Chapter 2:

Welcome To Asphodel Meadows High School

Grimm: Life or Death

Today is my first day of my "senior year" of high school, whatever that means. But I have to go in to get my schedule and get registered for school, since we're saying I was a "transfer student from out of the country" so they won't be able to look up anything on me, and I will also have to be going by a false name, since Grimm Reaper doesn't sound too appealing. So we've gone with Calitri Li Fonti. Dad and I both thought that being an Italian could work in my favor, so people would feel threatened to interact with me or something, but it's just to avoid as much confrontation as possible. "Welcome to Asphodel Meadows High School, are you a new student?" asked the main counselor lady, or whoever she is, I'm still learning this stuff, as I walked in. "I am Gri... I mean, Calitri Li Fonti. I'm a new student from Italy who would like to join this school". "Welcome to our school Calitri, cool name as well, you're in luck, we can throw you right into a schedule since it's not to busy today. Today is a B day, so you'll start with math. Good luck, and have a great day. See you soon" for you Mrs. Counselor Lady, you better hope I don't see you too soon. But that was lucky, I think they just threw me in a bunch of random classes, because it says that my sixth period is AP Computer Science? What the hell is that? I guess I'll find out. But first, where's my math class? This is a big school, I don't think I'll be able to fin... here it is. Once my cold, dead hand lays down and firmly grasps this very cheap, aluminum handle, and I start to turn it, my life will change forever. There is no going back now. As I walk into this class, I see her. Bookmark here

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