Chapter 1:

Meet me, Grimm

Grimm: Life or Death

Hi, I'm Grimm. I am currently 18 years old (in human years). My father is Death himself, and I know what you're thinking, "isn't is just convenient that my first name is Grimm and my father is Grim Reaper" and yes, it's very convenient. I am the only son of Death, so I inherited his name, but he added another "m" since I am the second. In his eyes that he doesn't have "Grimm" looks a lot nicer than "Grim II". But being a reaper is super fun, what we see when we claim the lives of those who are knocking on our doors, is a lot different than what you see in the aftermath. So for example, if you saw some guy named Scott randomly have a heart attack in a parking lot, we would see ourselves beating him with a sledge hammer. We can have fun when we take them, because all you see is what you're used to everyday, so that's what's so fun about it, to see on how creative I can get with the kills. It's working out good though, because dad is getting tired of choosing who we need to take care of, as well as doing the kills, so he's been training me to do the killing. But before I can go on to do the killing by myself, he wanted to send me off to live like a human for my senior year of what the others call “high school”, so I'm gonna be starting that soon. He said he wanted me to do this so we can see how they react to death, as well as to see if I can blend in with the humans, like on how my father does. The humans don’t realize that we are around them, and we would like to keep it that way, so I need to learn and see if I can fit in on my own. But overall, just for me to understand the physical and mental toll that I put on others when I claim something close to them, to see if I can handle replacing him as "Death". Which, I don't think I have anything to worry about, I spend a lot of time with humans, well not a lot of time, because I only see them to stop their time. Which going to school should be no different, it's only like 7 hours. Right?Bookmark here

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