Chapter 7:

The school is almost destroyed.

Former Magical Girls and their Daily Lives

Mrs. Hiiragi was sitting at her desk in the teacher's office, sipping on her morning coffee, and while she was doing that, she was searching the files on her computer. She clicked on her class roster, and the window opened on her computer. The roster was completely normal except for three girls: Kasumi, Yuri, and Risa. These girls didn't seem to have last names. Well, there was something where their last names would be, but it was smudged out. On a pdf document, somehow. She sighed. After dealing with the whole Kasumi fiasco yesterday, she looked at her roster and saw that there were actually two more girls with similar situations. She told other people about it, but they didn't seem to care. She thought for a second that she must've imagined it. Maybe she drank or ate something weird or something, but no, it stayed the same the next day. The problem didn't go away.Bookmark here

She looked at her dossier. The three girls' files didn't have the last names either, but it had other things missing too. There wasn't a birthplace, the name of the parents or guardian, the date of birth, nor the name of their former middle school. there was something where those things were supposed to be, but they were smudged out as well. Strangely enough, they had a 'favorite color', which none of the other students had. Kasumi's was dark blue. Risa's was pink. And Yuri's was light green. What a mess.Bookmark here

The teacher rose from her desk and looked out of the window. She should probably get a therapist. She thought to herself. She would then at least have someone who HAD to listen to her. She looked at the entrance to the school. It was pretty much a normal Tuesday, and knowing this brought her some solace to the madness. However, she saw four girls run into school ground, who all had a burger in their mouths.Bookmark here

"Oh no. They multiplied," she said to herself.Bookmark here

Kasumi took the burger out of her mouth.Bookmark here

"You know, eating while running is overrated. You can't eat or breathe correctly. And it feels like everyone is watching you. Putting it in the bag is much easier," said Kasumi.Bookmark here

"Hey," Risa said, "There are some things that we should try at least once in high school."Bookmark here

"It's barely the second day. How much could you possibly have on your high school bucket list?"Bookmark here

"Oh, there's a lot of things, but I don't want to talk about it now."Bookmark here

The four girls ate their burgers. Kasumi, Yuri, and Megumi had normal reactions to the burger, but Risa once again enjoyed the burger a bit too much.Bookmark here

"How was cooking yesterday, Megumi?" Kasumi asked.Bookmark here

"Well, I think it was fun, but definitely tiring. I had to wash my hands over and over, and that's why they look like this now." She held up her swollen hands. "It isn't too painful, but I don't like it that much. It was constant work. Honestly, Risa didn't do that much."Bookmark here

"Hey," Risa said. "I told you everything you had to do, and I did cut some vegetables."Bookmark here

"Sure, but talking about vegetables, you just spun a leek and sang some Russian song for most of the time. What was that about?"Bookmark here

"For the record, the song was in Finnish, not Russian. Also, I wanted you to learn how to make things yourself. So, I needed something to do while you worked. I can't give you constant advice."Bookmark here

"Yes, but I did so many things over and over again. Different cultures weren't that different when it comes to cooking skills."Bookmark here

"See that's what I wanted you to learn. We are all humans, and humans are similar to each other."Bookmark here

"I thought you wanted me to learn how to cook."Bookmark here

"That too. You know, cooking is great."Bookmark here

"So," Kasumi said, "Are you good at cooking now?"Bookmark here

"I guess I'm better, but I'm not sure how Russian borsh would help me in my cooking adventures in Japan."Bookmark here

"Russian food is some of the richest in the world."Bookmark here

"I'm pretty sure that you would've said the same time, no matter which country I mentioned."Bookmark here

"Oh, God. You can tell?"Bookmark here

Megumi finished her food and threw away any bags like a good Japanese high school student. Everyone else did the same and headed to the shoe lockers.Bookmark here

Yuri got to her shoe locker, and there was a letter sticking out of it. She yanked it out and noticed that it had a red heart as the seal.Bookmark here

"Oh, look, Yuri. You have a love letter. I'm jealous. I wonder who's it from."Bookmark here

Yuri didn't say anything and opened her shoe locker as if nothing happened. Then a massive number of letters came pouring out the locker, filling up the entire room and pushing everyone out of the school. The explosion was akin to Elephant toothpaste, and the letters leaked out of the doors and windows like some kind of paper goo.Bookmark here

The students surrounded the site, marveling at the number of letters in one place.Bookmark here

Megumi's mouth was agape.Bookmark here

"How are we going to clean this up? There's no way to continue school normally like this."Bookmark here

Yuri stared at the astronomical amount of love letters directed at her. She was trying to figure out how to resolve this situation with five words or less, but it was hard. Love was complex, and people don't like short answers. People refuse to make rejection easy. A lot of times, an explanation is expected. Maybe they weren't your type. Or maybe you don't know them enough. Maybe it's something that the person could fix about themselves. Unfortunately, if you don't make your explanation waterproof, people might think that there is a chance and keep fruitlessly chasing you. Love was messy and unfortunately required lots of communication to make it work right.Bookmark here

Kasumi picked up one of the letters and started to read out loud.Bookmark here

"Dear Yuri, I have been in love with you since I first heard your name. Your gracefulness. Your stride. Your grandeur. I haven't seen anything like it on my time on this Earth, and I want to ask. Would you like to spend some of that time with me? I want to see you. It's a miracle that we are born at similar times and that we end up at the same school. I love you, Yuri. Sincerely, Ben Dover?"Bookmark here

"Cringe," Yuri said, pulling out a matchbox from her pocket, lighting a match, and throwing it into the mound of letters.Bookmark here

Luckily, Megumi ran to the rescue and stamped out the infant fire.Bookmark here

"Are you crazy?" She said. "You can't just burn all of this up."Bookmark here

"Actually," Kasumi chimed in, "Try it. I think we should destroy the school at least once during our high school career."Bookmark here

"Nope. Don't do it. It's arson, and it's illegal," Megumi said.Bookmark here

"She's right, Kasumi," Risa said, "We can't just destroy schools anymore."Bookmark here

"What do you mean anymore?? When could you!?"Bookmark here

"Fine," Kasumi responded, "I can still destroy the train station, right?"Bookmark here

"What are you?" Megumi yelled. "A Peruvian proto-punk band from the 1960s?"Bookmark here

"So, I can do it?"Bookmark here

"NO!!"Bookmark here

"Okay, fine."Bookmark here

However, since they couldn't burn the whole thing down, the pile of letters still filled up the bulk of the school's entrance. So, the school board thought of a great solution to the problem.Bookmark here

A school festival!Bookmark here

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