Chapter 3:



"Hoo, So the prince's power is known? Creation Magic huh? What a surprise. Hahahahaha! This is getting more and more interesting" said someone who was sitting and enjoying a drink.

"Aren't you interested in this news?" asked someone standing behind the person.

"Of course, I'm interested in this news, but I shouldn't act rashly. I'll wait until he finds out the truth behind this war and when he finds out the truth that's where I want to see what expressions he will make and what actions he will take. Hahahahaha!"

After my magic power was discovered, this news spread very quickly. Many letters from neighboring kingdoms came wanting this power, they started offering them wealth, power, slaves, and others, to the point that some wanted to marry their daughter to me.

Then there was a kingdom that offered to cooperate with my kingdom in exchange for 10 million gold coins as well as a princess to marry. Father who was tempted by the offer immediately agreed to it and immediately rejected another kingdom, it turned out that the kingdom that offered it was the strongest in the eastern archipelago.

Father also had arranged a meeting until the wedding date, Mother who knew about this supported father and started to help father by rejecting another royal offer. The only ones who didn't know this news were me and my older brother, big brother was busy with preparations for the next war while I was practicing controlling my power in the underground area of the palace with the royal mages.

After a month of training in the underground area of the palace, I finally knew the true nature of my magic power and began to be able to control it even though I still lost control.

Creation Magic, Magic that can create new magic in an instant and can also imitate the magic of other people with just one look, no matter how difficult and complex the magic is, it can still be imitated even though the person who uses that magic is much stronger than the user of creation magic. The downside of creation magic is that the power of the imitated magic is only 90%.

When I came out of the underground palace area with the witches' mother was waiting in front of the exit, I asked the mother what was wrong but mother just told me to come with her and I followed her.

Arriving in front of my father's room, I was told to go in first and when I entered, I was surprised to find a very beautiful woman sitting with a man who was talking to my father. I was told to approach there and told to introduce myself.

"Nice to meet you, my name is Erick van Buorn, the second prince of the born kingdom as well as the crown prince" I introduced myself firmly.

After I firmly introduced myself, the woman in front of me chuckled, and after she finished laughing, she stood up and started to introduce herself.

"My name is Valentia Siv Leonard, I am the first princess of the kingdom of Leonard."

"And I am the king of the kingdom of Leonard, Vegard Jens Leonard. Nice to meet you second prince, Erick van Buorn"

After the two of them introduced themselves for a moment I was immediately shocked because of why the biggest kingdom in the eastern archipelago came here. I who still feel confused and shocked sat with a confused look. The maids started to come in and serve tea to the guests, me and my father. I, who was still in a state of confusion, was immediately brought back to my senses by my father by flowing a little mana which would cause a small shock sting.

"Erick, the king, and princess of the Leonard kingdom came here to cooperate and participate in the war against the Zaikel kingdom. They will not be directly involved but they will help by sending food and weapons" said my father with a smile.

I saw my father smiling like that I started to feel suspicious, I felt a strange feeling from my father but I immediately suppressed such thoughts because I knew father could not possibly plan something bad.

"Then what do they want?" my answer

Instantly the faces of father, king Vegard, and Princess Valentia were stunned by my answer, then king of Vegard laughed.

"Hahahahaha! It was something unexpected that was the first thing he asked. I like this kid. Hahahahahahah" replied the king Vegard with a laugh.

"Father stops laughing, it's embarrassing. Sorry for this impoliteness" said Princess Valentia while calming King Vegard who was still laughing.

"Erick! What are you saying? It's very disrespectful in front of the king of another kingdom! We apologize for this happening, Your Majesty" said the father who scolded me while apologizing to king Vegard.

"Hahaha. It's okay, I was surprised at the same time felt funny with that answer" replied king Vegard.

"Okay, I'll get straight to the point. I want you, Erick van Buorn, the second prince of the kingdom of Buorn to marry my daughter, Valentia Siv Leonard, the first princess of the kingdom of Leonard. That's what I want in return for my help" continued King Vegard with a serious face.


After hearing that I was shocked and could not believe this.