Chapter 0:

The beginning

Z country

I've been sitting in this room for about 4 hours thinking of how I would start this journal. I've always been good at making music but I was never really a good writer when it came to making long stories. Well if I should start I guess I'll just write it the way I would if I was texting huh?... Well let's see how this goes. Bookmark here

Ever since the world was flushed down the toilet of undead cannibals, thieves and every horrible thing you could possibly think of I've wanted to keep a journal....why...well shit I don't know maybe it's because I've seen people living, breathing, smiling one day then have their face being ripped apart the next day. I don't know when my time may come but if that time is tomorrow then I guess I'm hoping someone will find this and remember me. Let's start from the beginning shall we?Bookmark here

My name is ----- ---- I'm a singer from Guyana. You may have heard of me...or maybe not. Let's just say I was super popular around the time of "the internet" I had just came home from a 5 months long tour so I was super tired. The journey home was uneventful, nothing much happened just came home signed a few autographs kissed a few babies you know the norm. When I was finally finished with all that noise I went straight felt like I slept for an eternity when in actuality I just slept for about 6 hours but you gotta understand when your on the road your lucky if you get an uninterrupted hour of shut eye. When I awoke it was already night but something was odd all the lights were off and the roads were piercing silent. I walked to the balcony to see how bad the power outage was and as far as my eyes gazed was darkness only lit up by a few car's headlights in the distance. I didn't think much of it honestly until I heard a man's voice screaming "HELP HELP ITS CHASING ME" of course any normal human hearing that would instantly get shivers down their spine. A few seconds later there I saw him, a man running for his life. Now mind you I didn't know everything had gone to shit so my first thought was damn...for a fat dude he can run. I looked behind him and there was a little girl maybe 6 in pink pajamas running after him. I started to laugh because honestly it was funny that was until the man collapsed infront of my gate and the little monster jumped onto him and ripped his throat out. Bookmark here

My first instinct was to pinch myself there was no way in hell that what I was seeing was real I've only seen this type of shit in movies and anime. Nope what I was seeing was real and was just a preview of what is to come. I grabbed my Glock that I always carry on me for protection and went down the stairs to check on the man. I finally made it down the stairs and....the man was walking outside like nothing happened of course blood gushing out his throat but he was alive alright. Now normally in movies you'd see someone go up to the man who had just gotten his feeding tube pulled out by a 3ft cannibal in pink pajamas and ask "are you ok sir?" Naw that ain't me I watched way to many zombie movies to know that man was taken off the census and put on a F.B.I zombie watch list. So I went back upstairs and locked all my doors and waited it out. I had read something on the internet that said the first 24 hours of a disaster is the most hectic so knowing I'd have enough supplies for at least a week to sustain myself I waited.Bookmark here

I watched movies on my phone and played games luckily I had a generator in the back...bad news the gas was finished on the 3rd day that's when I took the time to start reading a few books I had around the house. Now don't think that I was just being lazy the entire time no sir I was watching and observing the zombies how they behaved, what were they attracted to and stuff and I did learn a few stuff. Bookmark here

1: The zombies can't see very well they rely on their hearing mostly.Bookmark here

2: The majority of them can't run the fastest they go is a swift jog. Notice I said the majority every now and then you'd get what I called runners these bitches were born from Usain bolt himself. Super fast and energetic as ass.Bookmark here

3: They don't need food or water from what I've witnessed on the first night there is literally no need for them to eat humans I'm just thinking out loud here but maybe they act on pure survival instincts rather than basic knowledge....duh right?Bookmark here

4: I noticed this whenever there is many of them for some reason they act on each other movements meaning if one moves all moves.Bookmark here

After about 5 days my food supplies were getting empty so I knew I had to go outside. I'm not joking when I said I was looking at myself in the mirror for an hour contemplating if it was really a good idea to go outside.  Dying of hunger didn't really seem so bad when I remembered what that Willy Wonka  umpalumpa reject did to that man. But I knew I had to go out and see what was left of the place I call home. I grabbed my gun, a machete and a baseball bat I was given by a was such I nice bat. I was going to take my motorcycle but I was afraid it would have left me wide open for attack so I just decided to use my pick up truck. I made sure the coast was clear before I left. When I was one hundred percent sure it was safe I was off.Bookmark here

My first priority was to get food lucky in Guyana there are small shops everywhere. Unlucky for me the small shops were looted already that's what I get for waiting a week before coming out my house. I knew there was a super market about half an hour away from my house so after checking a few little shops and finding nothing I decided to go there as a last resort. While I was driving passing undead after undead although I will say there are alot less than I thought there would be in the corner of my eye I saw a girl on a roof waving at me. I had to look again to make sure I wasn't hallucinating but nope it was real I drove as close as I could but again it must be my unlucky day because the entire house was surrounded by zombies. She was yelling calling out to me so I could help. I didn't wanna make too much noise because I know thats what attracts them so about 30ft away from the house I jumped out of my truck and as stealthy as a ninja I sneaked closer and closer to the house where the girl was.I jumped over back fence and snuck into the house. With my baseball bat in hand and gun on waist I walked up the stairs as easy as I could of course if there were zombies In the house I wouldn't wanna let them know I was there. That would have been an amazing idea if i hadn't tripped over a broken stool on the ground....ok come on who just leaves a broken stool in the hallway...then again it's the end of the world so eh. Before I knew it there was a zombie right infront of me waddling to get a piece of my delicious brain. My instincts kicked in and without hesitation I bashed his head in and to make sure he was dead when he hit the floor I did it again. The sight of blood and brain matter flying all over the walls made me sick but I knew I had to push on. Going up one stair at a time I heard my heart beating I kept thinking the zombies can probably hear me just by the sound of my heart beating. I finally reached the top without any problems the attic door was locked I whispered " open the door I'm here to help you" but no one's probably because it was a whisper. So I called out as quietly as I could "hey open the door" finally I heard a voice call out to me it was a girls voice " I can't the lock is stuck" now normally I'd help her to open the door as patiently as possible but unfortunately she yelled like a bull horn and gave out our location to every zombie in a 5 mile radius (not really). I told her to try opening the door before I became beef jerky for the zombies I heard her fiddling with the lock but she wasn't getting through. From down the hall I could hear the sounds of the undead waddling towards me I started to panic of course I can fight of one or two of em but what I heard didn't sound like it came from just one. Bookmark here

"Hey now would be a nice time to open the door and let me in" all I could hear was her trying to get the door open mixed with the sounds of the zombies coming closer and closer that is until they turned the corner and I could see them. One lunged at me but luckily I had my handy dandy baseball bat that I named Steve.....don't judge me ok. I bashed his head in but right behind him was another and another and another. I heard a loud bang and the attic door opened and a ladder cane down. I quickly climbed up, pull the ladder in and closed the door. I looked up and that's when I saw her she was beautiful, her eyes were as blue as the ocean with hair as dark as a starless night sky. We introduced ourselves her name was Kimberly and she recognized me instantly. Kimberly showed me around the attic where she had been staying for the past 2 days apparently she was with another survivor until the two of them got into an argument and he opened the door to let the zombies in to kill her so he could keep the food for himself problem was he was the first snack the zombies ate. She ran up to the attic and locked herself in. She asked me if I had any food on my unfortunately I wasn't walking around with a cheeseburger in my back pocket but I did have alittle food in the pickup truck if we could just get to the truck we would be safe. I started to think of a safe way out of this predicament and I got nothing.Bookmark here

That is until I saw that she had a sheet on the floor and I decided to make a rope out of the sheet. Unfortunately the rope didn't go straight to the ground there was alittle drop off but that was literally the only way out because under us where the door was had more people than free buffet line...and the buffet was us. I went first climbing down everything was fine until I reached the drop off I got alittle scared but hey a man's gotta do what a man's gotta do...even if that man is trembling with the fear of what would happen if he dropped two stories. I let go of the rope and landed on my feet, it hurt like hell but I pushed through. Next was Kimberly's turn she came down easily until she reached the drop off I was going to help catch her but before I could even move she let go and landed on her feet before I knew it she was infront of me as if nothing happened. I was honestly impressed. We made our way to my truck and as soon as we were in I locked the door and drove the hell out of there as quickly as possible. After we had distanced ourselves from the house I grabbed my lunch box and gave it to her and told her to enjoy the smile on her face in that moment was precious. She saw the sandwich I had made and wanted to give me half I said no and told her to enjoy. I knew that was probably going to be the last meal I would see in a while if I didn't get any food asap.Bookmark here

I continued to drive towards the supermarket. I pulled up to the parking lot and I looked to see if the coast was clear and as if the universe was shining upon me there was no zombies in sight. I told Kimberly to stay in the truck while I went looking for food but she said no she wanted to come with me. I was hesitant at first that was until she pulled a machete out of her pants and said let's go. Of course as anyone would be I was shocked I asked her where she was keeping that thing and she said a girls gotta protect herself...yea but from what a dinosaur? We hopped out of the truck and ran to the supermarket's front door and looked in before we went inside there was a few zombies here and there but not anything to worry too much about. We then proceeded into the supermarket taking out as many zombies as we could as quietly as possible and avoiding the ones that were in groups. There was a few canned foods but definitely not alot. After checking the shelves we decided to go into the back room to see if we could find anything else. Looking through the storeroom we found alot more food enough to put us through the entire week we grabbed what we could and left. On our way home we were super happy with our results but the sight of zombies on the road as was drove by brought us back down to reality and there was silence in the truck.Bookmark here

 We arrived home opened the gate and drove in. After we unpacked our spoils she wanted to take a bath so I told her to use the shower. When she went to the bathroom and saw the running water her eyes opened wide with joy as if she had seen a lost friend she must have spent an entire hour in there. She came out literally glowing and thanked me. I wasn't smelling the best so I went in after when I came out I showed her around told her to take any room she wants. We were going to sleep after it got dark but we ended up staying up all night just talking. She told me that she was living by herself when it all started that was until she met her roommate and all the shit went down. I told her no need to worry because now we're a team. The next morning we were both tired because we didn't even get a wink of sleep. Normally I knowing that I had enough food and water I would stay home and do nothing but I knew there might be more people like Kimberly plus If I was going to survive for longer than a week we needed more food and weapons. Kimberly was afraid I was going to go out and not return so she wanted to come with me I said no but she has this "look" sends fear down your spine I had to let her...I had a feeling the zombies weren't the only things I needed to fear. There was a police station I wanted to take a look at so that was my first stop.Bookmark here

We drove for about fifteen minutes then we were at the police station there was quite a few of the undead infront but that didn't scare me I had officially earned my zombie ass kicking badge. We made our way into the police station smashing in heads and butts as we pass by it was a very slow process but eventually we made it in we closed the door and started the process all over again but inside this time. Looking around we reached the armory but the door was locked. We had to find the keys. We searched everywhere but found nothing that was until there was only one place left to check. The cells as we walked in we mentally prepared ourselves for what we may see. I opened the door and shined a light it was dead silent until a zombie jumped to bite me I jumped and fell to the floor luckily the cell walls were in the way. I got up and hit his head with Steve. That's the least I could do ok. We kept walking through the corridor until we saw a police officer and what do you know he had keys on his waist. Unfortunately for us he was surrounded by about 5 more police zombies I looked at Kimberly and we both knew what we had to do Steve in my hands and the dinosaur cleaver in her hands we went to work bashing and slicing heads. When we were finished we were covered in zombie blood but we got what we were looking for and that was the keys. We grabbed the keys ran upstairs to the armory and unlocked the door and took out rewards which was guns,guns and more guns. Ammunition up the wazu we had to make 3 trips in and out to carry it all.Bookmark here

It was still about one in the afternoon so we decided to keep looking for food. Stoping at every shop we could see we were able to grab more food but right as we were heading back I mashed my brakes because a little girl about 7 ran infront of the truck yelling for help. In the corner of my eyes I could see a runner coming full speed towards her without any hesitation I jumped out the truck and with my gun I blasted a hole dead center in his head. I brought the girl into the truck and asked her why was she out in the open. She told me her name was Stella and she left looking for older sister. I asked her about her sister and she said the her sister left two days ago to go and find food but she never came back of course Kimberly and I knew that her sister was probably dead but we couldn't tell her that. We decided to bring her with us because she said she had nowhere else to go so we decided to go straight home. Bookmark here

When we arrived home I showed Stella to her room and made her some dinner. Later that night Kimberly and I were talking about our next move. Kimberly said that our next priority was to find more people knowing that things may become more difficult we should try to get as much help as possible. I was reluctant to agree because I knew more people meant more mouths to feed but it also meant more hands to help. We agreed that we would look around but if we couldn't find any that it wouldn't matter. That night I stayed up to keep watch while Stella and Kimberly were sleeping on the couch. Stella was afraid to sleep in the room by herself. Later that night Stella awoke screaming but Kimberly was right there to help her. I could only imagine what that little kid has been through and what she has seen. This apocalypse has changed everyone the question is if it's for the better or worse... honestly I couldn't answer that. Well that's basically how this all started I don't think I've missed anything again you might not believe me when I say that I honestly don't care what happens to me...but now I've found a new reason to keep on pushing and that's for my new family so until we see each other again. Try to survive.Bookmark here

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Z country

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