Chapter 2:

Media control, MH 370

Red ego curse

As person Ell is really strange, one day she’s really social and other one prefers to stay alone watching anime, despite her looks she couldn’t keep a relationship for long just because she always gets tired from the attention that her significant other gives. Today she decided to wake up early and drive her motorcycle around the city. Sofia as a capital is big for it’s own country, but really small for other standards. She really needed to shake of the strange feeling from years ago. When she thought she’d loose her best friend who she knew since she was 6 years old. She played her favorite songs on her AirPods and went on a little journey. As the sun was rising , she felt the need to go faster on the empty street’s before they get full with angry people and poisonous gases.

Ellise:Crap it’s already 9:30,I’ve been driving for almost 4 hours.

She immediately took of and soon enough arrived. Ell took a bath, and tried to calm herself, slightly tilted head,completely overwhelmed of thoughts, it’s time to put the mask of professionalism. As her first patient came, miss Karols forgot about Ellise and started the session. As her day was following she realized that it’s not easy to unshake a flashback of your friend in hospital bed on the verge of death.After finishing all of her appointments El was ready to leave and visit Tanaki to research new conspiracy,when her phone rang. It was already late according to her schedule, but she reported.

Ellise: Hello, it’s Ellise Karols on the phone,how can I help you?

-I’d like to schedule an appointment for Friday,25th.

Ellise: Yeah, I have a gap between 13:30 and 14:00. What kind of consultation you need.

-I’m pretty anxious lately.

Ellise: May I have your name.

-Yes it’s Christian Banov

Ellise: Ok Christian, I’ll wait for you ,Friday at 13:30. Have a nice day.

As Christian thought he finally had a chance to speak with her, he wanted to test her abilities to have a slight idea what he is dealing with. On the other end Ellise was investigating something slightly frightening.

Ellise: Tanaki I need information now.

Tanaki: What about?

Ellise: MH 370.

Tanaki: On it.

As they were gathering information,Tanaki saw that almost all the intelligence about MH 370 was wiped out, there was nothing on the legal side of the internet.

Tanaki: And here strikes again, media control.

Why it has to be so harsh?

The anniversary was just around the corner-Ellise thought to herself-I can’t look at Tanaki he is gone through so much. We all loved his bigger brother…

Tanaki: Hey are you okay?

The slight tapping on the back made her scream.

Tanaki: Ellise us everything alright?

Ellise: Yeah,Yeah. MH370, have you found something.

Tanaki: Nope, just as I said media control is harsh!

Ellise:Yeah,I know that

Although how can airplane vanish midway on almost continental flight.

Tanaki: Finally!

Boeing 777-200ER;KLIA-PEK;08.03.14;370km northwest of Penang;227 passagers and 12 crew…

Ellise: Let me see!

After a three-year search across 120,000 square kilometres of ocean failed to locate the aircraft, the JACC heading the operation suspended their activities in January 2017. A second search launched in January 2018 by the private contractor Ocean infinity also ended without success after six months.

Find more info about JACC, this sounds shady enough.

Tanaki: Right away!

I can’t see anything shady.

Ellise: This cannot be true. Show me the route.

Soo I think it’s somewhere over here(10.4139691, 112.3785529) If my math is right doe,never been good anyways.

Damn it’s Friday already damn and it’s 4 o’clock

Better get going I have patients tomorrow. Bye!

Tanaki: See ya

Black matted motorcycle Honda cbr1000rr, almost invisible during night. The distance between El an Tana is about 15 km, enough to make her speed. Sunday,27 of July the calendar strikes 5 years after Yoro died, every year on this day the younger brother of the Inishima family, isolates himself so no one can see his pain.

The following day Ell had no chance to sleep, despite her problems her dog made a mess, it would be easier if she lived with someone to help her…

She was late for her first session, and decided to bring coffee to her patient.

Ellise: Sorry for being late I wanted to get some coffee, let’s go mister Banov…

Christian: It’s okay to call me Chris.

Ellise: What’s bothering you lately Chris.

Christian never thought what to say,trying to remain calm.Thinking a rational way to lie to someone with skills to detect that. And then he swiftly responded.

Christian: I have… problems with my wife.

Ellise: How long it’s been.

Christian: Since I’ve been assigned with new boss.

Ellise: I have a friend we studied together… Here’s his number.

Christian: I want you to help me!

Hussain Maknoon

Red ego curse