Chapter 1:

New life

Z country

Hey what's up? It's been a while huh? Honestly there's not really been alot that's been happening in the last 2 months so I just thought I would hold off until something interesting happen. Although nothing super suspenseful happened there has been a few changes.Bookmark here

Well for starters a few weeks after I finished writing my last entry Kimberly wanted to go out and scout around for some food while also looking for more survivors. All three of us went out to look because I didn't wanna leave Stella by herself home but she had to stay in the car. Bookmark here

After driving around looking for a few shops and getting some food every now and then we found a huge house that seemed interesting. Now usually I wouldn't be the one to take such a big risk of going into a dark house but I was super bored and I was like what the hell let's do it. Kimberly and I hopped out the truck and left Stella inside to chill. We jumped over the the fence entered in through the front door and searched the entire house smashing a few heads as we go by Kimberly had her dinosaur cleaver and I had Steve. After looking through the entire house we decided to search the garage and I was kinda disappointed how does a big house like this one have nothing but a golf cart inside?Bookmark here

We walked out through the back door and there was a huge pool that looked clean and since it was around midday we decided to take a rest. I left Kimberly by the pool while I went back to the truck to collect Stella and the food. I brought her back and we had a picnic at the poolside. It was honestly the calmest I've ever felt in a while just watching Kimberly and Stella playing in the water, throwing the ball around it kinda made me forget about what was happening over those big walls. Bookmark here

At the corner of my eyes I saw that the person who owned this house had a small garden unfortunately all the plants were dead but it gave me a great idea. Before we knew it night had come and meet us at the pool so we decided to pack up shop and head home.Bookmark here

That entire night I was thinking of ways to build my garden. I had told Kimberly about it and she agreed it would be a good idea especially if we ended up getting more people. So it was settled I knew what I had to do.Bookmark here

The next day I left Kimberly and Stella home while I was out hunting for supplies luckily the super market I had been to when I first met Kimberly had gardening equipment so that was my first stop. Walking into that super market I noticed it had gotten a few more customers than last time but nothing I couldn't handle with Steve. Bashing heads back and forth for about an hour straight really makes you tired.... Who knew? Anyway I walked around back to the hardware section and grabbed everything I needed for the garden. I brought everything back to the truck now that was over there was just one small problem. Where can I find good plants? That's when I remembered that there was a plant shop near where my house is so that was my next stop.Bookmark here

It took me about half an hour running over dead bodies ands undead bodies before I arrived at the plant shop. MISS GREEN THUMB'S GREEN THUMB PLANT SHOP... kind of an interesting name for a plant shop huh? I walked inside making sure to keep on my toes for the zombies while also looking for plants I could use. It wasn't long before I found what I was looking for and what I wasn't looking for. From the inside of the shop out came a old lady dressed like a gardener that must've been miss green thumb. The only difference between her then and her now is now she isn't a vegetarian anymore but I'll just say she could bite a bat like it was no one's business and Steve is made of technically she was still vegan right?...I don't know ok I'm crazy. After I fed miss green thumb a lifetime supply of fiber I looked around for edible plants and I found it. Everything from tomatoes to corn I brought everything back to the truck and drove home.Bookmark here

When I pulled up to the house Stella ran to open up the gate and let me in I unloaded everything with the help of Kimberly and Stella. Stella was especially excited to help me plant and grow stuff. After setting up the pots and putting the dirt inside it then I realized something that I should have a while back. I don't know anything about plants. Kimberly laughed at me I didn't grow up in the country ok I didn't have alot of opportunities to get my planting badge but anyway I remembered that the plant shop had some books on planting so I left to go and pick up the books.Bookmark here

After I was finished I came home with some interesting books ready to earn that badge. I came back into the yard and walked around back with my new found knowledge ready to become THE PLANT MASTER but to my surprise all the seeds were already planted I saw Stella playing in the yard and I asked her who did it. Stella said that it was Kimberly so I walked over to Kimberly and asked her and she said that she lived on a farm when she was a kid and knew how to plant and stuff I asked her why she didn't tell me she could do all of that. She said I didn't ask and that I was so happy to plant....well at least now with the books and Kimberly I knew how to plant greens. Well that was really the only interesting thing that happened lately if anything else happen I'll be sure to write it down.Bookmark here

But until then try to survive.Bookmark here

New chapter coming soon.Bookmark here

Z country

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