Chapter 1:

Big Pharma

Red ego curse

The sensitive dependence on initial conditions in which a small change in one state of a deterministic nonlinear system can result in large differences in a later state.Bookmark here

WednesdayBookmark here

Time:22:35 Bookmark here

Date:23.07.2025Bookmark here

-So have u found it yet? Or I have to search it myself!Bookmark here

Elise Karlos:Bookmark here

Age:21Bookmark here

Height:176 cmBookmark here

Nationality: Bulgarian/BritishBookmark here

Degree: Psychology Bookmark here

-Still searching why do u have to be so inpatient.Bookmark here

Tanaki Inashima:Bookmark here

Age:22Bookmark here

Height:188 cmBookmark here

Nationality: Japanese/BulgarianBookmark here

Degree: Programming Bookmark here

Ellise:Well at least I wanna know how this theory iceberg you were talking about looks like ,but of course your clumsy ass lost the link.Bookmark here

-Why you both have to be so weird…?Bookmark here

Roy Marian:Bookmark here

Age:23Bookmark here

Height:184 cmBookmark here

Nationality: Bulgarian Bookmark here

Degree: Marketing and Business Bookmark here

Ellise: Hahaha says the person who have his own company,but still goes to smoke weed almost every night until he passes out.Bookmark here

Roy: Ugh fair enough…Bookmark here

Tanaki: You don’t have to be upset all the time!Bookmark here

Here I found it…Bookmark here

Ellise: Perfect now…Bookmark here

What the hell this first tier is so damn obvious. I would literally be shocked if even one person doesn’t know about most of those theories. It looks lame you know.Bookmark here

-Let me see.Bookmark here

Deyana NaraBookmark here

Age:19Bookmark here

Height:169 cmBookmark here

Nationality:Bulgarian Bookmark here

Degree:High schoolBookmark here

Deyana: What’s the meaning of Big pharma, it sounds stupid.Bookmark here

Ellise: And here we are the stupidity naming things stupid.Bookmark here

Deyana: I’ve never seen such thing in Bl mangas. Believe me I read a lot of them.Bookmark here

Ellise: Of course,you base your entire personality on bl mangas.Bookmark here

Tanaki: Ellise that’s enough, calm down!Bookmark here

Ellise: Anyways, the big pharma theory is based on purposely damaging people’s health so they can profit from. And it variates in four traits.Bookmark here

1 The assumption that the conspiracy is prepared in small malevolent cabal.Bookmark here

2 The belief that the public at large is ignorant of the fact;Bookmark here

3 That it’s believers treat lack of evidence as evidence; Bookmark here

4 And that the arguments deployed in support are irrational/irrelevant;Bookmark here

It’s believed that in some book named “Natural cures they don’t want you to know about” are written cures for almost every “deadly” illness such as cancer,Aids and lupus and others have natural cure.Bookmark here

Tanaki: If you think bout it APHS is a complete failure. And don’t forget,if they admit that cancer has natural and almost unharming cure they’ll loose profit equal to 27% according to 2005 survey. Bookmark here

When Tanaki took a glance at Deyana saw that she almost fell asleep,he quickly got near her and snapped near her ear, that resulted in her almost falling downstairs.Bookmark here

Denaya: Auch sorry, but you two were just too boring.Bookmark here

Ellise: Well I guess we went a little overboard.Bookmark here

Roy: You’re so dumb sometimes,how can you believe such lies.Bookmark here

Roy: I’m outta here!Bookmark here

Denaya: Wait I’m coming.Bookmark here

Ellise: Buy me some cigarettes,mine are almost over.Bookmark here

Both Roy and Denaya responded in one voice agreeing to do it. They headed to the grocery store and then to Ell’s cabinet so they can leave her groceries but they didn’t knew that they left their friends with a stalker.Bookmark here

Man was hidden behind thick glass door,he heard every little detail that Tanaki and El have said, the person looked a little strange. Tall,black haired with fair skin, dressed in black cargo pants and black turtleneck, holding a cigarette and stalking the group of young people even before Karols and Inishima came at first place,without purpose walked around the old hospital’s hallway, maybe to kill time before his targets arrive. At present time he took few pictures of them and went far away from the stairs where Ell and Tana sat. The abandoned building where they were was big and very practically built. The mysterious man made a quick phone call.Bookmark here

-They both are tall, at first sight the girl has long dark brown hair,split dyed hair so the inner part is light blonde, the boy has curly dirty blonde hair, dressed such casually. They must be Ellise Karols and Tanaki Inashima. I’m sending picture right away sir.Bookmark here

Christian Banov:Bookmark here

Age:35Bookmark here

Height:186 cmBookmark here

Nationality: Bulgarian Bookmark here

Degree: AttorneyBookmark here

Position: SpyBookmark here

Christian: They don’t look dangerous, but they definitely can become.Bookmark here

Commander why you assigned me to spy on them.Bookmark here

As of the moment even Christian had no idea about his commander, as unit he always changed commander’s because of his strange temperament. Despite having kids and wife Christian never seemed to care about his life. He’s ready to do everything just to protect his ideals.Bookmark here

Commander: Because of the girl’s psychological abilities and Tanaki’s intelligence about secret documents gathered from Deep Web. I want you to spy on them until they become clear for us.Bookmark here

Christian: Right, what about their friends,one of them asked about conspiracy.Bookmark here

Commander: You decide if they’re threat to us.Bookmark here

Christian:Got it. Bookmark here

Hussain Maknoon
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