Chapter 25:

Chapter 25- A Little Too Late..

Sorrow Dayz

Mr. Howkuu pushed the guard back, and told him your, "not going to get it."  The other guard grabbed his right arm, then the pushed guard comes back and grabbed his left arm. They looked Mr. Howkuu in the eye, and bowed their heads, closed their eyes, and then started humming. 

You could hear thunder picking up as they started humming. Mr. Howkuu felt a shortness of breath, then started slowly not being able to breathe. His eyes began rolling in the back of his head. As the two guards began exhaling deeply as if their breathing had been agitated. 

Then Megumi woke up, and Enjo’s art was gone. Enjo exclaimed "WAIT NO NOT NOW!" Megumi tried activating her art, but she couldn’t "DAMMIT!" She exclaimed. The two guards dropped Mr. Howkuu and started walking directly to Enjo. Megumi lunged at one of them again, and missed again. 

The guard said "I’m tired of this brat I’m going to finish you once and for all." Soon as she missed he picked her up by the neck and started choking her. Her legs were in the air dangling and her eyes been closing fading open to closing. 

STAY WITH ME Megumi! Enjo exclaimed. "Your next!" The other guard said as he started walking toward Enjo. So Enjo reached in and tried to punch the guard, but the guard is automatically behind Enjo back facing back. The guard whispered "too slow." 

He then elbowed Enjo to the back as Enjo fell to his knees, the guard began lifting his foot towards Enjo. His talon claw like boots were pointed at Enjo’s throat, as he swayed his foot back, and then bringing it forward about to cut his neck. Megumi barely still awoke seeing what’s happening to Enjo. She’s still trying to breathe, but she can’t reach, at her throat. She remembered her grandmother gave her something for good luck. 

It was around her neck under her attire she reached, and kept reaching until she found out it. All her strength about gone feeling as if she couldnt' move a single muscle. The guard was about to swipe Enjo’s neck she thought to herself "fight and move I must move." 

So that’s exactly what she did Megumi snatched the charmed ornament from around her neck. The guards were about to finish off Megumi and Enjo, but it was like they saw a flash before their eyes. Enjo and Megumi could not see either, then this huge explosion came. 

Nothing but smoke, then after the smoke disappeared you could see Megumi, Enjo, Mr. Howkuu, and Yuuta all had this 3-corner crystal shield that was around them blocking visibility to them and anyone else. They could only hear what was going on around them. Mr. Howkuu then woke up and got up, Yuuta's trench was uncovered and he got up. 

Also, Enjo got up, the guards were so furious that they both raised one of their legs up in the air, then striking Megumi's chest trying to break the crystal-like material. Both of the guards cut their feet, and they fell to the ground. Their legs started turning into that crystal like material. 

They both said simultaneously "WE MUST GET BACK NOW!" Then the guards got up hooking arm to arm they ran fast as they could back to The Village of Divinity.

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