Chapter 3:

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Lost Paradise

The ‘Ark’ was a Beluga class spaceship. About 1600 meters in length, with the capacity of holding more than seventy thousand passengers. The ship was modelled after the ancient naval aircraft carriers that were once used by humans to traverse the oceans throughout the multiple worlds in the Galaxy.

Just like the old carriers, the top of the 'Ark' was the flight deck, where the space-fighters were launched and recovered. On the starboard of this was the island, where the funnel, operator tower, and secondary bridge were located. At the stern of the ship were two cubical openings; these were the 'catapult', a specially designed launchpad for Nexus.

On the port side of the ship, the words 'FS ARK' were painted in gold, indicating it to be the Federacy's flagship. As the large door on the catapult opened, Nexus Type-07 Bastet slowly entered the ship after a tiring battle with the Galactic pirates.

Aurora quickly aligned Bastet with the catapult's landing field using the directional gyro while slowly pressing back on the dual joystick deploying reverse thrusters to bring the twenty feet Nexus to a halt.

As Bastet touched down on the track, the force of hitting the ground sent Aurora’s body backwards as she pressed the pedals hard directing all the power to the reverse thrusters. In the vacuum of space, no air resistance was present to help bring the metallic giant to rest so her only support was the reverse thrusters.

Landing is a pain. Why can’t we let the computer handle it?

As Bastet finally came to a halt, the arrow signs that were glowing blue on the walls of the catapult changed to red. From the tunnel above, emerged a metallic claw docking itself at the back of the Nexus — like one of the crane machines in the arcade — before slowly pulling it upwards carrying it to ‘Hangar 4’.

Aurora closed her eyes, heaving a sigh of relief as the familiar scenery of the old metallic walls invaded the panoramic screen. As soon as Bastet emerged from the tunnel, a flock of technicians that were waiting for her arrival floated downwards from the high rise platforms on the ceiling.

They were clad in their orange jumpsuits while holding large cylindrical cables, docking them at the thrusters and the main engine transferring the power from the Nexus’s primary engine to the ship’s, before beginning their routine checks.

Aurora swiftly entered the commands on her datapad, depressurizing the cockpit before finally floating out of it.

As she gazed at Hangar 4, her eyes marvelled at how big it was. One could even argue it was big enough to fit even a ‘Delta-Class’ commercial spacecraft. The walls were decorated with grey metal along with webs of cable that veined it. On the ceiling were tracks that ran all the way across to the catapult down below, acting as a means of transport for the Nexus, humans and the cargo.

“Good work, Captain Dastune," one of the technicians greeted her. Despite her complaints of not being called by her temporary rank, the trained technicians couldn’t help but call her that.

Aurora’s lips pursed into a gentle smile as she let her body float slowly through the hangar. After the tiring patrol runs through the Conduit sector, this was the best reward she could ever ask for. Stretching her arms outwards, she let the zero-gravity embrace her as she closed her eyes, floating freely into the emptiness of the space.

The chatter of the technicians, the droning sound of the multiple Nexus engine, even the sound of catapult mechanism resetting seemed like a distant noise to her.

This is why I will always love space travel.

“Seems like the ferocious White Cat has finally shown her soft side,” said a thirty-year-old man smugly, his muscular arms crossed as his amber eyes gazed at the mauve haired girl fondly.

“Say that when you beat me in a spar, Vulcan,” Aurora giggled, as she gazed at the chief technician as well as the only person throughout this ship that she shared some kind of bond with. “And please remove the beeping sound of the Proximity sensor, it’s annoying.”

Vulcan smiled, “No madame. Rules are rules.”

“Oh please, the operator’s chatter this morning was enough,” Aurora turned over, coiling her fingers around the metallic rim of the floating platform as she pushed her body inwards to where Vulcan was standing. “I don’t need more of that bullshit.”

“Then you already know the drill.” Vulcan raised his hands and smiled. He simply couldn’t get enough of this enigmatic yet reckless girl. Ever since he first met her at the ship’s training facility over a month ago, he knew she was going to be the most troublesome pilot he would have to deal with and yet whenever he talked to her, a wave of nostalgia would inhibit him.

As if he had met her before somewhere. But that was not possible. He had spent his entire life serving in the Federacy space navy. Maybe a childhood friend? No even that wasn’t possible; she is too young to be one.

Vulcan’s lip pursed into a bitter smile as the face of a young blonde girl clad in a Nexus pilot uniform flashed before his eyes — She reminded him of her.

She is gone. He thought, bringing himself back to reality.

On the other hand, Aurora’s eyes sparkled, her rosy lips curved into a sweet smile as she continued to chat with her assigned Chief technician. Throughout the entire ship, Vulcan was the only person with whom Aurora could be herself.

From the very first day, he was the only one who would not give a damn about what she did and how she did things until she could get the job done. And just as a plus point, he even let her off the hook from writing reports. Ah, how much she hated writing reports. The very thought of sitting down and type pages of how she subdued those pirates made her want to throw up.

If he wasn’t here I would have- No she won’t think of that, it will only bring unneeded chaos in her already chaotic head.

I don’t have the time for this. She shook her head, her grip around the metallic rim tightening. There’s a reason why I am here. Aurora Dastune don’t you go losing your focus now.

“So what’s the damage report for today?” Vulcan asked.

“Ah well you see,” Aurora averted her gaze. “I had to fight this really strong Galactic Pirate..”

“Please continue. I am listening.”

“And you know how strong they are so well I-you know um,” Aurora stopped her eyes now glaring at the sliding glass door, with the words ‘EXIT’ tinged in scarlet glowing on them.

If I push myself hard enough I can reach the bottom and then-

“If you try to run away then I will send a special request for a written damage report,” Vulcan said sternly. “You won’t like that now would you?”


“Argh,” Aurora threw her hands in defeat. “The abdomen was hit by the particle cannon, the right-wing has taken heavy damage and would need to be replaced, the life-support system was also damaged during the fight. All and all a full body check would be required before the next sortie.”

Vulcan smirked, his amber eyes amused as he observed the young pilot grit her teeth holding her right arm tightly enough to not punch him. He was pretty sure if this was someone other than him she would have already done that.

“Except for the armour change,” Vulcan started typing the changes on his datapad. “Everything else will be charged for and the funds will be allocated from your pay.”

“Fine,” she said begrudgingly.

“Good,” Vulcan stopped, as he tilted his head towards the girl while pointing his index finger towards his forehead. “Any new ones up there?”

Aurora stiffened. She could feel her heartbeat increasing rapidly as her fingers tightly coiled around the metallic rim of the platform before letting it go. Her eyes darted towards Bastet that was being hauled towards the workstation for repairs.

Vulcan slowly tapped her shoulder, “Are you all right?”

“Luca,” she replied.


“Luca Morrenieta. That was the name of the man I killed today,” she sighed, her rosy lips curved upwards into an evil yet miserable smile. “Want to know what his last words were?”

Vulcan remained silent as he let the girl go on.

'I wish I could see my family again.' How ironic, isn’t it? A pirate like him reminiscing about his family before dying.” Aurora stopped, her ocean blue eye glaring at the tunnel. “But yeah, the voices, just like all the other times, came. The intensity was low but they were there.”

Vulcan sighed, ever since he had taken over as her ‘Chief technician', he had been curious about these voices that she talked about. In the beginning, he discarded them as a childish fantasy but when she accurately named all the victims she killed ever since joining the ‘Ark’ he had no choice but to believe it.

“What about the other one?” he inquired. “There were two of them right?”

“The first one didn’t come in close contact with Bastet so I couldn’t hear them,” Aurora continued. “But you know Vulcan you don’t have to worry about them.”

He only sighed, his fingers still on his datapad as he entered the new name on the list of victims. It was part of the report he was assigned to make on the mental status of the White-cat.

“Anyways, anything else?” she yawned. “I would love to grab some sleep. With these back to back sorties, I feel like I could sleep for the next eternity.”

“No, you are good to go White-Cat,” Vulcan stopped, his eyes wide open as he read the mail.

On the tiny screen of his datapad popped an even smaller box, inside which was the message that had left him speechless. It read:

To Commander Vulcan,

I have been informed that subject 07: Aurora Dastune has been under your wing, I am happy to see you have been handling the subject with care. That being said, I want to pass on a message to Subject 07: I would like to meet her personally.

Also, if she refuses the offer, tell her that I will increase the prize by tenfold. Knowing her lust for money, she will surely not be able to ignore an offer such as this. After her agreement, please direct her back to the officer quarters, where my aide will be waiting for her.


Princess Zeta N. Wion

His heart was beating rapidly as his amber eyes darted all over the message double-checking it. This has to be a mistake- But it wasn’t, the message was very much real. But why? Why does her majesty want to meet the White Cat? It didn’t make any sense. Even the term title ‘Subject-07’ only made all of this seem even more worrisome. Not to say the tenfold increase in the prize?

But in the end, he could only do what he was ordered to. Vulcan took a deep breath before turning towards Aurora.


“Hm,” she hummed the song again, as she propelled herself outwards to jump off the platform and float down towards the exit.

In the back of her mind, she could already see her soft and comfortable bed enveloped in royal blue sheets and Biscuit — yes, Biscuit; her best buddy and partner in crime — waiting for her. Once she reached her room she would finally cuddle with him, letting her body relax on the soft mattress and finally drifting into the realm of dreams.

Oh, and also a good ol’ warm shower would be perfect.

“The Princess wants to meet you,” he said with urgency. “Now.”

Oh, for God's sake!

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