Chapter 16:

Chapter 16- Onto The Village of Divinity The First Task

Sorrow Dayz

"Impossible" the three said while they were looking. Mr. Howkuu sat up, "what happened? He asked. "Enjo saved you sir!" "Megumi said. "Oh, my he did?" Mr. Howkuu asked. "We should get you home sir, and give you some rest." Yuuta said.

 "Some rest!" Mr. Howkuu exclaimed. "No while your speaking I almost forgot about you Yuuta, get over here and show us your art." Mr. Howkuu said. "How?" He replied. "Oh, that’s right the 5 triggering affects have no effect on you." 

"For all we know it could be a sixth triggering affect. "Wait a sixth?" Tasyoukee asked. "Yes, but we would have to find out what it is." Mr. Howkuu replied. "For now, we will go to the escoolur." Mr. Howkuu said. "We have a big day ahead of us tomorrow all five of us." "Wait what do you mean sir?" Enjo asked. "We’re going to the Village of Divinity to pick up some books." "If this is truly not art that Yuuta has." "It may be something else more powerful and amazing." "Nevertheless, I want to get to the bottom of this." Mr. Howkuu said. 

"The Village of Divinity, I always wanted to go there. Megumi said." A bunch of pansies who believe in what they can’t see, yea this should be fun." Tasyoukee said sarcastically. "Cool we will be experiencing with the supernatural." Enjo said while making ghostly noises.

 They finally made it to the escoolur, while walking in line Mr. Howkuu asked Yuuta "what do you think?" Yuuta dropped his Habinge Cup full of Eyezaanee Water, Oaslen bread, and fish. "Yuuta"! Megumi yells out "are you OK?" "Yes." He replied. "I think going to The Village of Divinity will be excellent sir." "Great you guys should get a good night’s rest the weather can change very often from hot, cold, dry, windy, freezing, to storming anytime on the path to that village."

 "OK you guys should go home and get some things to take with you for our trip." "Yes sir." The group replied. Walking out Yuuta felt a knot forming from his bruise, from when he fell earlier. "Put some cold water on your face when you get home Yuuta." Megumi said, "or do you need me to come over and help?"

 "Look out mother Megumi is here to save poor Yuuta" Tasyoukee said. "Shut up!" Yuuta responded. "No thank you I’m fine Megumi I can do it myself." "See you guys tomorrow." Enjo said. As they all parted ways, and started walking home. Yuuta’s pain got worse his head felt like it was throbbing but the knot wasn’t on his forehead. 

He finally made it home, he went to the washroom, and rinsed his hands in cold water like Megumi said. Then he stuck his head in the sink and let the cold water fall on his head. Next, he took both hands and let the water fill in his palms and then rubbed the water all over his face. The pain stopped, and what felt like throbbing stopped. 

Unfortunately, the mark, or bruise was still there. So anyway, Yuuta tried laying down and going to sleep. He couldn’t he kept turning tiredly, started becoming restless. Unable to rest Yuuta got up and poured himself a glass of Spicy Urban Milk.

 Finally, after a couple of minutesYuuta went to sleep. He woke up the next morning tired groggy, like he just ran around the courtyard. He got up and went to the washroom looked in the mirror. There it was he saw the bruise, or mark on his forehead was gone. So, then he started getting ready for today, and packing the little things he was going to take with him. 

Boom while walking to his room, when he opened his door. He felt this scorching hot sensation on the handle, when he pulled it open. He looked at his hands writing were on them and he read out, :No Blind Witnesses." 

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