Chapter 26:

Chapter 26- Lucky Mistake

Sorrow Dayz

"No it sounds like their getting away!" Megumi exclaimed. Her art activated she took her skeletal arm and punched through the top of the crystal structure and made an opening. Then she looked at the rest of the group she took her arm and made these tiny triangular pointed tips on her skeletal arm through her hands and shot them at the rest of the group.

 It took the top of their crystal structures clean off as well. "Wow thanks Megumi" they said. "No don’t thank me" as her art disappeared they got away she said. "That is fine we need to get back" Mr. Howkuu said. "I thought we were prepared for anything like this, but I was wrong if not for you Megumi we would all be dead."

 "On that note I owe it to all of you to make sure we make it back now safely and swiftly, also I owe your grandmother that promise." Mr. Howkuu said. "First we must find Tasyoukee!" Yuuta exclaimed. "That’s right" Enjo said. So the group began walking back on the path in a quick pace. Walking down the path it was so dark the group could not see anything they were calling out for Tasyoukee. Mr. Howkuu said "it’ll be all night until we find him it’s so dark."

 Then they heard yelling, coming from the direction in front of them. There it was they saw a bunch crumbled rocks, and rubble. It was so many different directions of rubble.They didn’t know which one to check first, and Tasyoukee’s voice sounded faint. Yuuta closed his eyes, and he said "please Hushur help us find him." 

Then Yuuta's hands started acting out not of his own will. Both his hands were put together only his thumbs touching, and his fingers pointing upwards making this sqaure opening in between his hands while his thumbs were touching. A blue light appeared in between his hands, and it was pretty bright. Everyone turned and looked at Yuuta, and asked how? Yuuta said "look there he is let’s go get him." 

Mr. Howkuu couldn’t believe what Yuuta was doing. They found Tasyoukee under a lot of rubble and rocks covered in his own blood and dirt. Enjo and Megumi helped him up, while Mr. Howkuu was asking Yuuta "how did you do that?" 

"I don’t know it just happened" Yuutau replied. "YOU LOST SO MUCH BLOOD!" Megumi exclaimed. "Don’t worry" Enjo said. Enjo took one of the rocks and carved open his arm a little. Then he activated his art, and dropped some of his blood on Tasyoukee, miraculously he healed instantly. Then Enjo’s art disappeared "how did you do that?" Megumi asked. "I found out it seems I can heal a lot faster depending on how much pain I take in." Enjo said.

 "Isn’t that dangerous?" Tasyoukee said. "That is quite right" Mr. Howkuu said. "You shouldn’t be injuring yourself that much, we could’ve waited for him to slowly heal, that’s enough talk let’s get back." As the group got Tasyoukee they continued back on their path back to the village.

 Yuuta asked Mr. Howkuu "do you think those guards will come after us in our village." "Hmm I don’t really know, but we have to continue are training to stay prepared" Mr. Howkuu replied. 

"That was good work from you guys today you guys were amazing, if it was not for all of you we would all be dead." He also said. "Well to be honest sir" Megumi said. "Hmm." He uttered. "It was my grandmother who saved us, her charmed ornament saved us." 

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