Chapter 1:

Waking up without memories

Waking up in a new world without any memories

The wind blew calmly through the land. The birds chirped their songs. The world was in peace. The sun shone happily from the sky. A lonely boy slept under a tree. His short, blond hair glare in the glow of the sun. His nose smelled the scent of the summer that beguiled him. He opened his sleepy, sky-blue eyes, slowly. He yawned loudly. Then he looked around to see where he was, realizing that he didn't even know how he got here. In addition, he had no clue what happened in his life before his awakening. He had no memories. 

" can that be? Where am I?" the boy wondered confusedly. The only thing he knew was his own name, which was Taiki Watanabe. When Taiki decided to get up, he felt a stabbing pain. It was as if someone had stabbed him with a knife, causing him to go to the ground. After reaching the place where the apparent pain came from, he realized that there was no wound to be felt there, which is why Taiki thought he had just gotten up too quickly. When Taiki picked himself up, he touched his pocket, where he noticed that there was something in there. It was a sack full of gold coins.

Taiki was amazed at the amount of gold coins in his possession. Also a crooked, iron sword was stuck in a scabbard on his belt, which he immediately pulled out to inspect: "Well.....This sword is more suitable for smearing butter, but that's still better than nothing." On the second attempt to get up, Taiki made it. One last time, Taiki looked at that place where he woke up thoughtfully. "I don't have a plan where I am or what I did in my life until now, but I'm going to look for a village or a town first. I want to know where exactly I am..... I really can't remember anything. What just happened? And why am I dressed in such a medieval way? I look like a farm boy from the field." Taiki quickly realized that he probably wouldn't find out anything if he just stayed here. So he strutted through the dense forest. 

Nature fascinated him. It was as if he was captivated. Everything seemed so peaceful. "I'm curious how much I can buy with this money in the next town or village," Taiki pondered excitedly. But all of a once, the branches cracked behind the boy. Someone is approaching. Taiki hears the drawing of swords, after which he pulls out his already battered sword. Suddenly, all the men jumped out of the bushes, grinding their teeth wildly. Each of them wore ragged clothes, which immediately suggests that they are nothing more than dirty bandits. For some reason, Taiki was not afraid of the attackers, although he himself had no plan on how to handle a sword correctly. Next, the leader of the troop stepped out of the bushes. The aura that the leader exuded was very frightening. "Who is this guy? And what is it that i can see?", Taiki wondered.

Taiki's limbs only began to quake through him. He had bright purple eyes and yellow teeth that were sharper than those of a shark. He seems to be the strongest out of all the bandits here. Now the leader began to speak to Taiki in a deep voice: "Please forgive my wicked comrades, but it seems as if you have plenty of gold coins with you. My nose has the ability to sniff that gold over miles. If it is possible, we want to avoid a fight. No one should be injured or even die today. It's simple. Give us all your gold and we'll let you go. So no one gets harmed." "Thank you for this offering. But unfortunately I have to refuse. I need it myself," Taiki replied.  

"What a pity...... and I thought I didn't have to commit murder today," grinned the leader of the bandits cheekily. "Am I actually suicidal! What am I thinking?!", Taiki thought in his mind. "But before we kill you, could you tell us your name?" the leader inquired. "I...I Wakanabe," the young boy stammered out, causing all the bandits to laugh. Haha! Where have your courage and arrogance disappeared? Earlier you just rejected my offer in such a rude way. Unfortunately, I can't just accept your impudence towards it. That's why you have to be punished," said the leader of the bandits. Taiki pointed his sword at the leader and then replied back, "A... And can...... you tell me your name?" The bandit responded in a friendly voice: "My name is Yukio Takayama. And I will make you cold for your pride." "Let's go! Finish him boss!" a bandit shouted to his leader, who then responded: "Of course I'll finish him. And now everyone should shut up! I want to tear him in pieces." Then he turned to the bandit who had previously cheered his leader: "Above all, you shall now hold your snout, Yuri." As a result, every single bandit fell silent.

 "So let's fight now. I don`t want to wait any longer," Yukio said annoyed. Taiki got ready. His breath stopped. His heart pulsated. Fear was his only feeling. He stood in front of a dangerous beast. He didn't know where he was and whether that was his world or his time at all, but everything so far concludes that this is not his world. Taiki tried to work out a strategy because he had absolutely no idea how to attack Yukio. The leader of the bandits didn't even pull a weapon. It seems as if he wants to attack him with his bare fist. "Something is wrong. What is he up to?" the young boy puzzled frantically. Out of the blue, the leader of the bandits hissed forward and punched Taiki, who then crashed into a tree. Yukio was so fast that the naked eye could not perceive his movement. The young boy laid on the ground spitting blood. He didn't feel anything anymore. He was breathing heavily. He still had hope, but when he was looking at the monster in front of him, that he had previously identified as a human being, it disappeared again.

 "Ridiculous! At least I thought you wouldn't go straight to the ground and give me a real fight! I didn't even have to use my bear fist to hurt you!" laughed Yukio. But Taiki got up again. He felt that some bones were broken by this powerful punch. He gritted his teeth and faced his opponent. His clared ran out of his mouth. Taiki could hardly keep himself on his feet. "It can't be that I'm dying now. I want to know why I have lost all my memories and what this world has to offer. I want to know what happend that i stranded here." thought the young boy. "You should have just thrown us over this stupid bag of gold, then we would all have left and you wouldn't have this mess now." whispered Yukio to himself. Suddenly Taiki wanted to sprint towards the leader of the bandits, folding over after a few steps as a result, which only amused Yukio even more. "Maybe I'll keep you as my little pet. Then you can entertain me all day," Yukio said with a grin. Now the leader of the bandits stood right in front of Taiki.

He raised his fist to smash it onto the boy's skull. When Taiki wanted to execute a sword blow, Yukio parried it and kicked the boy's blade aside, leaving him defenseless. With another stroke, Taiki remained on the ground. He felt nothing. Everything hurt. He should not have messed with this beast. Yukio raised his fist again. Taiki closed his eyes. He lost the will to continue fighting. Just as he thought that his end had come, a mighty lightning bolt hissed between the trees, which threw Yukio away. The hit was so hard that the tree broke off and fell over. Yukio groaned in pain as he raised his head from the ground and realized who was responsible for this attack. "You! What are you doing here! This is none of your business!" snorted Yukio angrily.

 "I'm getting tired of you killing someone just because they have a bit of gold in their pockets," the mysterious person replied. A young girl floated out of the bushes. Her silver hair shone in the sun. The purple eyes stared seriously at the bandits. However, her childlike appearance deceived everyone, as she was already over thousands of years old. Two horns curved upwards sprouted from her head, where there was a ball of light in between from which she executed her mighty attack against Yukio. Her tanned skin made the girl a lot more beautiful. Taiki thought that he was in front of an angel. "Boss shouldn't we flee?" Yuri wanted to warn his boss, but he just waved it off and hissed back: "I'm going to kill you for it, Chizu Fujimoto! I don't care how powerful you are! That was the tenth time you interrupted me during my games!" "Better go to your master as befits to a good bait," Chizu responded back. Taiki marveled at the courage and strength that this girl brought to the fore. His heart beat very quickly at the sight of her. 

"Watch out!" Taiki wanted to warn the girl when Yuki suddenly wanted to carry out an mighty attack, but Chizu repelled the attack with her own hands. She then pushed the leader of the bandits aside once again, causing him to crash into another tree. "Retreat!" commanded Yukio, noting that this fight would surely lead to his demise if he continued to fight. All of the bandits fled. Chizu had to giggle slightly at the sight, taking care of Taiki shortly afterwards, gently putting her hands on his back and then saying, "Advanced Healing! And to make sure that you are really fit again. Godly Regeneration!" "Th......Thank you!" was the only thing Taiki brought out of his mouth. Despite the healing, he felt extremely weak and his mouth was completely dried out. When Chizu noticed this, she took something out of her pocket and handed it to the young boy. It was a field bottle with cold water in it. The water was so cold that a cool steam came out of the field bottle after Taiki opened it. Greedily, the young boy drank the fresh water that refreshed his throat. It felt good. He no longer felt any pain. 

"Thank you. You saved my life," Taiki thanked. "There is nothing to thank. I've had a problem with this guy for many years. But he just doesn't want to stop. You probably aren't from here, are you? Because if you were, you wouldn't mess with him. He is one of the most dangerous warriors in this country. He is only surpassed by five people and I am one of them. You should be careful next time with who you are dealing with." said the girl. Taiki just nodded. He didn't know what else to do. After Chizu checked the young lad again to see if he had any injuries left, she wanted to leave the scene. But Taiki held on to her and asked politely, "Can you please show me where the nearest town is? I'm pretty lost because I come from very far away. I would also pay you with gold coins. But could you please help me." Chizu wanted to refuse, but then asserted, "All right! I don't want your gold, but I'm going to think about something else that you could give me as compensation. But remember that I won't help you out of trouble again if you start arguing with someone again, understood?" Taiki nodded vigorously in response.

"Well, then we'll set off," Chizu said. As they walked through the forest, the young boy's curiosity arose: "If you could just beat this Yukio and you are also one of the five who would be able to do so, then I wonder which of the five could defeat you." Chizu smiled a little and replied to Taiki's question: "Someone like that would have to be born first." When the young boy heard these words, he was amazed again. Not only did he witness a great power, but he also witnessed the strongest warrior in this country fighting against a beast. "And what are the names of the other four who could defeat Yukio?" asked Taiki. "The first would be a dwarf called Grindol Iron Axe. He is a fair fighter who respects all his opponents, as long as they respect him. The second and the third are part of a group called the three beasts. The second is a strong wolf tamer named lupus. She herself is a beast man. In other words, she is an alpha animal. She has just as sharp teeth as Yukio, which she does not hesitate to use. Unfortunately, I can't tell you much about the third strongest warrior, except that she has something to do with snakes. I don't even know her real name, only that she got the nickname "The Child of Darkness". 

And the last one, however, who stands below me and against whom I have already fought successfully, is the chief commander of the Royal Army of this country named Bertinof Azula Crimson. He is an honorable warrior who never runs away from a fight. He is very gifted in fire magic, which can be concluded because of his bloodline, as they have been practicing and perfecting that magic for generations. That's all I can say to the others, but don't think they're easy to defeat. And don't even try it, if you really want to continue living. Grindol and Bertinof are honorable and don't kill their opponents if there's no reason to do so, but with the other two and Yukio, it's very different." Taiki gratefully received the information. Only now could Taiki realize the true beauty of nature. It was breathtaking how life took its course. Plants rejoiced in the rays of the sun. Birds trumpeted their songs. Rabbits, mice and other animals jumped through the bushes. Taiki breathed in the refreshing forest scent. 

When his gaze fell more closely on his companion, who was hovering above the ground all the time, he wanted to know who she actually is: "I don't want to be rude, but what kind of person are you? You're not human, are you? And how can you even fly?" Chizu, although she felt slightly annoyed by all the questions, replied calmly: "If you have enough skills, or if you are strong enough, you can also use this ability of hovering above the ground. It's true that I'm not a human. I am a demon. To be more precise, I am a half-demon. Could you please stop asking me another question." So the rest of the march through the forest to the nearest town remained without any problems. "May I introduce you! This is the village called Kaishi! You can buy everything your heart desires. From a wide variety of foods to the highest quality substances!" explained Chizu.

Taiki was astonished at the beautiful town. Everywhere were people, dwarves or elves walking around. A chain of houses stretched out in front of the young boy, which in the end had a larger and more concise building. There was a sign on it that said "Adventures Guild". For some reason, Taiki was drawn in that direction, so he rushed forward. Chizu, initially surprised, followed the young boy flying. Every living creature made way for the half-demon as she hissed through the streets. Everyone was afraid of her power, which could be seen especially in their eyes. No one would want to voluntarily mess with the strongest person in this country. None of them dared to look at her either. When Taiki was in front of the entrance of the Adventures Guild and Chizu arrived shortly afterwards, she wondered: "What? You want to be an adventurer?" Taiki nodded his head in agreement. "But you already know that this profession is very dangerous and it is very difficult to climb the ranks. You will have to fight monsters and perform many other difficult tasks. Not to mention that you start with the bronze rank. You have no fighting experience and I will not follow you every step of the way," Chizu warned the young boy.

 "That's not a problem. I will find a group and if none can be found, I will go alone. I start very easily and increase with each time. Sword fighting is then improved by the guild's constant tasks. Also something tells me that this is the next step that I have to go. This will be the first true step that will take me further in this world. It has to be," Taiki said resolutely, which completely changed his aura around him. Chizu noticed that, which is why she grinned contentedly and said: "I could also see such determination earlier in your fight against Yukio. I hope it stays that way. Oh and to make it easier for you to start, I will give you a new sword. It is a weapon that is quite old, but not to be underestimated. If you may be strong enough, we may be able to measure ourselves at some point." Chizu then gave the young boy an iron sword, which he gratefully accepted. He put the sword immediately in his scabbard.

"Thank you for this. Even though that we barely know each other, I am very grateful for this. And don't worry. I'm not going to change my mind. I will rise in the guild and become the best adventurer," the young boy added. As a result, Chizu had to giggle loudly. "What is it?" Taiki wanted to know. "It's nothing....haha....Only your courage amuses me. These are truly the dreams of a boy... Haha!" laughed the half-demon. "Anyway. I hope that we will meet again at some point. Then I'll see how far you've made it. Don't die to me. I want to compete with you at some point. I have a good feeling about you. Oh by the way, you should first go to the reception of the guild. They will explain everything important there. In addition, your skills and possible other skills will be determined there. Well then, we`ll see each other again at some point." Chizu said goodbye, whereupon she flew away waving. Taiki waved back to his rescuer until she was out of sight. After that, Taiki trotted into the guild house.

In a cave far away from Kaishi.

Yukio walked with his troop through a dark cave. It was so dark that they couldn't even see their own hands in front of them. They felt only the soft dripping of water from the ceiling. "I would have never thought that this piece of crap Chizu would interfere!" Yukio scolded himself. His gang winced at the fury of their boss. "Oh! Who is so angry? Yukio, you moaner! What gives me the honor to meet you in my cave?" a female voice sounded out of nowhere. "I was looking for you because you, as one of the three beasts to which I belong, have a deep grudge against Chizu! I want you to help me to finally put her out of the way! Not only her but also this maggot that Chizu protected today! I want your help, so that we will kill both!", Yukio addressed his request to that voice. "Weak friend? She protected him?!" 

"Yes, she did! She used one of her strongest skills to push me away," Yukio replied. "You fool! You should have killed him immediately! He could, if he continues to deal with Chizu, be a threat to me and this world! He could foil my plans! He will become very powerful. Before this happens, you should stop him," the female voice raises up, so that the ceiling trembled and some stones fall to the ground. "Misssstresss! I could figure out that a new adventurer named Taiki Wakanabe hassss regissstered. he joined a group and accccccepted a Quessssst immediately after that." another voice sounded out of the blue, who reported to the female voice. After hearing the news, she sighed and said, "So it started again. I already long for this fight, even if I feel sorry for the young boy, because he is just another chess piece and because he could not see the true face and the true intentions of Chizu. She can not con me. Nothing deprives my eyes. I see the future. I can shape it. I can direct it. For I am the child of darkness!"