Chapter 1:

Episode 0.1 - The 30th Vacation - (part 2)

Demon Lord's Isekai Vacation

Machidna was pretty upset herself at this moment,Bookmark here

“My lord I know you restricted me from not using offensive advanced magic arts. But I guess there is no other option if you have to get rid of these pesky pests.”Bookmark here

I was really pissed off at this moment.
I recognized that spear that was just launched at us. It was a divine spear powered with light magic which is quite harmful to people like us demons. Thankfully the Machidna’s barrier absorbed most of the damage.Bookmark here

I had instructed Machidna and Leireath to avoid using offensive skills when I am on vacation. The first few vacation spots were ruined just because Machidna and Leireath went a bit wild. Henceforth I had ordered them not to use any offensive abilities until I said so.Bookmark here

At this moment I am really pissed off and just want to just obliterate this entire mountain range along with these pesky adventurers.Bookmark here

But that thought lasted for a second and I just took a deep breath and calmed myself,Bookmark here

“Stand down, Machidna I don’t want this vacation to turn into a barren battlefield. Let’s try talking with them first.”Bookmark here

“You still wanna talk it out even after they just launched a powerful attack just now. They have started such fights so many times for no reason. I can’t let this slide, we had enough of their crap. Let’s annihilate them for once and all.” suggested Machidna while glaring around our camp.Bookmark here

“Do you think I am not frustrated by their constant interruption? I would also like to purge everyone that has opposed me so far. But doing so has always given rise to more enemies and the cycle of revenge has been going on and on.” I let out a sigh, “Alright, this will be one last time I try to talk it out. If things work out then good and if not then you are free to do as you please.”Bookmark here

As soon as I said so Machidna nodded with a happy smile,Bookmark here

“But if they don’t comply with you, my lord and a fight is imminent, you won’t complain if I capture a few guys, right? I wanna dissect a few people for a little experiment of mine and increase my knowledge of humanoid physical and magical anatomy.”Bookmark here

I just looked at Machidna weirdly.
She looked like an innocent kid using a cute smile just to ask if she can capture and dissect guys like they are not people but lab rats. I know for a fact she does it for torture and not for educational purposes as she implies.Bookmark here

I let out a sigh,Bookmark here

“Sure, go ahead. I don’t even care at this point.”Bookmark here

If they don’t wanna talk it out, let them be tortured by Machidna.Bookmark here

Listening to my reply Machidna became excited,Bookmark here

“Now that’s what I like.”Bookmark here

She suddenly waved her hand and her staff, the infamous Nerfslay appeared. The staff she carries is made of the bones of a fallen reaper. Meanwhile, the jewel in the staff is one of the ancient relics said to be the solidified blood of an ancient devil. Combined with her own powerful magical prowess, she’s an unstoppable Goddess of destruction.Bookmark here

Hence why she acquired the infamous title ‘the Great witch of Doom’ that will end the world. Some even debate that she’s more dangerous than me, the Demon lord.Bookmark here

I looked around,Bookmark here

“By the way, where's Leireath? She took the full brunt of that blow from that divine spear. You could have provided her with a barrier as well.”Bookmark here

Machidna just snickered,Bookmark here

“You don’t have to worry about that gorilla girl. She will be just fine. For boring us with her horrible singing and dancing of hers, she deserved that anyway.”Bookmark here

“Hey, it wasn’t that bad. Poor girl did her best. But these pesky heroes and adventurers ruined her performance. I won’t let that slide.” Unconsciously I released the burst of power within me.

The atmosphere around me started to grow dense as I made my presence known as I, the demon lord was here. It was the same tactic how animals flaunt their fangs as a warning not to mess with them.Bookmark here

Before we knew it, many people armed to the teeth showed up around us. They were all wearing heavy magic equipment and armed with weapons that gave a powerful mana scent. There were a variety of people gathered here with proper formation.Bookmark here

The tank class equipped with heavy armor and a big shield and sword were in the first line of defense. Behind them were other foot soldiers like swordsmen, spearmen, and other similar adventurers. Finally behind everyone were the mages who had already started casting spells and the archers beside them had already pulled their bow aiming mana charged arrows right at us.Bookmark here

They had completely surrounded us.Bookmark here

For some reason, they still haven’t launched an attack yet.Bookmark here

Machidna and I were totally composed, not having the slightest of fear.Bookmark here

I stepped forward towards the adventurers gathered around,Bookmark here

“If it isn't for the brave adventurers of the Levern kingdom. I see you guys prepared quite heavily? Are you perhaps heading to some war or something?”Bookmark here

The adventurers didn’t reply and just stood on their guard.
But I can see them sweating nervously and they were quite nervous as well.

But of course, there are always those who don’t fear death. They might be brave or just quite the fool who doesn't treasure their life.Bookmark here

One of the adventurers in the back finally replied,Bookmark here

“Evil demon lord, say your prayers! We will finally stop your evil schemes. With Sir Galand here soon will turn this forest into your gravesite. Prepare to die.”Bookmark here

Ha! The same dialogue now I have heard like 1000+ times already. Kinda cliche.
His threat didn’t even bother me but-Bookmark here

“What did you just SAY?” just when Machidna stepped forward, “You have the audacity to threaten my lord in front of me.”Bookmark here

Machidna went on a crazy mode.Bookmark here

The surge of mana power started rising. Her eyes started glowing, a rich amount of mana power started gathering around her that was visible to the human eyes. She started levitating and her hair flying around like some crazy god-like being.Bookmark here

“I had enough.” Machidna suddenly snapped her fingers, “Pillar of Hellsburn.”Bookmark here

Suddenly in the sky, a giant void appeared in the sky.
From the void big molten rock, the size of a big hill appeared out of the void. It looked like the shape of a very big stake with still lava pouring from the edges. It slowly descended to where the adventurers were standing.Bookmark here

All the adventurers gathered here went pale,Bookmark here

“It’s the witch of doom! She just teleported to a lava hill.”Bookmark here

“Hey, the hell. We are so dead.”
“Stand your ground adventurers. Remember we are not alone, Sir hero Galand is with us.”Bookmark here

“But where is Sir Galand?!”Bookmark here

“He was hunting down the Berserker apes.”Bookmark here

“He’s on his way as we speak. Stay your ground.”Bookmark here

“Hey, I did not sign up to die. I am out.”Bookmark here

“Coward! If you turn your back, I will be the first one to slay you.”Bookmark here

“Bring it on! It’s better than taking on the Demon Lord.”Bookmark here

The adventurers were in utter chaos.
A little bit of display of power and they are already turning tail and fleeing.Bookmark here

Pieces of molten lava fell from the sky as the adventurers dodged it. The big rock of the molten lava descending from the sky looked like judgment day, the end of the world. The molten lava falling from above started a forest fire cornering the adventurers. The night forest lit up because of all the fire and chaos.Bookmark here

Some adventurers just fell on their knees and just gave up.
Meanwhile, some were fleeing while some tried to stop them.Bookmark here

“What a pathetic display,” muttered Machidna with utter contempt.Bookmark here

Well, they did break into my vacation spot and ruined my vacation spot. Although technically Machidna burnt down the forest it’s adventurers’ fault in the first place coming here.Bookmark here

My vacation spot is already ruined. But If I could at least negotiate or at least get a cease-fire between both parties, then it would do both of us good. After that way, they could see that I actually retired from being the demon lord.Bookmark here

But if they end up being killed by the molten rock thrown by Machidna, this cycle of hatred will continue.Bookmark here

“Machidna stop it. That’s enough.” I finally ordered her to stop.Bookmark here

I am here to have fun and not on a killing spree.Bookmark here

Machidna finally calmed down and came back on the ground.
The terrifying god-like appearance changed back to her lovely cute girl form.Bookmark here

“As you wish my lord.” she replied and then turned to the adventurers, “I spare your miserable lives. You should be grateful to my lord, even after you threatened him he was kind enough to let you live. Otherwise, I would have wiped you, rodents along with this entire mountain range.”Bookmark here

“Thank you, madam.”
“Thanks for sparing our lives.”Bookmark here

“Hey, stop thanking them. Where is your pride as a warrior.”Bookmark here

“Could you shut up!”Bookmark here

The adventurers were again in a mess.Bookmark here

Some cowered under pressure while some stood their ground.Bookmark here

These adventurers, despite coming here to defeat me always, now look at their pathetic state.Bookmark here

“By the way, my lord.” Suddenly Machidna came to my side.Bookmark here

“What is it?”Bookmark here

“Umm, what do I do with this molten rock hill though?” asked Machidna as she pointed at the floating gigantic molten hill that was frozen in mid-air.Bookmark here

Why was she asking me that?Bookmark here

“Can’t you just make it disappear?”Bookmark here

“I can’t. I summoned this from the crust of the earth. I can’t send it back.”Bookmark here

“Can’t you just create another void and send it somewhere else?”Bookmark here

“The molten hill is very close to the ground. If I opened a big void now to teleport this hill this might even destroy the mountain ranges. Also these pesky rodent adventurers, you just spared, will get sucked up in the portal and end up dying anyway.”Bookmark here

I gave her a wry look.Bookmark here

Now I, the demon lord after giving my word as a demon lord, can’t let them die. I am a man of my word after all.Bookmark here

“Could you possibly keep the rock in the air for a bit longer until these adventurers scurry off?” I suggested.Bookmark here

“I can, but I will have to keep my finger pointing up the whole time. So please let them hurry up before I get tired.”Bookmark here

“Alright, hold on.”Bookmark here

I stepped forward towards the adventurers,Bookmark here

“Now that you know you can’t defeat us, go back to your homes or else-”Bookmark here

Just when a flying golden light appeared in the sky. It was bright like a shooting star heading in our direction.Bookmark here

“A geez, I almost forgot about this guy,” I said facepalming myself.Bookmark here

“You evil Heathen, threatening my fellow comrades.” a voice of a man boomed from the direction of the shooting star.Bookmark here

Suddenly the adventurers who were all gloomy and pale started cheering.Bookmark here

“Sir Galand is finally here!”
“My lord has arrived for our rescue.”
“Let’s make the demons pay.”Bookmark here

“Go back loli witch!”Bookmark here

“Die! Demon lord!”Bookmark here

These worthless rats whose life I just spared, now they started showing their true nature. Maybe I should have let these adventurers die, the world doesn’t need such filth.Bookmark here

Machidna was shocked and angry,Bookmark here

“Hey, who the heck just called me a loli witch-”Bookmark here

Just when the golden flying light crashed with the floating molten hill.Bookmark here

There was a loud blast and the big molten hill burst into several big lumps of rock. The large chunk of debris rained down from the sky and bombarding the mountain ranges.Bookmark here

Machidna already lost control of the floating molten hill when the golden light crashed with it. The big hot debris of rocks bombarded over the mountain ranges while flattening all the adventurers.Bookmark here

I didn’t even feel a bit of a shred of pity for these worthless adventurers who change their color like a chameleon. Bookmark here

After a few minutes of raining molten rock debris, the mountain ranges once covered in the lush green forest were now barren land. There seemed like no survivor, the only thing there remained was big giant craters and lava from the molten rocks.Bookmark here

Just when from the debris a man appeared from the remains of rubble,Bookmark here

“What just happened?”Bookmark here

The man had golden hair that reached till his shoulder. Blue eye like sapphire which was right now filled with shock. He was wearing light armor with golden intricate designs. On his lower body, he wore a pair of heavy iron shorts that just looked lame. Meanwhile, on his foot, he wore leather sandals that had a pair of wings poking out.Bookmark here

He looked around in a state of shock,Bookmark here

“Where is this place? I was just in the Jera mountain ranges.”Bookmark here

Oh boy, here we go again!
This asshole does this shit every time!Bookmark here

Like every fucking time that I am tired of this.

I just hate-Bookmark here

I need to calm down.Bookmark here

I took a deep breath and tried to calm myself.Bookmark here

I glanced back at Machidna,Bookmark here

“Hey, easy now. Let me handle this.”Bookmark here

Machidna was right on edge and already preparing a few spells.Bookmark here

We don’t have to escalate this as it is now.Bookmark here

She glanced at me,Bookmark here

“I don’t think he’s in a state to talk, we should just attack while we still have a chance.”Bookmark here

I let out a sigh,Bookmark here

“You know we can’t kill him. At least not right now. Just sit back and let me handle this.”Bookmark here

Meanwhile, the new blonde guy who was the only survivor was looking everywhere in shock. He was still searching for his comrades.Bookmark here

“Oi Galand, what are you searching for, so energetically the first thing coming here,” I asked.Bookmark here

I just wanted to strike a friendly conversation and just let him know my presence. Right at this moment, he’s not right in his head. I mean he’s never been right on his head like ever.Bookmark here

The blonde man named Galand finally looked at me.Bookmark here

It took a few seconds,Bookmark here

“Andrius! You! Where have you brought me?”Bookmark here

See that’s what I was saying. He’s always on crack or something.Bookmark here

This man here is Galand Avarelia, the man blessed with divine light magic and godly physical abilities that might not be worse than Leireath herself. From birth, he was championed as the savior of humanity and trained to be a warrior. It’s said the ancient oracle even prophesied that he will be the one to slay the next demon lord.Bookmark here

To be honest he’s a powerful foe and the only enemy that I ever failed to kill in a one on one confront. That’s because this dude has drunk the immortal milk of Gaia and achieved immortality.Bookmark here

So basically Galand has a powerful magical ability that contradicts my power, physical prowess almost to the level of Leireath and is also immortal. He is the most generic overpowered protagonist of a novel that ever existed.Bookmark here

The only power is that he’s a big narcissist and clumsy while controlling his power.Bookmark here

“Where is this place? Where are my comrades that were with me at the Jera mountain ranges?” Galand asked me with an angry gaze.Bookmark here

This guy really has no clue what he has just done.Bookmark here

I let out a sigh,Bookmark here

“This is Jera mountain range until you attack the hill which then bursts into a big chunk of rocks that just flattened this mountain. Meanwhile, your comrades were flattened, burned, and got buried under that very debris. I never intend to kill them if you only could not just listen-”Bookmark here

“Liar! Liar! LIAR! You! You~ You killed my comrades yet again.” yelled Galand.Bookmark here

Galand got on his knees and picked the dirt from the ground,Bookmark here

“Rest in peace dear friends. Our journey was short but it meant everything. I will remember you forever and I promise to avenge your death.”Bookmark here

Two tears came from Galand’s eye like some kinda fake play.Bookmark here

Even Machidna just rolled her eyes while watching the soap drama.Bookmark here

I was so done with this shit show.

I stepped forward,
“Hey now! You brought that to yourself. This is the 30th time that my vacation was ruined because of you guys. Aren’t you tired of this? I already told you I am not the demon lord anymore. That thing is behind me now. Right now I was just camping in the Jera mountains to enjoy the hot spring bath. But you still relentlessly pursue me like a madman~ Hey, you even listening to me?”Bookmark here

“Silence!” shouted Galand while he was still making out with dirt. The voice carried a mysterious divine power that tried to push me away. It was his aura as the hero which contradicts the dark magic mana used by our demons.Bookmark here

I let out a sigh.Bookmark here

If this goes on, we have to yet again have to fight.Bookmark here

Galand has finally done playing with dirt and stood up on his feet.
The mysterious oppressing aura of his tried to suppress us, demons.Bookmark here

He was releasing strong bloodlust as he walked towards her menacingly, glaring at us like prey.Bookmark here

Machidna aimed her staff at him,Bookmark here

“I think he’s in no need to talk. Let’s slay him already.”Bookmark here

I am not scared of him in the least. I can’t kill him because of his immortality but it’s not like he can kill me either. If that was the case I would not be standing here after confronting this guy like 1000 times already on the battlefield.Bookmark here

I just waved my hand to instruct Machidna to stand her ground and she replied with a nod.Bookmark here

I then turned and looked back at Galand.Bookmark here

I started smiling at him.Bookmark here

Galand who was about a few meters away from him was ticked off,Bookmark here

“You find something funny?”Bookmark here

I just placed my hands on the hip and had a smug expression,Bookmark here

“Ha! You are nothing but a coward.”Bookmark here

“What did you say!”Bookmark here

“What’s that? You got dirt in your ear, after making out with the soil?”Bookmark here

“You bastard! Do you think I am in the mood of a joke-” after saying that, he quickly leaped using his full strength. His feet left a big crater as he launched towards me like a slingshot with his fist aiming straight to my face. He covered the distance in an instant in a mere second.Bookmark here

But I just stood there like a statue with my smug expression as if I was really finding something funny.Bookmark here

Machidna gritted her teeth and somehow forced herself to not get involved.Bookmark here

The powerful fist of Galand was imbued with light magic and his godlike physical prowess that can easily obliterate a hill to oblivion.Bookmark here

But the punch failed to hit its mark and just went past my face. I only felt a powerful gust of wind pass by my face.Bookmark here

Galand stopped in his feet with his punch still in the air, a little away from my face.Bookmark here

“Why the hell are you not defending yourself?” asked Galand frustratedly.Bookmark here

I still retained my smug expression which now turned into laughter.Bookmark here

Galand, despite being a narcissist, not thinking before his actions, and doesn’t even admit to his mistakes, still has pride like a warrior.Bookmark here

So when I didn’t fight back, he immediately stopped. His pride won’t let him attack me if I won’t resist.Bookmark here

“Stop standing there and fight me,” said a frustrated Galand.Bookmark here

I finally stopped laughing and looked him in the eye.
“Why are you so afraid of it?” I askedBookmark here

Galand felt irritated,Bookmark here

“Ha! I am Galand, the bastion of justice. I fear nothing. Stop delaying the inevitable and fight me already.”Bookmark here

“So why are you so afraid of having a talk with me?”Bookmark here

“I don’t fear you. I just don’t want to have time for small talk. So assume your battle stance and let’s fight.”Bookmark here

I just shook my head,Bookmark here

“Nope, today I wanna have a good talk with you. Depending on that we’ll fight, and I even will go back and cancel my retirement. So we can have all, frontal war that you desire.”Bookmark here

Galand fell quiet for a few seconds and started thinking. Even though he had a big muscle brain, he still had a little common sense.Bookmark here

“So what is it that you wanna discuss with me?” he asked.Bookmark here

I walked away and took a seat on a nearby boulder and then waved the boulder next to signal him to do the same.Bookmark here

Galand politely agreed and sat with his arm crossed.
He still sat in a proudful posture,Bookmark here

“Hurry up, I have limited patience.”Bookmark here

“Hey, we have known each other for a long time. Why the long face?”Bookmark here

“Could you stop beating around the bush and just get to the point already?!” scowled unhappy Galand.Bookmark here

“Geez, I am trying to spark a conversation so we could get to know each other better. But you don’t seem to be not interested a bit.”Bookmark here

“Why would even I, Galand, the bastion of justice bother to lower myself to converse with you, the evil demon lord? You should be glad that I still haven’t yet killed you.”Bookmark here

I let out a sigh,Bookmark here

“You keep saying you can kill me but you never have succeeded.”Bookmark here

“So what if I haven’t succeeded yet, I will slay for sure this time. Let’s fight.”Bookmark here

“This! This is exactly why I hate you, man. Why? Why are you so obsessed with killing me?”Bookmark here

“Is that even a question? You are the demon lord, it’s my duty to kill as the divine hero.”Bookmark here

“But who appointed you on that duty?”Bookmark here

“It’s the blessing of the Lord who sent me down the earth to end your little scheme. I want to kill you to achieve peace for the mortals of the world.”Bookmark here

“But I quit being the demon lord, I told you earlier. I am done with that, I am now just a mere traveler with my two loyal companions visiting the world. So couldn’t you just stop picking fights with me already? We don’t have to shed more blood on either side.”Bookmark here

“You are not serious!” saying so Galand got up from his seat, “You are saying that you are not the demon lord anymore. But what about the death and destruction you caused so far after your retirement? Did you forget how the vacation spots you picked have gone barren and left countless bodies behind?”Bookmark here

I facepalmed, this guy doesn’t listen to a reason.
Machidna who was standing behind me was also bored as well.Bookmark here

Suddenly Galand’s eyes caught something and he rushed to a nearby rubble site.Bookmark here

We didn’t bother him and let him do his own little drama.Bookmark here

From the rubble site, he picked a skull.Bookmark here

Tears started to fall again from Galand’s eyes,Bookmark here

“See this. This person once was my adventurer party member who came here on the quest to defeat you. He once had a family, he had friends, he might even have a wife and children. How do I break this news to them? Do you know how much misery you have brought on this world?Bookmark here

Oh, here we go again.Bookmark here

Machidna interrupted him,Bookmark here

“The death of your comrades was brought upon by yourself. You attacked the molten rock hill and that is what caused the death of your comrades. Stop blaming us. Also, that skull you're holding belongs to a berserker ape.”Bookmark here

Galand glanced at her and then went back to the skull.Bookmark here

Even I can spot that it wasn’t a human skull as you can see the fangs. That must be one of the virgin apes that Machidna abducted during our camping, that poor thing.Bookmark here

Galand just tossed the skull like nothing,Bookmark here

“Anyway my point is that this is the 30th time you caused death and destruction after telling me that you retired.”Bookmark here

I let out a sigh,Bookmark here

“Could you stop blaming me for nothing! I never caused any of those events alright?”Bookmark here

Galand became more agitated,Bookmark here

“What about the time when you summoned that giant Fire breathing snake in the middle of human settlement? Don’t you remember how it burned the people alive in that town? Those poor villagers who knew nothing of fighting were burned to ashes.”Bookmark here

I thought for a second,Bookmark here

“Oh, that! I remember that wasn’t any fire giant snake, it was a paper dragon that I had made for the dragon dance festival. I used puppets to create the dragon festival that was being celebrated in the village. I agree my puppet was a little bigger and I made it look realistic but I never meant to harm them. I was just participating, and even the villagers liked my dragon dancing puppet.”Bookmark here

I suddenly became angry,Bookmark here

“You! You and your adventurers attacked it and set that paper dragon on fire. Soon the whole village was set ablaze. The villagers tried helping me to put out the fire from my paper dragon costume but your adventurers framed those very villagers as accomplices and started killing them mercilessly. I was the one who rescued the remaining villagers and sent them somewhere safe. Meanwhile, you guys took all the glory and pinning the blame on me. It was such a nice village and you guys ruined it!”Bookmark here

Galand was shocked,Bookmark here

“Lies! You have the audacity for lying to such an extent. You even went ahead and pinned the blame on us, the heroes.”Bookmark here

“You think I am joking? I can take you to meet with the village chief who I rescued. He still hates you to the core.”Bookmark here

Galand was overwhelmed by this. He still had his mouth wide open as he was trying to realize something.Bookmark here

Suddenly he gritted his teeth,Bookmark here

“And if you are so good. Then what about the time when you opened the portal to the abyss and wiped out the entire Ordis City. There were no survivors, heck there was not even a brick from that city ever survived.”Bookmark here

I just got a big headache,Bookmark here

“Why are you so dumb? Don’t you remember it was actually your attack that hit the city and obliterated it?”Bookmark here

I continued,Bookmark here

“Also, there was no abyss portal, that day I was at the river bank bursting firecrackers. I was on my vacation and bursting firecrackers was one of my to-do list tasks. That one big firework that I used was specially made by my magic. It was a harmless beautiful firework that would last for a few seconds before disappearing. It was you and your adventures who thought it was an abyss portal! And you! You used one of the powerful spells on my beautiful firework which just went past it and directly hit the city.”Bookmark here

“YOu! You were the one who destroyed the city! You can still go check the ruins and you’ll still find the traces of your magic lingering there. Those world mage associations of yours know this but they still pinned their blame on me. Screw you and your heroic deeds, if this keeps up you will be the one to destroy the world before me.”Bookmark here

Galand was antsy,Bookmark here

“You! Stop speaking nonsense. Why would the mage association keep me around, if it was my mistake?”Bookmark here

I let out a sigh and I am literally at the edge of my patience,Bookmark here

“Do I really have to spell it for you? Do you think mage association can even punish you for your wrongdoings? Also, that would mean losing control of a powerful soldier for them. Hence instead of fixing your wrongdoings they praised you for it and pinned all the blame on me. Humans, pathetic as always.”Bookmark here

Galand fell on deep thinking and almost struggled. I know it’s a hard truth but he needs to get over it.Bookmark here

It’s okay in the novel where there’s a cute clumsy girl that messes things up often. Like how the female character drops the dishes or stumbles on her toes because of her clumsiness. Most boys would forgive her in a heartbeat in those novels. Such characters are loved and are quite popular among the youths. Such girls awaken the most desires of men to protect her.

But here there’s a clumsy overpowered and immortal hero who can obliterate a city by mistake. Are you getting the picture?

He can’t just go ‘Oopsie, I just obliterated the dense populated human settlement to oblivion, tee-hee.’ sticks out tongue while taking a cutesy pose. Also, he’s a man, so that pose is just giving me PTSD.

So that’s that then.Bookmark here

This man is the worst hero that ever existed.
And this shithead is also immortal, so annoying.Bookmark here

Galand finally figured something out and looked at me with a smile.Bookmark here

Did he finally figure out his faults?Bookmark here

“Haha! Stop playing games! I know you are tricking me, making me think that it’s all my fault. Then I will fall into a depression and drop my guard so that you could take advantage of me. I am not falling for it. You had prepared quite well coming on such fake theories but you shouldn’t forget, I am the bastion of justice. I am Galand Avarelia. I am smarter than you.”Bookmark here

He backed away taking a battle stance,Bookmark here

“I will not fall for your trickery..” saying so he suddenly waved his arm.Bookmark here

Suddenly from the rubbles, a golden light came flying towards Galand that he caught it. It was his divine spear that he had earlier launched at our campfire.Bookmark here

This guy will never accept his faults,Bookmark here

“So you still won’t let me peacefully retire and let the world be at peace.”Bookmark here

I stood up looking if there was a chance he would change.Bookmark here

“Haha! I am the divine hero sent by the heavens to slay the evil. You are the fated demon lord that is meant to be slain by my hands. As long as your existence will be in this world, there shall never be peace. So stop trying to evade the inevitable and fight me!”Bookmark here

“I had already told you, my lord.” said Machidna who came to my side, “That guy is just playing hero for the sake of fighting. You’ll never get that man to be reasonable.”Bookmark here

It's when the words of Galand struck me.Bookmark here

The man is full of nonsense and crap but this one time he said something that made me realize something. My existence will always be a threat to this world, it's my destiny. But if I free myself from this world, then I don’t have to play the bad guy anymore.Bookmark here

“Galand! You are really a genius. I get it! It was so simple, why didn’t I think of this before.” I shrieked out in joy.

“What’s the matter, my lord? Why are you so happy all of sudden?” questioned Machidna.Bookmark here

I looked at her with a smile,Bookmark here

“Hey! I decided on our next vacation spot. This time it will be successful for sure.”Bookmark here

“Ha! Didn’t you say you will be going back to being the demon lord and purge everyone if this time it fails. Are you going back on your word, my lord?” she asked me while glaring angrily.Bookmark here

“I swear this is the last time, this will definitely work-”Bookmark here

“You said it the last time the same.”Bookmark here

“No! This time it will definitely work-”Bookmark here

“HEY!” Galand screamed while still being armed with his spear, “Stop ignoring me, and let's fight!”Bookmark here

I stepped forward with a brazen smile,Bookmark here

“Galand I will fulfill your wish. I will disappear in the existence of this world and free you from the shackles of chasing me for so long.”Bookmark here

“Stop tricking me with words and-”Bookmark here

Suddenly I felt a powerful aura coming our way.Bookmark here

I turned around and didn't know when this giant rock the size of a hill came flying at full speed at us.Bookmark here

“Shit!” Machidna swore as she waved her arm and teleported the two of us quickly.Bookmark here

“What the-” Galand shouted before being swept by the big rock and flying a few miles before crashing with a loud bang.Bookmark here

“That gorilla woman finally woke up, and the first thing she did was launch a rocky hill at us!” complained Machidna.Bookmark here

She had teleported the two of us to a safe place.Bookmark here

It didn’t take long before Leireath arrived,
“Forgive me, master! I was caught off guard and even zoned out. I should be punished for my ignorance.” Suddenly she looked furious as her eyebrows twitched, “I will go and slay that bastard and bring you his head.”Bookmark here

I just patted her should,
“Don’t worry about that, Leireath. I am just happy that you are alright. But anyway I’ve decided on our next vacation spot, we need to make preparations.”Bookmark here

“Are you still saying that?” asked Machidna annoyedly.Bookmark here

“Next vacation? What? It's already over?” Leireath was still confused.Bookmark here

“Alright Machidna, please take us back to our castle. We shall go on a vacation where our former identity won’t ever bother us. A vacation to another world. Haha!” I declared excitedly.Bookmark here

Taylor Victoria
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