Chapter 15:

Chapter 15- Old Habits New Tricks

Sorrow Dayz

Everyone said "wow", "he is really strong." Yuuta said. "Everyone’s art will not be of the same strength, I think we learned that during yesterday." Mr. Howkuu replied "but your art is truly remarkable" he said to Tasyoukee. "Help me up?" Megumi Asked. "Yes!" Tasyoukee exclaimed. 

Then his hair went back to normal, the aura was gone, and all the writing left his body. "Excellent Tasyoukee we just have to find a way to activate a lot quicker." "If you say so." Tasyoukee replied. "Who’s next?" Mr. Howkuu asked. "I’ll go next." Megumi replied. "No that’ll be fine we know how to activate your art Megumi." Mr. Howkuu said. "I thought you wanted to work on it though?" She asked. "Yes, but we will try yours last."

 Mr. Howkuu said. "Please I want to go next sir." OK fine, Megumi" he replied. "Think of something that enrages, you" he said. "Do you remember yesterday, how Yuuta kept falling down, over and over?" "Knocked through a wall in front of you and the village being helpless not being able to do anything." 

Overcoming with rage her art appeared hair changed, voice, and her left arm was skeletal. "Good Megumi you did it." Mr. Howkuu said. While looking at Enjo nodding his head yes, your next. "LOOK OUT!" Tasyoukee exclaimed. He tried pushing Mr. Howkuu out of the way but Megumi still grazed his right shoulder with a deep cut. "Megumi why did you?" Tasyoukee asked. "I’m sorry Mr. Howkuu I didn’t mean to, really it was accident" while crying Kansha said. 

Enjo thinking to himself my art is really triggered through pain, and I can heal myself. I wonder if I can heal him through me. "Get over here" Enjo! Yuuta yelled. "Look!" Megumi said "he’s activated his art again." His hair went from orange to Green, and his eyes looked as if they went blind. 

Then his mouth began again with those zipper looking like stitches. He then put his hands together and they glowed bright emerald green. Then this bright emarald sparkly star green aura came around him. He could not move, Yuuta yelled out, "WHAT ARE YOU DOING ENJO?" 

Enjo pointed at Mr. Howkuu’s body and pointed back at him. Signaling them to bring him closer to him within arms, reach.
It took a few minutes to drag him over to Enjo, Mr. Howkuu was bleeding out bad faster, and faster. 

"What did your arm do to him Megumi?" Yuuta asked. "I don’t know" they finally got Mr. Howkuu to Enjo then Enjo took his thumb that he bit for pain, and let some of the blood leak out onto Mr. Howkuu. "What are you doing dude?" Tasyoukee asked. 

As the blood fell on Mr. Howkuu the blood started running in formation like it were trying to race around his body, that wasn’t it though. The blood was looking for the injured part on his body the blood ran to his shoulder, and creeped in. Mr. Howkuu’s eyes were just like Enjo’s as if they were blind.

 Then his shoulder had a green light creeping outside of the wound. His shoulder started rapidly healing itself. Then Mr. Howkuu’s eyes changed back and his shoulder was closed, and it was healed.

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