingertips, which he fired at the Group. The shot was so fast and powerful that the entire group was swept away.
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They landed on the hard stone floor. Gloin didn't just put up with this and shouted, "Earthsmasher!" So the dwarf bashed his axe into the stony ground, causing it to quake and the ground to move towards the skeleton like a wave on the sea. Out of the blue, the undead hurled his lightning bolts at the wave coming towards him, which dissolved as a result. Tsuyoshi rose from the ground and raced towards the skeleton to hit it with his bare fist. He managed to hit the skeleton, but nothing happened. With a hand movement to the left, Tsuyoshi was crashed against the wall of the cave, which put him out of action. "Tsuyoshi! No! You bastard!" shouted Ronin, who now also pounced on the skeleton. The man hit the undead with his blade, but unfortunately he was able to parry the attack with one hand and beat Ronin aside with the other hand. So he also slammed against the cave wall. Suddenly, the undead aimed his fingers at Ronin and fired a bolt of lightning. The ensuing cry was deafening.
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Ronin felt like he was going to be roasted at any moment. "Ronin!" Aimi shrugged in terror. She couldn't do anything. The panic captured her. The fear was too strong. This was the creature she felt all the time. Somehow that undead managed to hide his presence from her for a while. Aimi wanted to cast a spell on Ronin, but out of nowhere the skeleton hissed at the speed of light to the Elfin. Without hesitation, he grabbed her by the throat. He strangled her mercilessly. Aimi fidgeted helplessly. She saw her whole life walking past her. She saw how she disappointed her family, who had relied on her. "I'm so sorry, Sister, that I can't free you. Please forgive me!", the elf asked for forgiveness inwardly. Her hopes die in front of her. Out of nowhere, Taiki was able to bear up and storm off to the undead. With a sword blow from above, the young boy tried to somehow harm the skeleton. But when his blade bounced against the undead, he did not even move a bit. It was like he hit a hard metal. Out of the blue, the skeleton grabbed Taiki by the collar. When he looked into the red eyes of the skeleton, he recognized only death and darkness.
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It's you... You are the one my mistress told me about. You are dangerous. I see it. You must be destroyed before it is too late," the undead realised. All of a once, the figure threw Taiki to the ground and held him there with his foot. Next, he addressed all the members of the adventurer group: "Now you will know by whom you have been defeated! I am the dark serpent Hebior. I am a servant of the Child of Darkness. I will now be your executioner! You now have the honor to croak!"Bookmark here

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