Chapter 15:

Our First Night...

The Struggles from the Happy Girl Next Door

After a few minutes passed, I heard a subtle knock on the door and before I could let the person, they made their way inside and the first thing that I noticed was a suitcase and the one bringing it inside was of course, Yukari herself.

"Do you have everything?"

"Y-Yeah... I do"

"I see..."

"D-Do you mind if I take a shower here?"

"Yeah, that's fine" "Let me just grab you a towel or something"

Before I could even stand up in order to do so, she walked over to me and stopped me from getting up "I brought my own, don't force yourself"

I could tell that she was still worried about the fact that I had fallen unconscious, most likely at the fact that I could have possibly stayed unconscious for an even longer period of time.

"I guess she doesn't want to risk me falling down and hitting my head even harder"

"Let me know fi you need anything"

"I will~"

With those words, she headed towards my bathroom and after a while of just laying there, I heard the water start running from inside. Seeing as how I wasn't actually doing anything that important, I grabbed my phone and started dialing Natsumi's number.

After a few rings, she finally picked up her phone with a cheery tone "Hey there, Kiyota"

"Hey there, how're you doing?"

"I'm doing pretty good, how about yourself?"

"I'm doing pretty good"

"Really? Yukari-chan was really worried about you, you know that?"

Hearing her talk about Yukari being worried about me left me confused "Did she tell her what happened?" "She told you that I fell unconscious?"

"Yeah, she was crying while doing so~ She really is an angel~!"

"I see..."

"You going to tell me what happened or what? Because if it's something stupid, I'll punish you for making her cry, got it~?"

"Please don't use such a cutesy tone while almost telling me that you're going to kill me..."

"So? What happened?"

I let out a sigh and started explaining what had happened, or to be more precise, I made up a story since I didn't have the liberty of disclosing what Yukari had gone through. She would do it at her own time and that was something I was going to respect at all costs.

"I see... By the way, Kiyota. I heard from Yukari-chan that she confessed to you, at one moment, it almost seemed like she was going to ask me for my blessing~"

"S-She told you that?!"

"Of course, us girls need to stick together~"

"I-I see..."

"So? Have you given her an answer or what?"

"N-No, I haven't..."

"What're you doing?! You won't find someone as beautiful and respectful as her!"

"I-I know that! You really don't need to tell me twice..."

"She asked me what she needed to do and what not... She really does love you" "You'd better give her an answer, you hear me?"

"Y-Yeah... I was planning on doing so even if you didn't tell me..."

"What's your answer going to be then?"



"I want to be with her... But I don't know if I'll be able to make her happy... I'm scared that-"

"You won't become like your dad. You swore to yourself that you wouldn't let yourself become like him and as of now, You've been doing just that. You've become you're own person and in turn, you've become a gentleman. You care for others, you respect women"

"Don't let this moment slip pass you. If you love her, tell it to her face. Say the words you want to say. Don't let the things from the past haunt you... Stand up and make your own decision and follow your own road, got it?"

Hearing her sound so serious about the conversation, I couldn't help but start laughing.

"H-Hey! W-Why are you laughing?!"

Once I stopped laughing, I wiped away the tears and sighed "The you who gets serious is always so funny..."

"H-Hey! Don't laugh~!"

"Sorry... And thank you... I'm glad that I have a childhood friend such as yourself"

"Now you thank me after laughing?!" A sigh could be heard on her end "I'll let it slide for today... But you'd better tell me all the juicy details tomorrow, do I make myself clear, private?!"

"Yes, ma'am!"

"Perfect~" She giggled at our exchange and after that, a moment of silence fell between the both of us. I knew that there was something else that she wanted to tell me and for that reason, I decided to let her take her time.

"Take care of her, Kiyota"

"I will"

"Thank you and I'm happy that you've found yourself someone to love"

"Thank you... I hope you find someone to love yourself"

"I appreciate you wishing me that" "I'll talk to you tomorrow with all fo the juicy details"

"Yeah, yeah"

She let out a giggle "Good night and sweet dreams"

"Good night..."

With those words, I hung up the phone and let out a sigh "I can't believe that she had to say all of that to me for me understand what to do..."

Before I knew it, I heard the door to the bathroom open and out came out Yukari with her hair still somewhat wet and the smell of shampoo wafted through the air.

"Are you going to take a bath Kiyota?"

"Yeah, I will" I proceeded to stand up and before she could help me out, I smiled at her and shook my head "I'm alright right now. I'll let you know if anything happens"


"Don't worry about me, ok?"

I beamed her a smile and once she saw that I was alright, she gave me a nod and proceeded to move out of the way for me. With that, I grabbed my sleep wear, a towel and made my way towards the bath.

Once I washed my body, I stepped into the tub and when I glanced over at the shampoo's, I couldn't help but notice that she had quite a few on hand.

On top of that, she had her toothbrush right next to mine which was a light pinkish color "I'm glad that she's relying on me..."  I lounged in the bath for a few more minutes and once I was ready, I stepped out, dried myself off and put on the clothes I had brought with me.

When I made my way back outside, I glanced over at my bed and noticed that she was just sitting there all the while playing around with her phone.

"A-Are you going to sleep right now, Kiyota?"

"I already slept quite a bit... So I'm not really that tired"

"I see..."

"How about you?"

"I-I was thinking of staying awake for a bit..."

"I see..." "Things are still a bit awkward between the both of us..." "I'm going to lay down then..."

"I'll do the same..."

With those words, I turned off the light and the both of us proceeded to get inside the bed. Since the bed wasn't that big, our bodies of course touched each other with every slight movement.

"This is bad. This is bad" I let out a sigh and simply glanced over out the window, but as I did so, I couldn't help but notice that she had gotten closer to me.

Before I could call out to her, she lifted the blanket all the way up and the both of us were staring into each other's eyes from underneath the covers.



"W-What're you doing?"

"Nothing..." She didn't look me in the eyes when she said that single word "I-I just want to be closer to you... I-Is that all right with you?"

"U-Umm..." I knew that the situation we were in wasn't the best possible one, but I couldn't bring myself to say otherwise "T-That's fine"

"Thank you..."

She inched herself ever so closer towards me and started grabbing onto the light shirt I had on in that moment. It was a tight grip, but instead, lightly loose grip.



"Thank you... For everything and for what you're going to do for me in the future"

"Of course... I promised you... Didn't I?"

"You did..."

"I have to tell her..."  "In regards to that... I have something to tell you"

"W-What is it?"

"Here goes nothing!" "I love you, Yukari"


She stared at me absentmindedly. Almost as if it was not what she was expecting.

"I love you... A-And would like to be your boyfriend"

"... R-Really?"


I couldn't even believe that I just said those words. Words that I never even hoped of declaring.

"Y-You love me?"

"Y-Yes... I do"



I called out to her, but she wouldn't look at me. She was covering her face with the pillow. 

When I placed my hand on her shoulder, out of nowhere, she turned her entire body towards me and started hugging me tightly "I love you too, Kiyota! And I'd be happy to be your girlfriend!"

"I'm glad..."

She removed her face from my chest and when our eyes met... The only thing that was on my mind was that I wanted to kiss her... I wanted the feelings that we had spoken to each other to be sealed with that single kiss... The first kiss of us being a couple...



Before I knew it, I had taken the lead and was kissing her gently on her lips. she seemed surprised by my sudden action, but nonetheless, she didn't back away, instead, she let it happen with a smile on her face.

After a few seconds, I backed up a bit and stared into her eyes "That confirms my feelings for you..."

"I'm happy to know that..."

She beamed me a smile and then proceeded to kiss me once more "Good night, Kiyota"

"Good night, Yukari"

With those words, I grabbed tight hold of her hand and thus, the both of us fell asleep all the while holding onto each other's hands to make our feelings known yet once more...